Wretch 32 - Blackout ft. Shakka

Wretch 32 delivers us his new single which is off his new album, due for release later this year.

Here we see a very creative and what is essentially ‘lyric video’ for the audio. Visually is very compelling, which is impressive considering it’s not even the official video for the single. It really does a great job of accentuating the lyrics, with Wretch being well known for his clever word play, this is most definitely a good thing.

A rather chilled song, much in tune with Wretch’s personality, Blackout is one of those songs that may not grab you immediately, but it’ll certainly creep up on you eventually. I expect it to sound especially good on his album.

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Labrinth ft. Tinie Tempah, Kano, Wretch 32 & Busta Rhymes - Earthquake Remix

Yeah, this happened.

Multi-talented Labrinth, who is an instrumentalist and produces, sings and even raps, has gathered this all star cast. Three leading UK urban artists alongside the legend that is Busta Rhymes? A recipe for a classic collabo.

Labrinth’s album, Electronic Earth will be released on the 19th of this month.

Preorder now at: iTunes or Amazon

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Ghetts - On A Level Remix ft. Scorcher, Kano & Wretch 32 [Video]

Some UK goodness to brighten up your week, Scorcher, Kano and Wretch 32 jump on the remix for Ghetts’ successful On a Level track. Like the original, this song’s production is unbelievably disjointed, but it works. Drum & Bass elements as well as some garage and dance along with a more traditional sound, it’s actually quite hard to describe how the production flows on this one, it’s certainly not linear.

In these four artists though the beat’s eclectic nature is tailor-made for each of their flows and that’s why it works. Scorcher impresses and Kano continues the excellent return to form he’s brought in 2011. Accompanied by Wretch 32 who has surely got the most chilled and best feel-good flow in the game. Go buy the track from iTunes by clicking the link below.

Ghetts – On A Level Remix ft. Scorcher, Kano & Wretch 32

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Tinie Tempah - Like It Or Love It ft. Wretch 32 & J. Cole

A few days late on this one, apologies! But on the upside: if you haven’t heard this yet then you can rectify that by grabbing it now.

Big look for the UK here with Tinie recruiting J. Cole for a track that will feature on his upcoming mixtape, Happy Birthday. Also enlisting one of my favourite emcees about in Wretch 32, he instantly makes this a track that will feature in my rotation for the foreseeable future. Download link below.

Tinie Tempah – Like It Or Love It ft. Wretch 32 & J. Cole

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BET UK Ciphers

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Kano & Mikey J - E.T. ft. Wiley, Wretch 32 & Scorcher

Every time I listen to a UK track I can’t help but wonder what an American hip hop fan would think listening to it, and it’s rarer than I like that I’d think “yeah, they would go crazy for this”. This is one of those rare times.

Initially I was put off by the auto-tune laden hook we hear as the track opens, and I had put it down to a typical experimental track by Kano, but don’t let it put you off, skip to 1:16 if you have to. Kano spazzes out and sounds hungry, which follows from his previous instalment of this Not 4 The A List weekly multimedia series by him and Mikey J. Wiley follows it with a decent verse, though the lack of his presence hinders it somewhat (the “INSERT WILEY HERE” lettering in this vid is poignant). What also hinders Wiley’s verse is what follows from Wretch 32, which by even his standards is an extremely high quality Wretch verse, with the Mayweather lines a particular highlight. The approving look Kano gives Wretch as he closes out his verse genuinely made me laugh out loud. Scorcher finishes the track off with his verse and you can’t help but feel this is a passing of the torch moment (it can’t be denied that he hasn’t seen the same level of success that the other 3 artists have done so yet).

An excellent track which is available for free by heading over here and giving them your email address.

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Wretch 32 & Emeli Sande - Underdog Law

To celebrate being #1 and #2 in the UK charts, Wretch 32 and Emeli Sande have collaborated together to give us a free track!

Nice chilled track chronicling their hard fought journey through this music biz, Underdog Law gives a celebratory but also a reflective vibe for us to enjoy, cementing these two as leading talents here in the UK.

You can go download it by clicking here.

Wretch 32′s album, Black and White, is out now! Go buy it here.

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Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32 & Devlin - You Need Me, I Don't Need You Remix

The original version was back on the EP of the same name, a remixed version was released recently as part of Ed’s upcoming debut LP, and now a new remix has surfaced with two of the UK’s finest upcoming rappers.

Ed Sheeran’s ability as a vocalist needs no introduction, but alongside these hip-hop heavyweights, he demonstrates that he’s actually pretty handy with the rapping himself with an enjoyable opening verse. The production is ideal for a speedy flow, and that’s exactly what Ed brings here with a delivery that would certainly make most rappers proud. Wretch follows up with a solid verse of his own, with his laidback style blending nicely with the busy beat, and the lineup is complete with Devlin’s verse, bringing a quick, aggressive style that contrasts nicely with Wretch’s verse and certainly stands out as the match-winning verse.

Throughout the verses the video is mostly comprised of studio footage, which works well for Devlin’s verse in particular as it enhances the intense rhymes, whilst the hook reverts to live footage of Ed’s shows, adding a little bit of diversity. Certainly worth a watch and listen, and the audio can be pre-ordered here.

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Future Hits Live @ The Assembly, Leamington Spa - Friday 15th July

This summer The Hits Radio is hitting the road and bringing some of our favourite new pop stars with us for the very first Future Hits Live. Future Hits Live arrives at The Assembly in Leamington Spa on July 15, 2011, with performances from Wretch 32, Soundgirl, Six D, Her Majesty & The Wolves, Talay Riley, and Oh My!

The Leamington Spa event will be the first in a number of intimate gigs showcasing new pop acts at different venues across the country. Tickets are on sale now at just £12 from www.thehitsradio.com, You Call The Hits facebook page or by calling The Assembly direct on 0844 8541358.

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Yasmin-Finish Line ft. Wretch32 [Remix]

UK punchline king Wretch 32 hops on Yasmin’s excellent Finish Line. Good to hear a little from the male perspective of this subject matter, which is supplemented with excellent metaphors from Wretch, as we’ve come to expect from him.

You can listen to this track via the stream below, and also check out the music video for the original version over here.

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Wretch 32-Unorthodox ft. Example [Distance Dubstep Remix]

Following on from yesterday’s release of the excellent video for Wretch & Example’s new song, ‘Dubstep juggernaut’ Distance has come through with this huge dubstep remix.

Attention all dubstep producers; this is how you remix a hip hop track. Whilst retaining some of the elements of Stone Roses sample, Distance provides a more atmospheric vibe to the song, completely flipping the fun-nature of the song into a more hard-hitting one.

Download is available below, which will certainly tied you over until the original single (which the artwork for is on the left) sees its release on April the 18th.

Wretch 32 – Unorthodox ft. Example (Distance dubstep remix)

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Wretch 32-Unorthodox ft. Example [Video]

Wretch 32 hammers home some more visuals for us to enjoy with these being for his next single, Unorthodox, featuring Example. Other than my first impressions of the audio itself, this video really does enhance the song. The fun, vibrant nature of the song is amplified through the video which is rich with colour, histrionics and the general uniqueness that you often find on the streets and with the people of London.

I forgot how good the hook that Example provides on this is; Wretch has another big hit on his hands. The single is being released in 6 weeks time, which is unfortunate as I want the mp3 for this now.

Oh yeah, cheeky cameos by Yasmin and Chipmunk in this video, see if you can spot them.

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Wretch 32-Anniversary ft. Alex Mills [Video]

New video by Wretch 32 for a track that’s been getting a lot of love by the internets. For good reason too; displaying Wretch’s full talents storytelling ability whilst still coming through with many an excellent metaphor, this is a great song to vibe too.

As you can guess from the title of the track; this is one about a relationship. The video really does help capture the notion of ‘wondering what your other half is doing’ by having the split screen affect (and thus showing you what both halves of the relationship are doing, before meeting up).

I won’t ruin the video for you, but I will say that it is worth watching all the way to the end, where it not only cleverly changes how you perceive the whole song but also the emotion the track emits. Brilliant stuff, really looking forward to Wretch’s next album.

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Jaya-Outta Control ft. Wretch 32 & Young Simmons [Video]

Nominated for both Best Newcomer & Best Female act at the upcoming UK Asian Music Awards, Jaya is a singer who has been gathering a bit of buzz for herself.

This is a track that has a delightful pop/R&B hybrid, and would certainly be very befitting of a feature in an R&B Friday. Featuring rising UK star Wretch 32 and US rapper Young Simmons (that’s Diggy Simmons older brother, a.k.a. Reverend Run’s son, Jojo), both provide good verses to aid this very fun track that’d sound good on the radio and in clubs.

The beautiful singer also gives us some visuals to hammer home the concept of the song, with a very dark undertone towards the end that makes for compelling viewing! Jaya’s certainly a name you should be (as we will be!) looking out for in the short, medium and long-term future.

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Wretch 32-Unorthodox ft. Example [Radio Rip]

Premièred yesterday; here is a new collaboration between rising UK star Wretch 32 & Example. Sampling the epic Stone Roses Fools Gold, Wretch flows nicely as we all know he can.

Delivering clever wordplay (heard recently that Devlin refers to Wretch as “Mr. Metaphor” ha!) this track will certainly keep most of you interested. Example contributes by singing the addictive chorus.

Shouts to @Ross_Scott for pointing me in the direction of this. Unfortunately I have no audio for you as of yet though.

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Talay Riley & Wretch 32-Sergeant Smash [Remix]

Really enjoyed the original for this (click here to go see the official video for that) and one name that’s certainly tipped to blow this year has hopped on for the remix.

Great to see unexpected collaborations like this between R&B acts with emcees from the grime scene , ‘variety is the spice of life’ and all that. Wretch 32 delivers a short but very good flowing verse to add to an already great track. You can listen to this below.

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Wretch 32-Locked In With Dj Swerve: 4th Feb

“Following the sellout success of the last Locked In event, which featured UK rapper Devlin at The Westbury, Kilburn, on the 14th January, Kiss FM’s Monday-Thursday 10pm DJ, Swerve, is back with another one for the second showcase of urban party flavours, this time featuring the chart topping artist, Wretch 32.

The monthly event (which has already seen Mz Bratt and Sway perform) is hosted by MC Mystro, famously known for getting the crowd hyped and ready to rave, and on the 4th Feb he’ll be working his magic before Swerve himself takes to the decks for two hours of R&B, hip hop, oldskool UKG and grime. Traktor artist Wretch 32 – known for his astounding lyrical content, flow and top five tune, will be hitting the stage to perform a few tracks.

Swerve, who recently put a massive production stamp on the industry with two of the best grime bangers of 2010 (D Double E – Street Fighter 4 & P Money – HO) has worked with the likes of Mc Clean, Lethal B and J2K to name a few, and will be bringing in surprise guests for the next dates of the Locked In tour on the March 4th and April 29th at The Westbury, Kilburn.”

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Professor Green-Jungle (Remix) ft. Klashnekoff, Wretch 32 & Malik

Despite not being a huge (not one at all really) fan of Professor Green, his track Jungle with Maverick Sabre was very impressive and incredibly addictive to listen to. For those who can’t stand Prof Green, here’s the official remix that he’s put out there for us to enjoy, featuring some much more credible names.

Klash, Wretch and Malik spitting bars on this? Massive, massive win. Download below.

Professor Green – Jungle (Remix) ft. Klashnekoff, Wretch 32 & Malik

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Ed Sheeran-No. 5 Collaborations Project [Review]

I received a press copy of this about a month ago, and it’s a testament to how good the EP is that I’m still listening to it now. The quality of the EP and the incredible hard work Ed Sheeran and his team have put in have paid off, as this has bolted up to #2 in the iTunes download chart! I’m told it even had top spot for a brief time last night too (and when competing with Rihanna, this is no mean feat).

So who is Ed Sheeran? And how did someone whose main influences include the likes of Bob Dylan & Damien Rice come to collaborate with some of grime’s best artists? The 19-year old hails from East Anglia, first picking up his guitar and making songs in 2002. He got his big break appearing on SBTV, exposing Ed’s music to a whole new scene, resulting in contact with the artists who feature on the EP, amongst others (like Example, who enlisted Ed as tour support). Click on below to read our review of this EP.

→ Continue Reading

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Griminal-Supa Dupa Remix ft. Chipmunk, Ghetts, Nasty, Krept, Wretch 32 & Baby Blue

This premièred on Westwood earlier today with Griminal enlisting a strong line up to take on his recent single, which is one I enjoyed a lot. The talented artist signed to Universal a few months back, so we should hopefully be seeing more and more from him over the next year, as he prepares us a new album.

As I’ve stated before, I’m not too big on Chipmunk, but I’m pleased that he’s not gone too far in what seemed to be a complete transition away from grime to hip hop, it’s good to see him still feature and collaborate with his peers here in this industry. He opens up the song with a very likeable verse too. Baby Blue is probably one of the few female emcees in this country I have time for and she holds her own on this, which is pretty impressive as both Ghetts & Wretch 32 bring to the table of what we expect from the high standards they have set over the last few years.

Given the recent spate of quality UK grime and hip hop that’s flooded the airwaves over the past year – I haven’t been this excited about the UK scene since Kano released Home Sweet Home several years ago.

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Tinchy Stryder ft. Ghetts, Slix, Griminal, Fuda Guy, Wretch 32, Dot Rotten, Roachee & Maxsta-Game Over Remix

The remix to the Tinchy Stryder’s huge posse cut was premièred on radio last week, and now we have the video for it. With the likes of Ghetts, Dot Rotten and Maxta, this remix will appeal to the Grime heads a lot more than the one that featured more mainstream acts like Example and Professor Green.

With two artists I’m personally liking a lot lately, Wretch 32 and Griminal (who has recently signed a major label deal), performing on this remix, it’s one that I’m preferring to the original.

No audio for you now folks, but I’ll hook you up as soon as possible.

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Klashnekoff/Wretch 32/K9 - Somebody Tell Me

This is some real classic UK hip-hop right here, which should come as no surprise to you as this is Klashnekoff we’re talking about. What is a surprise though is to hear Wretch 32 on this, as he came up through the grime scene, probably shouldn’t come as too much of a shock as he was always a bit too lyrical to make that sort of music constantly.

Klashnekoff – Somebody Tell Me ft. Wretch 32 & K9

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