The National and Bob's Burgers - Sailors In Your Mouth (Video)

It’s weird and trippy, and yet hilariously brilliant. The National’s slow, sombre song is given an animated twist by the creators of the excellent Bob’s Burgers (if you don’t watch it, cancel your subscription to life). Watch the video here.

If you close your eyes and just listen to this first, there is absolutey no way you can expect this to be the video. The vocals are sombre, the instrumentation is downbeat and morose, and there’s a general moodiness that seems more suited to sitting alone in a field of snow rather than accompanying one of TV’s finest animated comedies. That being said, a closer listen reveals the lyrics to be rather well-suited to the video, given that they’re focused around gravy and other food, and it’s a fun, slightly brilliant contrast with the vibe of the instrumentation.

As good as the song is (and it is good), the video is the highlight, featuring the band as the gravy sailors who gradually make their way into Bob’s mouth. They do so in an expresionless, dour manner that again makes for the most hilarious contrast, before performing slightly more emotionally inside his mouth. The attempt at seriousness is great fun, and the video closing with the kids frolicking in the gravy (except for Tina, who steals the show by doing nothing) finishes off what is an utterly ludicrous and clever effort. Very fun video, and a surprisingly good song too.

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