Tiësto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes - C'mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise) [Video]

Busta continues his return to form on this absolute banger from legendary electro DJ’s Tiësto and Diplo. I was already a fan of the track when Sway went in on it on his The Delivery 2 mixtape, and whilst it’s the type of track that suits the breakneck flows of either guy, Busta kills it.

As for the video itself, it’s exactly what you’d expect from this track. Set in a dark grimey warehouse club, there does appear some sort of storyline with what seems to be the ‘dance version’ of Medusa intent on hypnotising everyone into having dance offs (I can only dream to pull some of these moves off), whilst the rest of the club dances anyway. It’s not complicated, but then it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to James for the reminder on this one!

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Even More Collabos!

The last few days have been very collaboration orientated, and here we’ve got two more intriguing tracks from some big names. I’ll let you all make your own judgements on these, as I’m not a fan of one or two of these artists so might end up being a little harsh on the tracks…

Three 6 Mafia-Feel It Ft. Tiesto, Flo Rida and Sean Kingston

Ro Spit-#1 ft. Big Sean, Bun B & CurT@!n$

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Uptempo, Club, Party…Whatever You Want To Call It…

…it’s here, and it’s in this post. Something for everyone here, with some great uptempo tracks for you all after the click. There’s a mix of mainstream artists and lesser known artists so do the right thing and click the red line.

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Tiesto and Kele Okereke

Something a little different for you here, but very enjoyable. Fans of Bloc Party will be familiar with Kele, and here we’ve got something pretty decent with him and Tiesto. This actually leaked a little while back, but I’ve only just come across it.

It’s a very Bloc Party-esque production, and hence doesn’t really pull Kele too far out of his comfort zone. It’s a really likeable track, and has similarities to some of Bloc Party’s earlier (and better) material. For someone like Tiesto, it’s not too ‘trancey’ at all, which is something I’m certainly happy about. It’s got that mix between being uptempo and quite sombre at the same time which is hard to pull off, but when done correctly, as it is here, it sounds great.

A very good collaboration here, and definitely worth picking up for fans of any genre.

Tiesto-It’s Not The Things You Say Ft. Kele Okereke

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