Young Buck-Closer To My Dreams

When Buck gets it right, he tends to get it very right. Sampling one Goapele’s finest works in the mellow, soulful Closer (a sample also used by Drake back in 2008 in one of the first tracks I ever heard him on), the production has a lovely effortlessness, combined with a relaxing quality that contrasts well with Buck’s rather sharp voice.

Young Buck comes through with solid work in the raps, mixing it up between introspection and the usual ‘street’ raps, and generally taking to the production well, whilst his cohort Hambino also does a decent job with his verse. Rightfully, the original vocals are allowed to close out the track mostly uninterrupted, and this is a nicely rounded track that most hip-hop fans should be able to appreciate.

Young Buck-Closer To My Dreams ft. Hambino

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Young Buck-Back On My Buck S*** Vol. 2 Mixtape

Looking forward to this, and have been for a while. Buck keeps dangling the prospect of new mixtapes/projects now and again, but rarely seems to actually deliver so it’s a welcome release from that perspective.

The cover says ‘produced by Drumma Boy’, so I can only assume it’s helmed entirely by him: not necessarily a bad thing as Drumma has some good credentials, although has yet to really display some true variety in his work. I’m sure Buck’s diverse nature will change that. As far as I know, there’s only been one drop from this so far, so utilise that 1-click download below to grab 16 more new tracks.

Young Buck-Back On My Buck S*** Vol. 2

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Young Back-Came Back

Produced by Drumma Boy, we have a new track from Buck which is set to be on his upcoming mixtape, Back On My Buck Shit Vol II, which is dropping on Halloween.

Despite all the financial and label worries Young Buck has encountered over the last year or so, he’s still coming out fighting and fair play to him – a lesser man would surely have been devoured by such issues.

As long as he’s making quality music, he’ll be ok I reckon, and this track is certainly a quality one. The production is on point, and definitely suits Young Buck’s style of motivational rap.

Young Buck – Came Back

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Young Buck/The Game - The Blues

Some new Buck and Game which is always good to hear. Produced by Drumma Boy so you know it’s good.

Young Buck – The Blues ft. The Game

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Spotify: OTU's August Snapshot

Some superb stuff in our August snapshot which perfectly compliments the closing of summer as we welcome autumn with open arms. We’ve mixed old school with new school to create that sound which will have you rocking out until next month’s episode. New material from the likes of Atmosphere, Usher, Fat Joe, Sage Francis, Lil Wayne and Drake all sit comfortably next to some classic older joints from Damien Rice, Linkin Park, Kanye West, and of course, Eric B and Rakim.

If you’re still clutching onto the dying days of summer then don’t worry, we’ve kept July’s snapshot available for you. But trust us, take our hands and let’s step into autumn together.

OTU’s August Snapshot

Confused? Find out more here.

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Young Buck-When The Rain Stops Video

Visuals for another good track from Buck, with this one set to be on his anticipated The Rehab album.

As its late and I’m pretty tired, I’ve not watched this yet but don’t let that deter you: I’m sure if Buck has finally taken the time to put a video together, it’ll be worth it. Audio is here.

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Sunday's Classic Collabo: Young Buck/Ky-mani Marley

Not the first Classic Collabo entry by Young Buck, heck this isn’t even the 1st one from his Buck The World album! However I’ve found myself revisiting this track in recent days. Featuring Ky-mani Marley (yup, another talented son of Bob) this is just a great track to sit and vibe too – given that this is a song about smoking weed, that’s exactly what Young Buck intends.

Disclaimer – I do not smoke nor endorse the smoking of illegal substances!

Young Buck – Puff Puff Pass ft. Ky-mani Marley

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Quick Blast: D-Eazy, Young Buck and Crooked I

Not familiar with D-Eazy, but he’s grabbed my attention by enlisting two of the OTU’s favourite rappers on this one. Fairly simple beat which helps push the focus onto the lyrics: never a bad thing with Buck and Crook rhyming.

D-Eazy-So Many ft. Young Buck and Crooked I

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Young Buck - My Campaign

Starting to feel sorry for Buck and all this IRS stuff he’s going through. Regardless of whether he deserves it or not (we don’t get caught up with ish like that over here) it’s unquestionable that he’s one of the best spitters from out of the South and I just want to see him finally get some new material out for us and his fans to enjoy. At the risk of catching some serious hate, I see a lot of Pac in Young Buck…

On this track Buck addresses his issues with the IRS and the recent raid of his home. Off his upcoming Back On My Buck Shit v2 mixtape.

Young Buck – My Campaign

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Young Buck - Let's Do It

New Buck. Off his upcoming The Rehab project which is out sometime in August. About f*cking time.

Young Buck – Let’s Do It

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Young Buck - Eviction

Another nice track from Buck. One of the most lyrical from the South, just wish he would sort out his troubles and give us another album. This is from his upcoming Back On My Buck Shit Vol 2 mixtape.

Young Buck – Eviction

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Young Buck-Whole Nother World

Whilst Buck undoubtedly has caught the hip-hop heads’ collective ear with some very good stuff in the last year or so, anyone think its due time he actually dropped a project (be it mixtape or album)? Damn Buck, you’ve basically leaked 3 albums worth of material in the last 12 months, just get it done!

Young Buck-Whole Nother World

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The Hip-Hop Catch Up

As I said before, with Indi not around for a while the ‘middle level’ rappers need to be serviced, and are done so with a few tracks below. The Shawty Lo track is surprisingly likeable, and as hard a beat as I’ve ever heard him on. Jim Jones pretty much stamps the Dipset reunion by remixing a Cam track, and Buck drops off two really enjoyable (and different) tracks.

Young Buck-Ya Better Know

DJ Self-Show Out (Up North Remix) ft. Jim Jones, Roscoe Dash & Cam’ron

Shawty Lo-Say Yeah ft. Snoop Dogg

Young Buck-When The Rain Stops

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Something Of A Megapost

I’m on holiday for the next two weeks so you’ll have to put up with the rest of the OTU team (unlucky). However…I have found time to collect together a silly amount of tracks over the past week or so for you guys to tide you over while I’m away.

So click on for a mainstream hip-hop fix from the likes of Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″, Bun-B, Young Jeezy, Nipsey Hussle, Wiley, Sean Kingston, Drake, Young Buck, Tinchy Stryder, Devlin, Giggs, Tinie Tempah, Jay-Z & Jim Jones.

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Sunday’s (Late) Classic Collabo: Young Buck/Chester Bennington (Of Linkin Park)

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was out of action all of yesterday and hence why no Classic Collabo appeared before your eyes, apologies. Anyway, as hinted at last week – this weeks classic collabo takes a look at Young Buck and a track that featured on his Buck The World album, which came out around 3 years ago. Featuring the lead singer of Linkin Park, this is a track that can be appreciated by fans of either artist or genre. It shows a different, far more introspective side to Buck, with lyrics that actually mean something to this world and not the typical ‘gangster/money/b*tches’ that is associated a lot with hip-hop. With that in mind, the track itself reminds me an awful lot of Tupac’s amazing song, Brenda’s Got a Baby – which is a very good thing.

As I mentioned, it’s a song that’ll appeal to a lot of you, so I definitely recommend you downloading this below, even if you’re not even massively into Young Buck or hip-hop.

Young Buck – Slow Ya Roll ft. Chester Bennington

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New Young Buck

Got a lot of time for Buck (you’ll see why on Sunday), this a nice little track to vibe to with Buck coming through with an entertaining verse.

Young Buck – Let’s Have A Drink ft. Fluid Outrage

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Sunday's Classic Collabo: Young Buck/Ludacris/The Game/T.I.

Interesting bit of history on this Young Buck track, originally mooted as a collaboration with just himself and T.I. After hearing the T.I. verse containing disses towards Ludacris, to which Buck was surprised at, as it seemingly came from nowhere – Buck phoned up Luda and asked him if it was ok to have the track on his album. Ludacris said it was fine as long as he could get a verse on it….the result? Ludacris having the final verse on the track completely owning T.I. (Peep the final line of his verse!).

However Interscope were not happy and asked Buck to get rid of either the Luda or T.I. verse if he wanted it on his Straight Outta Cashville album. Naturally the T.I. verse was scrapped, with The Game filling in. The version I have for you lucky people is one with all 4 rappers on this superb song. Go click that red text below, now.

Young Buck – Stomp ft. The Game, Ludacris & T.I.

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Quick Blast: Young Buck

Another new one from Buck, one thing I’ve always liked about him is that he sure does know how to pick a good beat.

This particular track is no different, a couple of jabs at G-Unit again which is a little tiresome, but it doesn’t take away the quality of this track.

Not Tonite

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Young Buck Dissing 50… Again

I know Ajay posted Buck’s last diss up with the comment that it’s all getting a little bit overplayed now. However, Buck GOES IN on this latest joint and takes some really fierce jabs at his ex-boss. He makes some interesting points and you will notice he still doesn’t go at Banks. Banks / Buck collab anyone?

Young Buck – Do It For Ya

Edit: Since posting this two hours ago another Buck track has dropped. Not another diss, but still fire. Quite a futuristic kinda beat on this one. Not usually my scene, but am partial to some Buck once in a while. I sense a new Buck tape dropping…

Young Buck – Court Date

Edit 2: OK, Shit’s got boring now. Another G-Unit diss. (Still not going at Banks though). The beat on this is heavier, but as a diss is weaker than than Do It For Ya.

Young Buck – Steroidz

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Young Buck, Crooked I and Cassidy

Three tracks from the last day or so. The Cassidy track is over Jay/Swizzy’s On To The Next One, Crook takes on Game’s Big Money and Buck drops something new…sort of. He’s back to dissing G-Unit, which is pretty played out. The track is alright though to be fair.

Cassidy-On To The Next One ft. Jag

Crooked I-Big Money Freestyle

Young Buck-Happy New Year

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Another Load of Tracks

Once again, there’s something for everyone here. Big UK names Mr. Hudson and Leona Lewis make appearances this time around, alongside many others.

Click below for the goods.

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100th Post Extravaganza!

Yesterday was all about the bits and pieces surrounding the music, and there was only one new track for you to enjoy. Well, I’m making up for it here with a post packed with quality new tracks, from uptempo through to mellow.

Also, this is officially the 100th post on the site-thanks for your continued support folks. In honour of that, I’ve put music in from a ridiculous range of genres to represent all that we represent, so hit the click.

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