Travie McCoy-Rough Water ft. Jason Mraz

It’s been a long time since we’ve had new solo material from Gym Class Heroes’ Travie McCoy, but he re-emerges here with this mainstream-ready single.

Many will remember his global hit Billionaire, a track that also proved one of the key factors in Bruno Mars’ subsequent rise to prominence, and I’d imagine this will find favour with those who enjoyed that effort. The Jason Mraz hook is very “family friendly”, with emotional, catchy vocals that pack in enough love-centric lyricism to make it a real favourite with the younger crowd, and hence provides the sort of anchor that should make this track a big mainstream seller. McCoy’s verses stay on track well enough, and though it’s definitely not the best use of his ability (though admittedly, it’s been a while since he’s been ‘properly’ used), he’s clearly good at making pop-friendly tracks, and credit for coming back into the spotlight after a long time out and not losing that ability.

It won’t be to the tastes of most of the older readers here, but it’ll almost definitely be a big hit in the next few months, so prepare for it to dominate the usual mainstream outlets.

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Taio Cruz and Travie McCoy-Higher Video

Looks like this was more than just an everyday remix, as Taio picks this version as his US single, leaving the Kylie version for the European markets.

The video isn’t bad, and Taio plays it safe with a video that will be digested easily by the mainstream.

Interesting (or cringeworthy, depending on where you stand) that Taio seems to have a strong resemblance to Usher in his mannerisms and general demeanour here, which may be a conscious decision to give him a more universal appeal. Audio for this is here.

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Travie McCoy-Need You Video

A much more playful and thematically-focused video than any of us could have expected for this slice of alternative pop.

With a heavy oriental theme throughout, it adds a much brighter and colourful feel to the track which arguably sounds alright in theory, but doesn’t seem to be implemented as well as I’d hoped: I liked the raw honesty of the lyrics, and it takes the shine away from that and makes it seem like a much more ‘fun’ song. There’s nothing wrong with that normally, but this particular track had quite an ‘epic’ and grand feel about it which is heavily diluted.

Maybe I’m just interpreting it wrong though. Either way, the song is utterly superb. Audio is here.

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Travie McCoy and Patrick Stump-Need You on Jay Leno

As far as backing vocalists go, getting the huge voice of Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump is about as good as it gets. Also, he’s lost a LOT of weight: looking sharp Mr. Stump!

Though I may have been rash in my prediction of it being the summer’s best album, there were some undeniably great tracks on there, with this certainly being one. Head here for the Need You audio, as well as another of my favourites.

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Travie McCoy Responds To Katy Perry’s Circle The Drain

There’s no denying that Perry’s Circle The Drain was about McCoy, and she admirably pulled no punches with the track.

To this point, neither of them had commented on the track, but Travie breaks the silence and gets some serious points for the short comeback: ‘I’m just stoked that she finally has a song with some substance’. Ouch! Nice.

I feel like a gossip columnist.

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Travie McCoy – We’ll Be Alright [Video]

I’m not going to pretend I like this song, but I do love his album Lazarus that this track happens to be on. The audio for this can be found here.

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Travie McCoy-That's Not Cool

Real nice track here from Travie. Pretty much exclusively singing throughout, this is certainly the most passionate performance I’ve heard from him. T-Pain serves up a sombre production that mirrors Travie’s vocals and lyrics absolutely perfectly, and has to go down as a brilliant bit of work on the boards. Travie’s performance is great as ever, and there’s some real depth to these lyrics-I expect they will strike a chord with many.

The man’s putting out great material on consistently and this is another top track. It’s beginning to annoy me that he’s still so underrated though: Great rapper and great singer, but just because the music isn’t dumbed-down it doesn’t get the praise.

Travie McCoy-That’s Not Cool

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Travie McCoy, T-Pain, Bruno Mars and Gucci Mane-Billionaire Remix

Travie lets loose of what appears to be the official remix of his hit Billionaire. It’s not just a couple of verses tacked on either, as the beat has been retooled along with the addition of the verses. Goes without saying that I’m not even going to entertain the Gucci verse (which is thankfully right at the end, so you can skip it!) but everything else is good.

Travie McCoy-Billionaire (Nappy Boy Remix) ft. Gucci Mane, T-Pain and Bruno Mars

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Travie McCoy and T-Pain-The Manual Video

The latest visuals from Lazarus come in the form of the first track we actually heard from the album. Didn’t really give this one the props it deserved, as it’s another great Travie track, with a slightly alternative production well served by some very relatable and down-to-earth lyricism.

Audio can be grabbed here, and remember to buy that Lazarus album.

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Travie McCoy and T-Pain-Ms. Tattoo Girl

The album dropped yesterday, be sure to grab it. Hopefully the tracks we gave you prior to its release have convinced you-they certainly convinced me! From what I’ve heard so far, the album is really good and I’m looking forward to listening to it all.

The track here is 1 of 3 bonus tracks available with various versions of the album. You may recognise the beat/hook from Tattoo Forever by Detail, as this is pretty much a reworked version of that track without Detail or Lil’ Wayne. Decent summer effort, and definitely more along the hip-hop/R&B lines than some of the other tracks. T-Pain needs to chill out a little on the AutoTune though, it’s excessive even for him!

Travie McCoy-Ms. Tattoo Girl ft. T-Pain

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Travie McCoy-Need You and Superbad

This will be the best album of the summer
. I’m calling it now, and it will be massively overlooked due to the big name releases on the horizon. I’ve said before that I think Travie’s a massively underrated rapper, but these two songs also suggest he’s a criminally underrated singer.

Need You is a wonderful mix of indie, R&B and pop. Unbelievably addictive beat, captivating vocals in the verses, and a catchy hook makes this one of the best tracks I’ve heard recently. Superbad is much more indie-rock than anything I’ve ever heard from Travie (including Gym Class stuff), and is yet another hugely enjoyable display of versatility and top-quality music. Everyone talks about B.o.B and Cudi being eclectic, but I’m beginning to believe that this guy is more adaptable than them both. Just look at the four leaks thus far: Billionaire, Alright and these two are all incredibly diverse. Do NOT sleep on this guy, no matter what genre you prefer.

Travie McCoy-Need You

Travie McCoy-Superbad

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Travie McCoy Samples Supergrass Classic 'Alright'

Travie McCoy lines up the second single from his upcoming debut, and drops off a classic Supergrass sample that pretty much everyone and their near relatives has heard at least once. Good to see some sampling of indie stuff for a change, instead of dance/hip-hop sampling!

This track has some superb summer vibes (much like the original) and has Travie on his rarely-utilised singing tip. Decent set of vocals too and this will appeal to a really wide range of people, from the indie folk to the pop lovers. Could be a big radio hit.

Travie McCoy-We’ll Be Alright

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Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars-Billionaire Video

Love this track, loved the live version, and I love the official video!

Fits the song perfectly, with a nice summer atmosphere tied into the great lyrics really well. Really emphasises the message of the track throughout, and it’s definitely a video that enhances an already-brilliant song.

Audio can be found here for those stupid enough to miss it before. I must say I’m really enjoying this new wave of alternative hip-hop with artists like Travie and B.o.B, it’s all very good stuff.

Notice the common factor in this track and B.o.B’s smash hit? Bruno Mars. We told you he was taking over.

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Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars Perform Billionaire Live and Acoustic

This, my friends, is amazing. I mean seriously good. Having never seen/heard Bruno Mars live, I had absolutely no idea the kid had this much brilliance in his voice. He effortlessly hits some very difficult notes, and sings the hook for Billionaire absolutely perfectly.

Travie keeps his raps good as ever, and displays the charisma we all know he possesses. Can’t get enough of this. If you missed the audio for the original, don’t make the same mistake twice and click here.

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Rich Hil and Travie McCoy-Bad

Beginning to really get into this Rich Hil dude. His first couple of tracks I went for purely for the Cudi features, but the last few he’s really merited checking them out for him. Having said that though he is making it easy by picking good features, with one of my personal favourites Travis McCoy jumping on this track.

Bad is much darker than any of the other tracks I’ve heard from him: the beat is fantastically haunting (he seems to have a really good ear for a beat) and Travis comes through as ever. Probably a more hip-hop track than his other efforts, although this will be one the more eclectic among you will still enjoy.

Rich Hil-Bad ft. Travie McCoy

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Ke$ha and Travis McCoy-Want You Bad

Don’t be put off by the Ke$ha presence. Travis does the majority of the work on this, and lays down a couple of nice verses. The track is credited to Ke$ha, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up on McCoy’s upcoming Lazarus album. Decent track though, and Ke$ha’s hook isn’t entirely terrible for what it is.

Ke$ha-Want You Bad ft. Travie McCoy

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Travis (or Travie) McCoy and Bruno Mars Collab

This is SO GOOD. Bruno Mars kicks off the track on a Jason Mraz-esque tip, and it blossoms into a fantastically well-rounded track. Trav drops some great verses as ever, and Bruno’s hook is further embellished by a simple yet very likeable production.

It’s naturally got a Gym Class Heroes feel to it, but definitely with some differences. If you enjoyed B.o.B and Bruno’s collab (see a few posts below), you’ll like this. If you like chilled out crossover hip-hop you’ll like this. Hell, if you like music you’ll like this!

Travie McCoy-Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars

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T-Pain Presents: Nappy Boy All-Stars Vol. 1

The next label to blow up after Cash Money is probably going to be these guys. Like Cash Money, some of their roster are sh*t but some are also very good: Travis McCoy and One Chance specifically are two great acts.

Interested to see what they bring, and maybe checking out some of his other artists that we might not be too familiar with yet. I liked The Manual from a little while back, so this could be decent.

T-Pain Presents: Nappy Boy All-Stars Vol. 1

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Travis McCoy-The Manual

This is the first leak from the upcoming Nappy Boy Allstars Vol. 1 mixtape (for those who don’t know, Nappy Boy is T-Pain’s label). You may recall Travis McCoy, lead vocalist of Gym Class Heroes, signing to Nappy Boy which was an interesting decision.

Haven’t checked this out yet, but this seems to be the first official Nappy Boy material from Travis and will hopefully be really good as I’m a big fan of his rapping ability.

Travis McCoy-The Manual ft. T-Pain and Young Cash

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Travis McCoy-One At A Time

Massive amounts of respect need to go to Gym Class Heroes’ frontman Travis for this. The track is inspired by Travis’ humanitarian acts on his recent around-the-world trip, and is a really heartfelt and worthwhile video/track. It was written for the Staying Alive Foundation, who try and prevent HIV worldwide.

To get the audio, go to this link. This is a worthwhile cause and the amount you donate is your choice. It’s a great track, and for a great cause so please be sure to click the link and grab it. It can cost as little as 60p/$1, which you aren’t really going to miss, so do something good!

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