The Killers-Just Another Girl

The Killers have a greatest hits album due out on 11th November (after four albums, is it a little too soon for one?), which is set to feature a couple of new tracks, including this effort.

Admittedly, their last two albums really haven’t struck a chord with me, which is bitterly disappointing as I listened to the first two religiously, but this track does undo some of that bad work. Whilst it does carry much of the electronic influence that was rife in their most recent pair of albums, it’s tempered by enough ‘organics’ to keep it on the right path, particularly the acoustic strums in the verses and the bubbly, instrument-packed hook. That being said, the general vibe of the track has a driving quality that will reel you in, and that ends up being the result of a successful marriage between the electronic and rock elements included, with the end result being a far better synergy of the two than they’ve previously managed. Brandon’s vocals are typically catchy and will rattle around your head for weeks, throwing forth an extremely infectious hook that should set this up for plenty of radio play, and they cap off what could turn out to be a fairly popular song over the next couple of months. Available on the Direct Hits album, landing next week.

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The Killers-Battle Born (Full Album Stream)

Disclaimer: you’ll need a US iTunes account to be able to stream this.

Runaways promised much in terms of the quality of this album, and I’m very keen to see if the rest of the album can hold up to that quality, albeit hopefully in a little less of a pop manner. Day and Age was an enormous disappointment and many fans, particularly those who were only loosely supporting the band, lost all faith in their work as a result. With that said, there are few greater sights in the indie scene than The Killers all getting along and on form and the signs thus far are positive: fingers crossed for them that this is a project of redemption. Released officially next Tuesday, grab that stream below.

The Killers-Battle Born (Stream)

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The Killers-Runaways Video

I was relatively sold on the track upon its release, and though admittedly I’d hoped it would be a little more memorable than it was, the effective simplicity of the video helps it stick to the brain.

It’s little more than a performance video, focusing heavily on the band’s empassioned work in performing the track, a style that’s simple yet so rarely done nowadays in favour of ‘artistic expressionism’. It allows the band to inject plenty of feeling and emotion into the single, and hence immediately makes the track more memorable as a result. That’s not to say there isn’t much else going on, as the band are helped out by plenty of blocks of colour that are all the more vivid given the dark backdrop that envelops most of the video, whilst the occasional burst of scenery (often of roads, which adds to the ‘driving’ nature of the instrumentation) also adds a little diversity.

A surprisingly likeable video given how stripped back it is, and one that helps the audio out. Not available on iTunes UK yet, but if you’ve got access you can pick it up from iTunes US now.

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The Killers-Runaways

Much like Bloc Party, The Killers were a band I idolised in my slightly younger days, only to almost entirely distance myself from them after their most recent album was so terrible. Almost four years since their last album (another Bloc Party parallel), The Killers reunite for Battle Born, set for release on 17th September.

Hopes will be raised for the album based on this likeable single. The general style and structure of the track draws heavily from their great second album, Sam’s Town, with a hefty dose of Americana mixed in with a little dose of pop-rock for a feelgood anthem. Powerful, driving guitars, anthemic and uplifting vocal work and strong percussion combine well here, and it doesn’t feel like they’ve missed a beat as a band at all.

It’s one of those tracks that you’ll probably see loads of uplifting sports highlights set to, and you can almost hear the masses singing in unison already: it’s a track that should really impact mainstream radio, whilst keeping many of the older Killers fans happy.

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The Killers-Battle Born Trailer

After a four-year hiatus, The Killers return with their upcoming Battle Born album, set for release in Autumn/Fall of this year. Having been a huge fan of their first two albums, I have to admit I was hugely disappointed with their last album, Day & Age, and I really hope they turn it back around with this effort.

The trailer doesn’t give much away, though there’s plenty to be read if you look hard enough (isn’t there always?). The general dark palette of the video is suggestive of a departure from the squeaky clean retro sound of the last album, though the electronically-heavy background music and retro-style font (a bit of a stretch?) contrast with that notion a little and suggest the music might not be too far away from Day & Age. Nonetheless, let’s not jump to judgements before any music’s released, and I’m sure a single will be forthcoming soon. Watch this space.

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The Killers-Boots Video

We’re well underway with the Christmas singles now, as The Killers briefly reunite to drop theirs off in close proximity to the Coldplay release.

I much prefer this to the Coldplay single too, as both the audio and video are better. The song feels closer to The Killers earlier material than their newer stuff, which is undoubtedly a good thing, and is effectively combined with the usual ‘Christmas sounds’ of bells and such. The video has a funnier and more detailed approach than the fairly generic style of Coldplay’s effort, and makes for decent viewing. Certainly worth a watch.

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Brandon Flowers-Crossfire Radio-Rip

Finally, the first single from Brandon Flowers upcoming solo album Flamingo has hit the radiowaves for our enjoyment. The media was pretty hard to come by with copyrights being a pain in the butt, but you can check out the audio from a radio show in the US below. Keep posted for a higher quality download in the near future.

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Brandon Flowers Solo Album Details Released!

Thats right guys, as of today Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has released information pertaining to his upcoming debut solo album! Flamingo is penned in for release in Autumn as some point, and Flowers stated that the tracks Hard Enough, and Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas were set to feature on the album.

It is also hinted that a few of the tracks may include guest appearances from other artists, exciting eh?! One of the interesting details released is that of the producers of the album, the likes of which worked on albums by Bob Dylan, Madonna, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and U2, which hints at the potential ‘bracket’ in which the album is likely to operate. Unsurprising really, considering the calibre of Flowers as a songwriter.

For a sneak-peak at his site, accompanied with some interesting musical riffs most likely from the upcoming LP, click here.

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Some Alternative Tracks

A bit of variety in the 3 tracks below, from The Killers, Editors and Nickelback. The Killers and Editors tracks are from the New Moon soundtrack.

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