The Lonely Island-We'll Kill U

Not only are these guys back with a new funny, but it also marks the return of the We Like Sportz/Just Two Guyz duo, who are frankly brilliant. This ‘sequel’ is exactly in keeping with the previous two videos: it ramps things up a notch from its predecessor, and has bundles of the ridiculous awkwardness that makes this duo so entertaining.

It’s probably not quite at the level of the classic We Like Sportz, but gives it a pretty good go and as with most of their videos, it’s still good for a few laughs. A notable moment is definitely the popular hip-hop quote at the end (I won’t ruin it), which will definitely draw a smile out of you. Turtleneck and Chain available now!

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The Lonely Island ft. Rihanna-Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde

After releasing the video for Jack Sparrow only a week or so back The Lonely Island hit us pretty sharpish with even more hilarious visuals.

I have to say I think this is probably my favourite video the guys have made, not just because it involves the ever glorious Rihanna, well maybe a little bit. In this TLI and Ri are seen to be playing their own version of hip-hops most loved criminal couple Bonnie & Clyde.

Rihanna actually plays her role extremely well, showing us a comedic side to her that we’re not really used to seeing, something TLI seem to have mastered with all the stars they’ve worked with. There’s not much else I can add to this other than if this doesn’t make you laugh, or at the very least raise a smile, you have no soul. Enjoy.

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The Lonely Island and Michael Bolton-Jack Sparrow Video

If the fact MICHAEL BOLTON is on the feature hasn’t already got you in stitches, the video most definitely will.

TLI are at their best here, with that ‘serious’, almost deadpan humour that makes some of their videos hilarious to watch being in full force. However, Michael Bolton is the true star with his overblown emotion on the hook and adlibs, poking a little fun at himself and generally being massively hilarious. That’s certainly helped by his vocals/lyrics being entirely unrelated to the verses, a fact that isn’t lost on TLI who respond with some humorous adlibs of their own. Aside from the unnecessarily dramatic sea sequences and the self-parodying club scenes, the video ends on an equally ludicrous note, with Michael Bolton assuming the role of…Tony Montana.

This is a video/song that definitely ranks up there with their best to date, and is a must-watch if you’re after a good laugh!

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The Lonely Island-Motherlover

The sequel to the fantastic D**k In A Box, if I recall correctly this actually premiered on SNL a few months back. However, it’s now hit the internets ‘officially’, and is slated for The Lonely Island’s Turtleneck and Chain album.

Reprising their roles as the corny 80s/early 90s singers, Justin and Andy bring another dose of hilarity, this time dedicated to satisfying the other’s mother. Typically, its lyrically pretty graphic and hence makes for some laugh-out-loud moments, aided by the various shenanigans going on throughout the video.

Not as good as D**k In A Box, but that was never going to be an easy act to follow. Funny in its own right, and worth a watch!

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The Lonely Island-We’re Back

Another hilarious effort from The Lonely Island, from their upcoming sophomore album Turtlenecks and Chains.

This one works quite nicely in tandem with their first release from this album, and is quite simply based around malfunctioning/terrible penises. Yes, I said it.

Best of all, it’s done in the style of ‘murder music’ as Jorma eloquently puts it, which results in an aggressive series of deliveries that enhance the hilarity of the lyrics. It’s almost worrying how listenable their parody music is, and this is another winner from the ever-entertaining trio.

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The Lonely Island ft. Nicki Minaj-The Creep [Video]

A little bit of light hearted entertainment for you on this mellow Sunday afternoon. After their last single I Just Had Sex ft. Akon, The Lonely Island continue to get major names from the hip-hop world to collab with them as Nicki Minaj joins them on their latest effort. (It’s nice to see someone else attempt my dance moves, my mother would be so proud….)

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The Lonely Island and Akon-I Just Had Sex Video

They’re back! The Lonely Island return with a hilarious effort, and keep the same formula as another worryingly good production is accompanied by laugh-out-loud lyrics. Akon seems to be having a great time and does exactly what T-Pain did on I’m On A Boat, poking a little fun at himself and the pop industry, and his famed vocals and background adlibs are put to good use (specifically ‘manuuuree!‘).

The video maybe isn’t as ‘immediately’ funny as their previous two ‘big’ tracks, but you’ll find more and more with each watch: parodying Katy Perry’s chest fireworks from the Firework video at the end is up there as a highlight! It’s got a few good cameos too, notably Jessica Alba (who looks awesome as usual), and John McEnroe. Welcome back guys!

Audio can, and should, be grabbed here.

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The Lonely Island Have A ‘Huge-Ass Announcement’

They’re back! A short video announces that very fact, and does so in a typically humourous fashion. Keep your ears open at the end of the video, as you’ll catch a snippet of what I assume is to be their next release-can’t wait!

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The Lonely Island and Julian Casablancas-Boombox Video

Still making funny videos! I didn’t really listen to this track much, but it’s one of those that’s much funnier when accompanied by visuals.

The third verse is a combination of hilarity and disgustingness. Check it out!

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Still Not Getting On That Boat…

Fairly humourous video from the dynamic duo of T-Pain and Andy Samberg of The Lonely Island. Always good to get new funnies from those guys.

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