Thor: The Dark World (Trailer)

Marvel are lining up their latest blockbuster, and whilst I was rather disappointed with their last (Iron Man 3), this one looks like it could be a little more enjoyable.

Regardless of who the villain is (and I’m sure it’ll be a good one), this trailer will get fans buzzing purely on the basis of Thor and Loki seemingly working on the same side throughout this one. Given the fantastic dynamic between the two actors across the first Thor film and The Avengers, it’s a new angle that I’m sure will make for fun viewing- not least because Tom Hiddleston is utterly superb in his role as Loki, and giving him this different approach will undoubtedly provide a good platform for him to excel once more. Idris Elba, whose star continues to rise with each passing day, also reprises his role as Heimdall, and hopefully will get another good outing in this sequel.

Film releases on 8th November, and I’m sure we’ll be treated to more trailers, info and previews in the interim.

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