Game – Celebration ft. Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa (Video)

After dropping a behind-the-scenes video, a trailer video, a behind-the-scenes of the trailer video, another behind-the-scenes video and probably a video of his cat watching the behind-the-scenes video, Game drops off the actual video for his lead single from Jesus Piece, set to drop in December.

Truthfully, I’m not really into this. It’s good that Game’s trying something a little brighter and more positive, but it just comes off as a poorly-done pop track with little to distinguish it from any other pop rap effort. The Chris Brown hook isn’t massively engrossing, Game’s laidback raps feel a little awkward, and the other three barely make an imprint on the track with their verses. It’s surprising, but Wiz’s minor melodic contribution to this is probably the only memorable part of any of the guest spots.

The video has a nice summer vibe to it, and the sheer positivity of it all is quite infectious, but it’d be far better suited to some audio with a little more meat and less pointlessness.

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Big Sean-Detroit (Mixtape)

One of the most anticipated releases in recent weeks, Big Sean drops off his first project since his mainstream breakout debut LP, Finally Famous.

We’ve caught three tracks from this so far, each with their own very different charms, displaying that Sean’s newly-gained popularity hasn’t affected his versatility or desire for hip-hop. The tracklist honestly reads like an album, with huge features in the shape of Kendrick Lamar, close friend Mike Posner, Chris Brown and fellow Detroit native Royce Da 5’9″ amongst several others, whilst Snoop Lion (Dogg), Common and Young Jeezy feature on their own interlude sections, each titled Story. That sort of detail is always appreciated on an album, let alone a mixtape, and I’m sure it’ll all contribute to what’s set up to be an excellent all-round project. Free grab available below.

Big Sean-Detroit

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Trae Tha Truth-Tha Blackprint (Mixtape)

Talk about label craziness. ABN representative and Grand Hustle-affiliated Trae Tha Truth drops a brand new tape for the hip-hop heads, hosted by Maybach Music Group’s DJ Scream. Any other labels want in here?

Clearly, everyone wants to be associated with Trae. It’s easy to spot why as his very unique delivery makes him instantly stand out from the crowd, and clearly Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, T.I., Young Jeezy, R. Kelly and many more agree given that they all makes appearances on the tape. Almost every track has a big name attached to it, and here’s to hoping Trae can hold his own and prove he belongs up with those names. Grab the enormous 20-track mixtape for free below.

Trae Tha Truth-Tha Blackprint

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Tyga - Well Done 3 [Mixtape]

Tyga comes through with a brand new mixtape for our ears!

He’s slipped somewhat under the radar recently, but this should bring him back up as he usually delivers solid material when it comes to these projects. Download here and/or stream below:

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Tyga ft. Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill & T.I. - Rack City Remix [Video]

This all star cast ensemble to bring us visuals for their recent remix of Tyga’s Rack City. Nothing really special to see, fairly basic hip hop video, but for a song like this, that’s all it needs. It’s just good to see such names get together and do something like this; as you all know, I love my collabos.

Originally I said my favourite verse of mine on this strangely addictive track is T.I.’s, but I’ve really warmed to Wale’s opening verse.

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Tyga ft. Wale, Fabolous, Meek Mill, Young Jeezy & T.I. - Rack City Remix

The remix to the massive hit that was Rack City sees Tyga, Wale, Fabolous, Meek Mill, Young Jeezy and T.I. all team up; what a lineup. Along with this official remix a video has been shot too. Best verse? For me it goes to T.I. who is really starting to come back into form after his latest jail stint. Download below.

Tyga ft. Wale, Fabolous, Meek Mill, Young Jeezy & T.I. – Rack City (remix)

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Drake, Tyga and Lil' Wayne-The Motto Video

The second OVOXO release for today, and for what is probably my favourite song from Drake’s Take Care album. The bounce, energy and verve of the track is incredibly infectious, and certainly has a nice knock when turned up in the car.

The video generally keeps that upbeat vibe going, with plenty of action and scene switches in Drake’s verse enhancing the audio’s dynamism. That’s then counterbalanced by a more relaxed set of scenes for Wayne’s verse, matching his more laidback deliver in what remains the highlight of the track. I’ve criticised Wayne’s work in recent times, but his verse here has a real addictive quality that is visualised well with a charismatic appearance from the New Orleans native. Tyga’s managed to creep his way onto this version too, and though I’m not a big follower of his music, he does OK with his verse, largely because it seems his voice has finally broken.

Grab the track on Drake’s Take Care, available now.

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Gilbere Forte, Tyga and Raak-Burn Me Down

Talented upcomer Gilbere Forte hooks up with Young Money’s Tyga for the lead single to his next solo project, 87 Dreams To Reality. I’ve been effusive in praise of Gilbere’s work over the last year or so, and he continues his run of consistency with a solid single, lacing an uplifting, defiant production with some typically-passionate rhymes. Whilst the heavily-Autotuned hook is a little rough on the ear (purely for the heavy Autotune itself), the melodies are solid and certainly capitalise on the momentum of the verses. Decent feature from Tyga, who much like Gilbere takes to the beat comfortably with some enjoyable raps, rounding the song off nicely.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 98

I’ve turned up late to the party once again, so I’m not going to mess you around with a long intro here. That’s helped by only having one relevant and noteworthy post from the week gone by, that being Erin Christine’s latest single.

Click below to fill your empty stomachs with R&B/pop/soul nourishment.

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Tyga-Black Thoughts 2 Mixtape

Right, time to fire some content at your disfigured faces.

First up, Tyga’s latest project which seems to be garnering some serious buzz across the internet. There are some interesting guests on this one, including The Game, Pharrell and one of R&B’s only in-form artists, Lloyd. I’ve been following Tyga since way back in 2007, and he’s been infuriatingly inconsistent over the years, as he’s clearly got some ability but only truly shows it in glimpses. Hopefully, this project shows a little more solidity in his work and gets him to the spot he should probably be at by now.

Tyga-Black Thoughts 2

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Tyga-Really Raw ft. Pharrell, Game & Snoop Dogg

Here’s the first drop from Tyga’s upcoming album, Careless World. Some very big features on here, with fellow West Coast big hitters: Snoop Dogg & The Game featuring. Not often you hear Tyga associate himself with his West Coast roots, so that’s good to see. Being a part of the Young Money team Tyga could easily have got a feature from Wayne/Nicki/Drake, that’s not to say he hasn’t for the album, but it’s admirable that’s he’s gone in a different direction for the first track we get to hear from it.

I’ve not been too big on The Neptunes beats in recent years, but this is pretty decent. Nice West Coast sound, and all the rappers come through with good raps. Apparently Tyga sends out some shots to Wiz Khalifa on this, for some bizarre reason there are rumoured tensions between them, rumours that have been denied by Wiz. I think this is just a case of the media/internets going crazy over nothing, as there’s really not anything particularly damning from Tyga’s verse (that I can make out anyway).

Tyga-Really Raw ft. Pharrell, Game & Snoop Dogg

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Game, Asher Roth, Mars and Tyga-White Soft Porn

Immediately after releasing Purp and Patron, Game announced The Hangover which would contain 10/11 tracks that didn’t make the final cut of P&P. The first of those efforts has already landed, as he links up with a few of hip-hop’s rising stars for an interestingly-titled track.

I’ve not listened to the whole of P&P yet, but the feedback seems to be mixed: some love it, some hate it. I suspect this track could go the same way, as the production has an 80s pop feel that’ll definitely divide opinion. Personally, I quite like the track and think the upbeat, retro vibe makes a nice addition to Game’s catalogue, and certainly fits Asher and Tyga superbly. Asher’s verse in particular is a highlight, with a tongue-twisting flow highlighting Roth’s versatility as a rapper. One that’ll be even more enjoyable when the weather gets a little brighter.

Game-White Soft Porn ft. Asher Roth, Mars and Tyga

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Tyga and DJ Drama-Well Done Mixtape

Tyga’s latest project drops, and fairly suddenly too given that the few mixtape tracks released prior to this have only surfaced recently. He’s growing in stature as a rapper, and I’m keen to see what stage his progression is at now having shared a huge hit with Chris Brown with Deuces. There’s already some internet hype about the Chris Brown collab on this tape, Wonder Woman, so it seems they may have struck gold again.

Tyga-Well Done Mixtape

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Tyga–Maybe Freestyle [Video]

Nice freestyle by Tyga here, which is off his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama, Well Done (out November 9th).

Audio can be grabbed here.

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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2010: The Cyphers

Let’s be honest, the cyphers are the only reason people watch/care about the BET Awards. I mean, does anyone really know who won what last year? Nope, but I bet you could list a few of the cypher rappers.

Great cypher line-ups this year, with the video for the G.O.O.D. Music cypher (Kanye, Common, Big Sean, Pusha T and CyHi Da Prynce) being up here. After the click, there are great cyphers involving Wiz Khalifa, Mickey Factz, Raekwon, Yelawolf, Royce Da 5’9″, Rev Run and family, Ice Cube and family and so on.

For me, the respective winners: Big Sean, Yelawolf, Mickey, Royce and Ice Cube. Honourable mentions to CyHi, Bones Brigante, Diamond and Diggy.
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R&B Fridays: Episode 63

Lots of great stuff this week, swelling it up to delicious proportions. Before you slam your face into the meal, get accquainted with these appetisers: Dirty Money and Drake collaborate, the announcement of Bruno Mars’ album, lots from newcomer Justin Michael, Usher’s newest video, Sean Garrett’s Inkwell mixtape, the video/audio for 3OH!3′s latest single, Cee-Lo’s amazing new song, and the final version of a Drake reference track.

Plenty of stuff there, and plenty of stuff below. This has to go down as one of the strongest R&B Fridays in recent memory too, there’s nothing I wouldn’t recommend from this week’s batch. Entrance below.

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Tyga – Hard in the Paint Freestyle [Video]

Another credible rapper takes on Waka Flocka’s monster track, much to my delight.

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Sean Garrett, Tyga and Gucci Mane-She Geeked

Visuals for Garrett’s hype single, originally dropped a few months back. My thoughts on the track were made pretty clear then, so save me from repeating myself and click here to see that/get the audio.

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The Game/Red Cafe/Tyga - I Like Girls

Well it appears that Kid Cudi track I posted earlier is from a new mixtape; a collection of unreleased and possibly unfinished singles. Here’s another one off that, which is a collaboration between 3 artists I like a lot!

Taken a while for Game to do a track with Tyga, considering they’re both from Compton and down with Lil’ Wayne, better late than never eh. Stay tuned for a bunch of tracks from some of your favourite artists which are also from this mixtape (yup that means more annoying DJ tags unfortunately).

The Game – I Like Girls ft. Red Cafe & Tyga

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Chris Brown, Tyga and Kevin McCall-Deuces Video

Visuals for the much-praised single from the Fan of a Fan mixtape. Definitely a good track, and the glimpse I had of the video looked like a nice fit for the audio.

Track can be acquired here if you missed it previously.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 49 (Also, My 1000th Post!)

49 episodes in, and the fantastic material still keeps coming. The common theme of recent weeks has been a frightening consistency in the quality, as we’ve seen some superb R&B tracks being let loose in anticipation of the summer. Whereas previous R&B Fridays have been a bit of a struggle to fill/review, the past few weeks have certainly made my (busy) life a lot easier!

This week is no different, and you’ve got some very good stuff to look forward to in your immediate future from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Amerie and many more. Not as many lesser-known names as there usually are, instead we’ve got the more established names looking to make their mark. Click on to let them know if they got it right.

Edit: This is my 1000th post on this site, on the eve of my final University exam. Celebrations aplenty!

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Chris Brown & Tyga Mixtape!

The rumours were true, here is the mixtape by Chris Brown & Tyga. I wasn’t expecting this, as most collaboration albums of this sort end up getting scrapped. On first listen this is pretty damn good, they share a great chemistry as evidenced by the previous collaborations we’ve put up from these two on OTU. Chris Brown fans will definitely lap this up, grab this mixtape by clicking below.

Chris Brown & Tyga – Fan Of A Fan

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Chris Brown/Tyga

I’m a little late on this one, it’s been a busy time – forgive me.

Yup another song by these two, this one being the best one thus far (big accomplishment as I loved Holla At Me and G Shit), rumour has it these two are doing an album together, a plan I hope comes to fruition. This is a different type of song to the other two, with this more catered to the females on a more R&B tip, which will hopefully satisfy those of you who are waiting impatiently for this week’s instalment of R&B Fridays.

Chris Brown & Tyga – Deuces ft. Kevin McCall

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Chris Brown & Tyga

Yeah that’s right, some more Tyga loveliness for your ears, this time in the form of a collaboration with Chris Brown. Catch the video for it to your left, then download this ‘super-turned up’ track below.

Chris Brown ft. Tyga – Holla At Me

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Quickblast: Tyga

Along with Drake and Nicki Minaj, Tyga is one of the more talented artists on Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. This track further enforces our belief that this kid has a very bright future. Download it below.

Tyga – Movin 2 Fast

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Quickblast: Tyga

New Tyga featuring none other than Chris Brown. Decent track by two artists I like very much, WIN.

Tyga – G Shit ft. Chris Brown

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Tyga and Lil' Wayne-I'm On It

Hmm. First up, this is from Tyga’s upcoming Careless World album. Not sure how many of you got his first album, but I quite liked it as it was a bit of an indie/hip-hop hybrid which fitted my tastes at the time (around the time Gym Class Heroes blew up). Hearing him on this suggests he’s taken on a lot of Wayne’s style of rapping, which disappoints me a little. Maybe it will grow on me, suppose we’ll find out.

Tyga-I’m On It ft. Lil’ Wayne

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Young Money and Lloyd-Bedrock Video

Yawn. Much better stuff coming today after this, I promise. Audio here.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 16

Lloyd takes up two spots in this edition, as well as an unexpected track featuring The Roots, and more.

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