Mikill Pane-You Guest It EP

The ever clever Mikill Pane is back with an excellently-titled EP, drawing inspiration from the project that launched him to national fame, Ed Sheeran’s Collaborations EP, for a guest-packed effort of his own.

Mikill’s stock has risen considerably over the last 6 months, and that increase in stature is represented by the feature list reading like a who’s who of the UK music scene (and Katie Price, for some reason), as artists from a wide gamut of genres come together to help Mikill produce another reputation-boosting project, with Paloma Faith, Yasmin, Ed Sheeran, P Money and more making appearances. I’ve yet to dive into the music, but being the hugely consistent rapper that he is I’m sure the content will match the co-signs. Free grab courtesy of SB.TV below.

Mikill Pane-You Guest It EP

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Yasmin-American Wedding Cover

Great new cover from the lovely Yasmin, as she takes on Frank Ocean’s excellent American Wedding.

Making comparisons between the original and the cover is somewhat redunant so I’ll bypass that, and instead praise this for the fresh take on the track that it is. Whilst Yasmin’s singing credentials generally haven’t been questioned, there are still some who are to be convinced, and this will go some way to doing that. There’s a rich, addictive soulfulness to Yasmin’s voice here that’s not been properly explored in her material to date, with the complexities of the track pulling her vocals into areas previously unchartered (at least, to our knowledge), and makes this cover just as much about the showcasing artist as it is about paying homage to a great song.

An enjoyable, unique take on the track and its worth a watch for fans of the original, and/or fans of a little laidback soul material. Yasmin’s Light  single is due for release on 15th Jan too, be sure to grab that one.

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The 5 Defining Moments of 2011: #4

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Supa Dupa Fly @ Jazz Café - Friday 12th August

“Hyped 90s Hip-Hop & R&B night Supa Dupa Fly is back on 12th August for another rammed out party at Jazz Café bringing back the golden days of 90′s Hip-hop and R&B. Named after Missy’s first Album (but you knew that), the music is ONLY 90s Hip-Hop and R&B, so expect to hear Dr Dre, Snoop Dog, KRS One, Wu-Tang, Nas, Bigge, Tupac, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, LL Cool J, Missy and all the hottest 90s R&B joints from the likes of R Kelly, Donell Jones, Montell Jordan, TLC, Destinys Child and loads more good stuff.

This month there are live sets from two of the hottest bands of the moment; the awesome Kings Of The City and Ikes, as well as an exclusive 90s guest Dj set from 3x DMC Champion and Yasmin’s Dj Cable plus Emily Rawson and Kojak. Selected Pints & Vodka mixers £2.20, so even the drinks are 90s prices!”

You know the drill, get your advance tickets (strongly advised) by clicking right here, click the pic on the left for more details. Your favourite OTU boys will be in attendance…minus Murray (don’t feel sorry for him, he’s living it up in Barcelona).

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Yasmin and Shy FX-Light Up (The World)

Break out your parachute pants and turtleneck jumpers, you’re about to go back to 1992. A vague recollection of early-mid 90s music is all that’s needed to become enamoured with the latest single from the lovely Yasmin.

The production boasts a wonderfully retro combination of early 90s jungle and reggae with mid 90s/00s garage, fusing speedy drums with thick bass and sharp melodies and resulting in an addictive throwback production. Solid vocal work from Yasmin too, who comes on a drifty, lightweight style that blends nicely with the eclectic production to retain that old-school flavour, and also act as another sign of her musical versatility. Three singles from Yasmin thus far, and whilst each has been very different from the last, there’s a consistency in the quality that suggests her debut album should be one to look forward to.

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Devlin, Yasmin, Ed Sheeran, Griminal & Lewi White-Young Guns [Video]

As premièred last week, here is the official video to this monster collaboration. Directed by Carly Cussen, definitely a feel to it being about four super-artists, literally, as each one controls an element each. Nicely symbolic of their roles as a group and also individually in the music scene today.

As always, good to see some air-time for each of these artists and the song itself is produced excellently by Lewi White. The single is available to download now for you all to enjoy over at iTunes. More of this please!

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Devlin, Yasmin, Ed Sheeran & Griminal-Young Guns

Been really looking forward to this ever since I spied murmurings between these artists on Twitter several months ago! Amidst rumours that these guys will be bringing us some sort of EP/album (I say rumours as I can’t remember if I actually read about this or whether I’ve just made that up in my head!) this collaboration was finally premièred earlier on BBC 1xtra Mista Jam. Just a radio rip that you can listen to on the left here for now, but a video has been made for this (by the director Carly Cussen, who brought us the Pow 2011 video), so look out for that very soon.

As for the song itself, is there really much to talk about? Liked Ed Sheeran’s Collaborations EP? You’ll like this. Like Yasmin’s vocals? You’ll like this. Like Griminal’s and Devlin’s raps? Yeah you get the point. With this single due for release later this month, expect a barrage of promotion coming your way from four very talented and acclaimed UK artists.

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Rock the Belles: Yasmin (Live), Georgie Okell (T4), Nikki Beatnik, Wah Nails [Event]

“Rock the Belles brings together the hottest female DJs, bands, designers and creatives for a genre-defying monthly celebration of the girls who are making their mark on the music industry. This month there’s a live show from Yasmin, and sets from Nikki Beatnik and Georgie Okell of T4 fame. Guests will be treated to free fabulous nail art courtesy of nail boutique du jour Wah Nails, giveaways from Lipcote and Trapstar as well as a pop up photo shoot, and a host of amazing live acts.”

Entry: £6 advance / £7 concessions or w flyer rockthebelles.com. £8 on the door.
Direct advance tickets: https://secure.viewlondon.co.uk/payment/ticket-booking.aspx?id=28036
April 29th – 9pm-3.30am (click image on the left to see the flyer for more info).
Address: East Village, 89 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HX (nearest tube: Old Street)

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Yasmin-Finish Line ft. Wretch32 [Remix]

UK punchline king Wretch 32 hops on Yasmin’s excellent Finish Line. Good to hear a little from the male perspective of this subject matter, which is supplemented with excellent metaphors from Wretch, as we’ve come to expect from him.

You can listen to this track via the stream below, and also check out the music video for the original version over here.

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Yasmin-Finish Line (Freemasons Pegasus Radio Edit)

Holy fishcakes Batman, this is a great remix. The original is a hugely enjoyable track, and the Freemasons step in to completely change the vibe of the track with a thumping electro beat.

The track doesn’t waste time and kicks off with a driving percussion sample and is soon joined by atmospheric synth work that converts the ethereal, more emotional feel of the original into an energetic, pulsating dance-pop vibe. The vocal structure is kept the same which adds some consistency, and results in a remix that certainly compliments the original. A very strong remix that’s definitely worth a listen.

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Yasmin-Finish Line [Video]

Wasn’t expecting this video to drop so soon, but I’m glad it has. Yasmin’s second single is here in visual form and it displays the complexities and eclectic nature of her style and sound perfectly. The vast array of unique dress-wear symbolises this very well (not in a Lady Gaga sense!). It’s a song about closing stages of an ill-fated relationship; the moments where one person decides to end it. Particularly enjoyed the blasting effect of the boyfriend when Yasmin decides she no longer wants him in his life, along with her (literally!) sinking into her bed, which I feel helps visualise that ‘sinking feeling’ we all feel when we’re not really sure we’ve made the right decision.

Not much analysis of the fantastic song itself is needed, as Ajay has already done that to a great standard (click here). Personally I was really impressed with Yasmin displaying the scale of her vocal abilities on this track and very much looking forward to hearing a whole album from her.

What’s most impressive is that she’s said it only took her around 30 minutes to write this song! Produced by Labrinth, the single is set to be released on May the 8th.

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Yasmin-Finish Line (Preview)

Set to be released on May 8th, Yasmin releases a preview for her official second single, Finish Line. It’s another very enjoyable piece, and shows Yasmin experimenting with a slightly different style.

If On My Own was an uptempo, almost ‘explosive’ introduction to her music, this represents a cooling period of deliberacy and structure that may give this more replayability, and a more diverse audience, than the aforementioned debut single (that’s not to criticise On My Own, as that’s a fantastic track in its own right!). The notable change here is a stronger hip-hop influence: from the thudding percussion loops (provided by Labrinth) to the stop-start delivery from Yasmin in the verses, it’s a style that adds a darker and more intense vibe to her voice, consequentially lending credence to the emotional vocals/lyrics in the transitional bridges to the chorus, and the hook itself. The soul quality is retained in those vocals, and when coupled with atmospheric synths worthy of any soul/pop/R&B track, you’ve got a well-rounded effort that swells with eclecticism. Not sure if the ‘finish line’ samples are necessary, but it’s a minor flaw.

I’m delighted she looks to be capitalising on the buzz and success of On My Own without reapplying the same formula. I look forward to the full release (though the distance of the release date is excessive!)

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Yasmin-On My Own Acoustic

Attack of the insanely talented UK singers! Just recently we got a superb live/acoustic performance from Daley, and now we’re treated to another (good job SB.TV!) from the fantastically-gifted Yasmin.

If (bizarrely) there were ever any doubts about Yasmin’s potential, they’re massacred to the point of disintegration here with a genuinely brilliant performance of her debut single, On My Own. The vocals are really on point as she storms through the soulful track with verve, passion and most importantly a degree of comfort that suggests she’s very much at home in the music game.

It would be remiss of me to not point out her fantastic appearance too, oozing a warmth and style that further demonstrates just why her mainstream breakout is inevitable. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab On My Own, which is (finally!) available on iTunes: you can’t argue with paying mere pennies for quality music.

(Also, was that filmed at the Flannels in Birmingham?)

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Ed Sheeran-No. 5 Collaborations Project [Review]

I received a press copy of this about a month ago, and it’s a testament to how good the EP is that I’m still listening to it now. The quality of the EP and the incredible hard work Ed Sheeran and his team have put in have paid off, as this has bolted up to #2 in the iTunes download chart! I’m told it even had top spot for a brief time last night too (and when competing with Rihanna, this is no mean feat).

So who is Ed Sheeran? And how did someone whose main influences include the likes of Bob Dylan & Damien Rice come to collaborate with some of grime’s best artists? The 19-year old hails from East Anglia, first picking up his guitar and making songs in 2002. He got his big break appearing on SBTV, exposing Ed’s music to a whole new scene, resulting in contact with the artists who feature on the EP, amongst others (like Example, who enlisted Ed as tour support). Click on below to read our review of this EP.

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Yasmin-On My Own [Video]

Here’s Yasmin’s debut solo video for her debut single – which is a song I am a big fan of. Produced by Shy FX, Yasmin has made a guaranteed hit here.

I posted about this track a little while back, in that post I told you that she’s destined for big things and I’ll elaborate a little further on that:

-Amazing vocal chords? Check.

-Collaborated with an urban act for his biggest single to date? Check.

-Writes her own material? Check.

-Absolutely gorgeous? Checkmate.

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Yasmin-On My Own

You may recognise the name Yasmin, she recently featured on Devlin’s big hit, Runaway. This 21 year old singer and songwriter has been causing a stir in the industry lately, and she’s no longer one of the best kept secrets now – here is her debut single, On My Own, which is produced by Shy FX.

This single isn’t due for release until January the 24th, so no audio for you to download at the moment, (can’t give everything to you for free!). Remember the name Yasmin, because you’ll be hearing a lot of her in 2011, I assure you of that.

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Devlin/Yasmin - Runaway [Video]

Posted the audio for this yesterday and now we have some visuals to enjoy! Can definitely see this making an impact in the UK charts.

Edit: Having properly watched the video now, I’ve decided Yasmin’s pretty lovely.

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Devlin/Yasmin - Runaway

Here’s a new song by Devlin featuring the vocal talents of Yasmin. This leaked a little while back but that was a radio rip, so thought I’d hold off until a CDQ was leaked. Really looking forward to his album coming out, everything I’ve heard thus far has been great and to me he’s already cemented himself as one of the best rappers here in the UK.

Devlin – Runaway ft. Yasmin

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