The Knux and Kid Cudi-Run Video

I owe you all an apology. When I got my hands on this track back in July, it seems I enjoyed it so much that I quite simply forgot to share it with you.

A fantastic blend of pop, alternative and hip-hop, the track feels like one of the better collaborations released this year, largely thanks to the effortless synergy on show here, with Cudi and The Knux are almost stylistically indistinguishable from one another. Their respective crossover styles blend seamlessly throughout, as a soundscape of addictive guitars, crashing percussion, solid verses and a frighteningly-addictive hook deliver an upbeat, genre-defying track.

The energetic video works well for the track, enhancing that synergy by presenting the collaboration as an entire band, amidst scenes of the leading lady going about her day of doing drugs, not paying for taxis and raving with The Knux. Worth a watch, and definitely worth a listen.

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 10

Woops. It’s been over 2 months since I dropped UGHH. It’s worth the wait though, as regular readers will know that these posts are your best shot of discovering some of the finest upcoming talent and catching a couple of established rappers along the way.

Click on to check out some new (ish) hip-hop of various styles and discover the next big thing. I warn you now, that I’ve been sitting on this stuff for a while so go easy on me if you’ve caught one or two tracks before.

Despite the massive backlog of potential material for this, I’ve tried to keep this shorter than previous episodes to make it a bit more digestable. Nice really aren’t I?

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