The Niceguys-The Show (Free Album)

Awesome. I’m beginning to get into these guys, and the tracks Not At All and Mr. Perfect are both really good listens, so imagine my delight at finding a whole album for free from them in my inbox! Definitely an upcoming group that I’m taking a lot of interest in, and I really have high hopes for them-they’ve got a good sound, and offer something a little different for the hip-hop fans.

Album can be picked up in its entireity below, and as it’s free you’ve really got no reason for missing this.

The Niceguys-The Show

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 2

You may recall some time ago, I wrote a post in which I put up a couple of tracks from some underground hip-hop artists that you might have missed.

Well, it’s back again, and there are some artists in here that you’ve probably never heard of, and some you may have. Either way, between them they provide music to suit a variety of hip-hop styles.

The same theory applies to this post as applied to its predecessor: This is merely my way of sifting through the hundreds of artists that drop tracks daily and showing you a few more to check for. Check them out and broaden your horizons.

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