Angels and Airwaves-Diary (Video)

At over 8 minutes long, most AVA fans will rightfully expect another Star of Bethlehem situation. That’d certainly be a good thing given it’s a superb piece, and whilst this is a rather different proposition it’s no less impressive, even if it is far removed from their usual material.

The notable factor is how little this focuses on vocals, and instead is really driven by the instrumentation. It’s rare the band do that at such length, and usually save that for interludes or extended intros (such as Star), and it’s certainly a welcome change given how consistently excellent their instrumental work is. Dedicated to their late friend Critter, the clip opens with nearly 3 minutes of minimalism via soft key notes and little else: it’s a chance to focus on the video, which stays true to the Diary title. It’s made up of behind-the-scenes and live footage, and the grainy, stuttering filters applied give it a ‘hazy memory’ vibe that definitely adds a personal feel, before the music evolves with crashing percussion and more lively keys. The next 2 minutes keep this up, before switching down to soft synths and a vocal sample, and back up again to instrumentation but with distorted vocals layered on top. It’s a track that really works in clearly divided segments, and hence makes for the type of diverse listening that makes an 8 minute track just fly by. This features on the Stomping on the Phantom Brake Pedal EP, due for release on 18th December.

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Blink-182-Wishing Well Video

One of my favourite songs from their thoroughly-excellent Neighborhoods album, and certainly one of the more mainstream-ready tracks.

The video is comprised of live show and backstage footage, much like the last video, and though it’s disappointing to not have a ‘real’ video, there’s no doubt that this still captures the essence of the track. Full of action and energy, there’s plenty of performance shots alongside the customary funny moments (there’s lots of crotch thrusting), packed around the vibrancy of the live crowds. Unfortunately (and annoyingly), they’ve not made it available for embedding, so you’ll have to click below and head over to to watch the clip.

Blink-182-Wishing Well Video

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Blink-182-Heart’s All Gone Video

Blink-182 follow up their comeback album’s release this week with brand new visuals for what is probably the most energetic, fast-paced track from the fantastic Neighborhoods album.

The track followed Up All Night as one of the first released from the album, and the video follows suit. Unlike the aforementioned video, this is comprised largely of live show footage, which makes for a much-needed personal touch and sense of collaboration from the band: whilst the music has been genuinely great, many Blink fans have missed the fun, togetherness and camaraderie of the group, and there are certainly instances of those elements in this video as the group appear to have a little fun throughout whilst performing.

Credit goes to Travis Barker’s incredible performance on this track too, which went previously unappreciated. Grab this track and the whole album now.

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Blink-182-After Midnight

The third track made available from Neighborhoods, and it’s delivered in an unconventional manner in keeping with the unique methods both Tom and Mark have favoured in recent years. Having been premiered by Zane Lowe a few hours ago, you can now head to to play a game and be rewarded with a free download of After Midnight: It’s not my job to ruin anyone’s fun/promotional tactic, so head there to get the track!

The instrumental work has a fantastic blend of the wistful, distant Angels and Airwaves guitar style with a bittersweet pop-punk edge, giving it a sound similar to the previous Blink album, but with a heavy dose of Angels’ ethereal influence. Tom’s melodies are as strong as ever on the verses, belting out some incredibly catchy vocals throughout, whilst Mark delivers an addictive chorus lyrically reminiscent of his work with +44, synergising superbly with the production to really anchor the song. The first real audio evidence of a fusion between the +44 and Angels & Airwaves styles, whilst also having a throwback Blink style, and it’s a successful combination that arguably makes for the best track we’ve heard from the album thus far. Grab the track here!

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Angels & Airwaves-Anxiety Video

Fresh off the back of releasing visuals with Blink-182, Tom DeLonge shows no signs of slowing down with his latest video as part of Angels & Airwaves, and the first single from their upcoming album Love Part 2.

The track opens with the trademark delayed guitars so prominent on their first two albums, whilst the heavier guitar work found on Love comes to the fore soon after. A noticeable addition is the strong work on the keys that gives the track a heavy Coldplay vibe, making for a more mainstream-friendly sound and still fitting snugly into their ethereal style.

The video is undoubtedly one of their more spectacular visual efforts, with bright, powerful lights surrounding the band in an otherwise dark environment, as they’re backed by images of war and space, both of which also make up engaging scenes interspersed between the band’s performance shots. It’s generally a nice representation of the audio, with the harder, spikier guitar work visualised in the grittier war images, whilst the celestial nature of their music is encapsulated by the various galactic sights. Enjoyable audio-visual combination, and I’m looking forward to more ahead of that 11.11.11 album release date.

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Blink-182-Up All Night Video

Anarchy, looting, disorder and mayhem is the central theme here, only this time I don’t think anyone’s going to get arrested for it.

Blink-182 cement their comeback with the first official set of visuals from Neighborhoods, going with a rebellious video packed full of an infectious, youthful carefreeness, contrasting nicely with the general darkness of the clip, and hence accurately reflecting the opposing styles of the uplifting hook and grittier verses in the audio.

Busy nighttime scenes of kids (and of course, Blink themselves!) causing as much havoc as possible make up most of the video, whilst the band themselves are seen surrounded in flames to further enhance the edgy, anarchic style of the video. Thematically, it’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s an easy, energetic watch that works well with the audio, and will certainly appeal to the mainstream viewers.

Click here for the audio review. Neighborhoods available on Sept 26th.

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Blink-182-Hearts All Gone and Neighborhoods Artwork

There were many that weren’t totally won over by the first release from Blink-182′s upcoming Neighborhoods album (the artwork is quite clearly to the left), and whilst I wasn’t one of those folk, the departure from their previous sounds was inevitably going to lead to such divisions in their fanbase. Back in 2003, many weren’t totally convinced by their ‘final’/previous album for identical reasons.

This song however will win over anyone with lingering doubts from either project, heralding a return to the fast-paced, energetic music with the unmistakeable boyish charm that characterised the majority of their back catalogue and epitomised 90′s and early 00′s punk music. Lyrically however, it feels considerably more mature that previous works, with a relatively bittersweet message atop the frenetic instrumental work, throwing in a welcome influence of the +44 style. With it being such a radical stylistic departure from Up All Night, thoughts naturally linger towards understanding the direction of the album, though admittedly the unpredictability is welcomed and I hope to see further shows of diversity ahead of that September 27th release date.

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Blink-182-Up All Night

When the release of this track was announced, I expected my review to be anything but subjective. I’m a massive Blink fan, and the release of their first new material in 8 years (!) is something I was always going to meet with overwhelming positivity, hence I felt it would just become a love-in. Thankfully though, any praise I do give is absolutely warranted here, as they’ve come through with a very enjoyable track from their upcoming Neighborhoods album.

Up All Night blends together the jagged, heavier instrumentation found on the Box Car Racer album (and in parts on the last Blink album) with the melodic sensibility of Tom DeLonge’s work as part of Angels and Airwaves, the catchy, anthemic hook in particular being reminiscent of Tom’s better work with AVA, whilst the Box Car-esque punchy guitar and pulsating drum work add a powerful intensity and addictive energy. The result is a successful synergy of styles that lives up to Travis’ billing of this being a ‘logical step-forward’, and should satisfy large chunks of their fanbas by virtue of drawing on multiple influences. Inevitably, it will be compared to more ‘accessible’ singles from previous albums, but it’s a song that certainly grows in stature with each listen and crucially it feels as musically watertight as any of their previous material. Grab a listen below. EDIT: Buy the single here! (A demand, not a recommendation).

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Angels and Airwaves-Love Movie Trailer

They’ve been talking about doing a film since back in 2006, and it finally seems to be happening. Normally, you’d expect a band to put together some shoddy, low-budget film that probably just contains a few fart jokes: not here. Angels and Airwaves have always come across as an ‘all or nothing’ group, and this is firmly in the ‘all’ category as they release a stunning trailer for Love.

The effects and quality of the film are clear for all to see here, and the story seems to be driven by the parallel mindsets of being in a 19th century war and partaking in prolonged space exploration. Initially, they seem like two very different scenarios, but the deterioration of a person’s mental state can be found in both situation, and seemingly the premise of love will be the other common factor between the two, opposing the effects of isolation and bringing hope to the subjects.

The thematic tie-in with their music is clear, and hopefully the epic soundscapes they’ve delivered over the years will be put to good use here: they fit both scenarios, and could make for a fantastic soundtrack.

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Blink-182 Announce 2011 UK Tour

Butterflies in my stomach as I post this. Since their original breakup, I’ve managed to see their seperate incarnations live (+44 and Angels and Airwaves) but never got to see them together. THIS CHANGES IN JULY. Dates can be found below, tickets are on sale next Friday (26th November). See you there!

Manchester MEN Arena – Friday July 8th
Newcastle Arena – Tuesday July 12th
Nottingham Arena – Wednesday July 13th
Birmingham LG Arena – Friday July 15th
London 02 Arena – Monday July 18th

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Angels and Airwaves European Tour

To anyone who hasn’t seen them, I can’t recommend it enough: they put on a fantastic, well-rounded show that does their music real justice. Modlife members can get tickets tomorrow, whilst everyone else will have to wait until Saturday.

01/02/2011 – UK, Glasgow O2 ABC
02/02/2011 – UK, Manchester Academy
03/02/2011 – UK, Birmingham O2 Academy
04/02/2011 – UK, London Forum

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Clip Of A New Angels and Airwaves Song

This actually surfaced last week, but I held off on posting it in the hope something a little longer would emerge.

Sadly, that didn’t quite pan out but it’s still worth giving this a listen, even if it is only 17 seconds long! Despite it being so short, you can still get a relatively decent feel for the style of the track, and it sounds as if they’re continuing with the more upbeat feel of Love. Tom recently announced their next album is set for release on Valentine’s Day (mirroring their release of this year), along with their long-awaited motion picture, also titled Love.

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Blink-182 Studio Update from Mark Hoppus

A nice update to keep the Blink fans satisfied. Quite a technical look at where they currently stand, with Hoppus going through the finer details of song creation.

Definitely worth a watch for the Blink fans, but also for those interested in the inner workings of music production.

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Mark Hoppus Studio Update on Blink-182

We were only able to record some background vocals before abandoning the studio.  But keep in mind, those are probably the best background vocals EVER RECORDED!!  Well, maybe not, but that’s the thought that keeps me from being annoyed at the studio situation.  In any case, I used the found time to finish writing the lyrics to the track I was trying to sing.

Then today began anew, with a fresh lease on reality.  The sun rose and with it, so did our good fortune, or something poetic and meaningless like that.  We brought the BLUE bottle microphone, set up shop at my home studio, and I sang the song I wanted to sing yesterday.  Success!  Still deciding if the bridge section of the song would benefit more from vocals, some type of guitar solo thing, or a different element altogether.  But good work done! The song we’re working on is currently called “Not For Real.”  I’m stoked on the way it’s coming together.  It’s one of the more straight-forward songs so far, with kind of an up-tempo, indie-rock, Americana vibe to it.  That’s where it stands today, at least.  It may change several times more before we deem it “finished.”

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Blink-182 Perform What's My Age Again? Live

Some nice footage of Blink performing their classic at Area 4 Festival. Not really much else to be said!

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Blink-182 Rehearsal Pictures

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Throwback: What's My Age Again?

So be honest, who didn’t see me doing this eventually?

My love for all things Blink has never been a secret, so it’s about damn time you joined in the fun. It’s been a bright, sunny day and what better song to enjoy it with than this one? (I’m aware it’s now the evening, smart guy).

Perfectly suited to anyone’s summer playlist, I have no qualms in declaring this one of my favourite songs of all-time. The video is pretty hilarious too, and should be checked out if you haven’t seen it before.

If you want the audio, I graciously offered it quite some time ago. Offer’s still open.

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Hate Is The New Love: Mark Hoppus vs. Tom DeLonge

So, I’ve held off on doing one of these as I wanted to do a non-rap ‘beef’, but couldn’t think of one. I’m officially an idiot, as it was this very fallout that gave me some of my favourite music ever.

Seeing as Blink are back in the headlines for being confirmed as Reading/Leeds headliners, it seems even more appropriate to take this week’s HITNL in that direction. Amidst the joy of their reunion, many people don’t/didn’t really know the ugly history of the years between the Blink break-up and reunion. Click on for a little lot of info, and of course some tracks to enjoy from the fallout.

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Justification Throwback: Angels & Airwaves Part 1

I haven’t written a feature in a while, so let’s do one I’ve been thinking about for a while. Narrow-minded folk, go elsewhere, this isn’t for you. Go and put some mindless crap on repeat and have a nice evening.

Most of you will know I pretty much worship these guys. However, unless you know me quite well, you won’t know why. If you care, read on. If you don’t, I won’t hold it against you.

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Angels & Airwaves-Hallucinations

This pleases me hugely to be honest. I love Angels & Airwaves, and it’s superb to have some new music from them. It’s been over 2 years since the release of their last album, so forgive me if I’m a tad excited. This will be a far from neutral review.

This has that brilliantly distinct AVA sound, with the delayed guitars creating the dreamscapes and getting that anthemic feel that these guys are so good at making. The chorus is typically memorable, and it’s definitely becoming something they get right on a very consistent basis. The verses are also typical AVA, with extravagant emotional descriptions accompanied by the all-encompassing view DeLonge has no problem with expressing.

Really good track, and importantly it doesn’t stray from what they do best. I’m always harking on about how artists/bands should progress and evolve, but frankly I want these guys to stay like this forever! They’ve got exactly what I look for in alternative music nailed down to a tee: long may it continue.

Angels & Airwaves-Hallucinations

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