Blue Fiveone-Out the BLUE

We were treated to some enjoyable material from RDGLDGRN recently, and now it’s Blue’s turn to drop some good content in the wake of The Five One’s dissolution.

Sampling The Roots’ excellent A Piece of Light interlude from their How I Got Over album, Blue grabs hold of the soft, soulful production to let loose his first slice of solo material, and does a solid job throughout. A barrage of honest raps ensues, and whilst inevitably many will search for any shots or references to his former bandmates, credit should be given to some good introspection and insight, solid wordplay and a steady, consistent flow. The gentle production contrasts nicely with the raps, and the melodic vocals towards the end add a nice flash of diversity to the track, making this an easy listen that will slide onto many playlists.

Blue Fiveone-Out the BLUE

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Since our inception in 2009, it’s been no secret that OTU’s favourite band were DC quartet The Five One. An eclectic band of diverse influences, they were a great embodiment of the OTU mentality and it’s a real shame to announce they are a four-piece no longer.

However, from the ashes of bad news rises RDGLDGRN (Red, Gold & Green), intent on continuing the band’s style and success with the release of their wonderfully-titled single. The track kicks off with an instantly-memorable guitar riff, followed by crashing percussion and melodic work from Green with a singing/rapping hybrid, the overall result being a heavier punk influence than The Five One’s material, without sacrificing the hip-hop sensibility. Regardless of influence, the track boasts energy and enthusiasm, all grounded in bittersweet lyricism for a combination likely to win over those disappointed by the aforementioned breakup.

The video involves ladies having a little fun playing, singing and dancing along to the audio, interspersed with performance and personality shots of the band for a solid video. Much more to come soon, and let’s see how this new project develops. Grab the track for free here.

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The Five One-Monsters Mutants Vampires

Every time we’ve heard from The Five One in recent months, there’s the feeling that their sound is growing in stature, ability and refinement with each instance. This track really embodies that, fusing together the diverse sound and influences of the group, but held together with that hip-hop sensibility.

Wild, edgy guitar work gives this track a very sharp, attention-grabbing quality, with pounding percussion work supporting that very ably. The vocals and raps are absolutely on-point throughout, switching freely between harmonies and bars to enhance that wild, unfiltered vibe of the production. It’s a strange thing to say, but in adopting this almost free-spirited ‘structure’, they display a confidence in their music that adds the aforementioned maturity and refinement.

The video is enjoyable too, combining grainy close-ups of each member with a horror-style story taking place (with the victims being some pretty lovely ladies), each enhancing the relatively dark nature of the audio. A very strong all-round showing, and one that’s certainly worth checking out. Audio can be grabbed from here.

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The Five One-Happy Meals (Outdoor Improv)

In this video “The Five One” perform our song “Happy Meals” which we play live very often. We love to recreate our songs and playing this song acoustically feels so right.

A warming short from OTU’s favourite group, as they come through with a quick rendition of one of their original pieces. Definitely getting a positive vibe from this one, with a bright and uplifting quality that befits their (enviably) summery surroundings. Each member makes a telling contribution, and I’m looking forward to hearing the full, finished version.

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The Five One-Closing Time Video

When it comes to hip-hop (or hybrid, as these guys are) groups, there’s a tendency to overlook the individual gifts of the artists in favour of appreciating the collective art. This track is a textbook example of why that’s a dangerous mistake to make, displaying the specialist skills they each possess: Gold really holds things together with a rousing hook, Blue and Green come through with slickly delivered, intelligent verses, and Red provides some very smart guitar work. It makes for quite the listening experience, and really cements them as a group with enormous individual and collaborative talent.

The video is entertaining too, with Blue most certainly taking the plaudits for a very funny contribution. He’s up to various shenanigans throughout, and has a cartoon character quality that’s incredibly endearing and pretty hilarious. The other guys make good use of their own camera time too, and it’s good to see the video has some geographic diversity with a few shots in Paris. Quite possibly their best audio-visual package to date, The Five One seem to be stepping their game up at every opportunity.

Audio can be grabbed here. The debut album, Red Blue Green Gold, is coming soon!

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The Five One-Closing Time

“Originially we wanted to use this on our upcoming album “RED BLUE GREEN GOLD” , but due to legal complications we cant. So guess what its free for everyone ! “Closing Time” is a song originally written by a the band Semisonic. In the song there was a memorable line repeated throughout the songs stanzas, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” which made us think about the process of making music and relationships in general. So we jammed around figured out the chords, made 2 rap verses, and decided to make the back bone of this remake a Break Beat to represent two of our favorite things about the 90s. Alternative Rock such as Semisonic and Hip Hop ala Souls of Mischief and A Tribe Called Quest. Respect.”

Shame this won’t make the album as it’s a very strong track, one that will be in my playlist for weeks to come, as it should be yours too. The Five One have a very unique essence, not just in their music, but everything about them. Click below if that’s your thing (it’s what this site is all about, so it should be!).

The Five One – Closing Time

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The Five One-Never Been Video

The Five One comes through with visuals for their ultra-smooth cover of Wiz Khalifa’s Never Been, hot on the heels of liberating the audio.

The video is works more as a behind-the-scenes look at their process, offering a little look at their process, as well as giving them some valuable camera time. The personal feel of the video certainly helps to add character and integrity to the track itself, and makes for an easy watch to accompany a light, relaxing song.

Audio can be fished out of here.

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The Five One Remix Wiz Khalifa's Never Been

In preparation for their upcoming debut album, The Five One let loose a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Never Been, one of the more popular tracks from Kush and Orange Juice. As innovative as ever, this a remix which adopts an almost reversed style in its execution, borrowing Wiz’s lyrics from the boastful track and laying them ‘over a mellow Bossa Nova melody‘, as opposed to simply adding verses to an existing beat.

The laidback, unobtrusive nature of the remake removes the in-your-face vibe the original emitted, and replaces it with a depth and warmth that makes this incredibly easy listening. To quote The Five One, ‘the song is nothing less than ear candy’, and it’s most definitely worth a look for almost anyone in truth, such is the diversity of the track’s appeal. RED BLUE GREEN GOLD album coming soon.

The Five One-Never Been

After hearing Wiz Khalifa’s “Never Been” the band knew what needed to be done……a remix like only The Five One could deliver. With Wiz Khalifa’s Hip-Hip lyrics being recited by the band’s very own GREEN and GOLD over a mellow Bossa Nova melody, the song is nothing less than ear candy. Unwrap and enjoy. Video coming soon.

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The Five One-Pasa De Kaka Video

“RED BLUE GREEN GOLD make a song called ‘Pasa De Kaka’. GREEN takes a trip to Africa. GREEN gets footage of himself in Africa with his iPhone. GREEN posts a video for all to see”.

It’s as simple as that. An easygoing, mellow video for the chilled Five One track, which is not set to be on their debut album. The music certainly makes this video feel like more than just ‘holiday clips’, and combines well to deliver a relaxed offering.

Personally, I’m a big fan having been to South Africa in the summer: it’s pretty cool to see one or two bits I recognised!

Audio can be vacuumed out of here.

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The Five One-Pasa de Kaka

New material from OTU’s favourite foursome to coincide with their recent debut on MTV. Pasa de Kaka is an enjoyable slice of mellowed out music, with strong latin and acoustic elements driving this song. The vocals add that classic Five One diversity, with Green’s first verse being packed full of nice wordplay and thoughtful lyricism. Gold’s follow-up verse is well delivered, with some nice vocals feeding off the playful production nicely to create a positive edge to the track.

I’d hope by now everyone is a fan. Both The Five One and I would hugely appreciate if you could spare approx. 12 seconds to help increase their popularity over at MTV. It quite literally takes three clicks: first, click here. Then, look to the right of your screen and select The Five One. Finally, click ‘submit your vote’. Rinse and repeat, if you have time. Thanks!

The Five One-Pasa de Kaka

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The Five One-Mandatory [Remix]

A dope remix of a dope song of a very dope band. If you’ve been following OTU for the past, well – since our beginning, you’ll certainly know how great The Five One are! Download this remix below, but click here to check out the video + audio for the original if you missed it first time round.

The Five One – Mandatory (remix)

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The Five One-Mandatory Video

The Five One’s first official single gets the video treatment, and builds upon the memorable foundations laid by the audio.

The key to knowing if a video fits the audio is when the descriptions for both are eerily similar: the video is nothing short of genuine, with no unnecessary effects or storylines, and instead gives you a personal and captivating look at the band in their element.

The relaxed, easygoing nature of the video makes it very easy to rewatch too, much like the audio. Overall, a strong video for a strong track that will hopefully elevate The Five One to new heights.

Audio is here.

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The Five One-Mandatory

Almost 5 months to the day that the stream for this amazing track was released, we finally get the mastered, final version to share with you. To those of you unfamiliar with OTU’s favourite 4-piece, get your life in order and get familiar right now. There are very few songs that make me buzz whilst I’m waiting for them to download, but this was one of them. My previous review of the track stands, but as the track is upscaled and improved, it’s only right I do the same to the review:

The wispy, smoothed-out yet dynamic production will captivate you immediately, setting a compelling groundwork for the rest of the track. The vocals are delivered with lots of variety throughout, and aren’t short on real feeling: there’s nothing hollow about this, and it has a very personal, emotional feel. All this, and it manages to retain a perky, summery edge that gives this the uncategorisable eclectic touch The Five One are uniquely gifted at delivering.

This genuinely feels like one of the most complete and polished songs I’ve heard in a very long time and if, like me, you call yourself a music fan and not a fan of a specific genre, you’ll find that the diversity, depth and delivery of this track will more than satisfy your broad horizons.
The Five One-Mandatory

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The Five One-Mandatory

Been a while eh? OTU’s favourite band finally drop their new single. Not a remix, this is an entirely original piece and is possibly my favourite song of 2010 so far. I can’t get enough of this track, and it may well be their best material to date.

Right from the off, you’re hooked into the deliciously airy, relaxed production which sets a nice tone for the rest of the track. The vocals are brilliantly delivered throughout with a real dose of emotion and belief, yet the track remains so easy on the ear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this track, and it’s a perfectly rounded song which fits nicely with the sunnier times we’re seeing these days!

No matter what music you enjoy, no matter who your favourite artist is, I dare you to listen to this example of brilliant eclecticism and not enjoy it. For now it’s only a stream, and I absolutely cannot wait for this to be released on April 1st.

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The Five One and Röyksopp-Remind Me Remix

As promised, here’s another slice of Five One goodness. Those of you who’ve checked out the below video will be frothing at the mouth to get your hands on this track, as it’s the one played near the start of the video.

The track continues in that great vein, and it’s a fantastic spin on the already-great Röyksopp track. Some really nice lines in this, and as I said the track was already cracking so the beat and hook are great. Definitely one of the strongest tracks they’ve made thus far, and a contender for my favourite remix of theirs. Nice artwork too!

The Five One-Remind Me ft. Röyksopp

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The Five One-DeuceDayWorld Episode 3

Kicking the day/night off with another captivating, funny and interesting look at these guys. Some of the music they’re making sounds superb, and I can’t wait for it to be released-the track at the end has some great potential.

Gold getting some YouTube laughs in resonates brilliantly with me (and a few others!) who pretty much spend our evenings finding stupid sh*t on YouTube!

Listen closely to the track playing at the start of the video too. Sounds good eh? I’ll be dropping that off later for y’all.

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The Five One-DeuceDayWorld Webisode 2

Much like last week’s episode, this contains laughs, music, interview and more. Check it out, another entertaining watch.

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The Five One-DeuceDayWorld Webisode 1

Look who’s back! The Five One kick off a new weekly series of webisodes, with a video that really gives you the chance to know them as a band and as people a lot better.

It’s interesting to hear their influences, opinions and thoughts, and very entertaining watching them clowning around haha! Definitely worth a watch for fans of the group (which by now, should be all of you).

They’re also looking to complete the series of remixes that they put on hiatus last year, as well as releasing a couple of new tracks very soon. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all of that, as well as the next episode of this mini-series.

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Notorious Indi’s Best of ‘09

2009 was one hell of an interesting year. We saw the comeback of Eminem, albums by the 2 other big names of hip-hop in Jay-Z and 50 Cent, and once again we waited all year for Dr. Dre’s Detox which never came. It’s fair to say that despite this the year hasn’t been dominated by the big boys and we’ve seen a gradual change in hip hop – the gangsta rap of previous years has steadily evolved into what can be described as ‘Hip Hop Hipsters’. Kanye led the way back in 2004 and by 2009 the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Wale and Asher Roth have emerged.

Click on to find out what I considered the best and the worst to come out this year. → Continue Reading

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Ajay-182's Best of '09

In what can best be described as a fitting coincidence given the retrospective nature of this particular post, 2009 was very much a year of hindsight. I rediscovered artists I’d neglected, I discovered artists who I’d simply ignored, but most importantly I began to see the fundamental flaw in my appreciation of music (especially hip-hop) and how I probably got it wrong.

Don’t make the same mistakes. Click on to grab some unmissable tracks, and of course my discoveries from the year gone by. I’ve thrown in a couple of lists too, as I know some of you can’t deal with excess reading.

→ Continue Reading

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The Five One-Pretty Girls

First off, I’m gonna let the guys themselves describe the track. Then, you’re going to click the red line below, read my review, and download the track. You got that? Good.

“This is an Acoustic-driven cover song of Wale’s Pretty Girls. As we gear up to release our first songs off our EP/Album “Deuce Day World”, we wanted to put out a DC song that we could create a Five One sound for. We use a lot of the same lyrics as the original song to actually cover the song, but we threw in a few one-liners to give it our own style just as a painter would rework a Picasso cubist painting to show homage.

I literally could not have written a better build-up then that. Wise up and hit the click.

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October Summary

Better late than never eh?

October definitely renewed my faith in music, after a September which was heavily reliant on 3 major album releases. Click below for my musings on the month, and as per last month, my favourite albums/songs from the last 31 days.

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Brand New Music From The Five One

This comes as relief to me. Yesterday was packed with mainstream, chart-aimed tracks from various acts. Today, we get something brand new from The Five One, and hence something a little more real, and extremely good.

You know where to click.

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Get Some Colour In You!


UPDATE: Buy one. Now. If you don’t, you lose at life.

Like those T-Shirts? Yeah you do.

The Five One have teamed up with designers One vs. Many to produce a range of T-shirts, which are set to be released tomorrow. ‘The Color Pillar’ shirt comes in the same colours that The Five One do; Red, Green, Blue and Gold (and Black). Hit the click below for some more info on the collaboration.

To celebrate this release, The Five One will be bringing you a brand new track tomorrow too!

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Missing The Five One?

Notice that we haven’t had any new material from The Five One recently?

Don’t panic. They’ve decided to drop the remix project they were doing in favour of working on brand new, original material. They have an EP coming soon, which we will keep you informed about.

In the meantime, click the below link to download any/all of the 29 remixes they did make. Seeing as Overrating The Underrated has only been around for 12 weeks, there’s a lot of remixes that you all missed out on, so click the link below to grab anything else that interests you.

5109: The Remix Album

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This Week, The Five One Brings Us…

A Zero 7 remix. Most of you will know Zero 7 for this track, but The Five One have used one of their lesser-known gems for this week’s track.

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The Five One Bringing You New Music

It’s that time of week. Brand new music from The Five One below, and another unmissable track!
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Another Track From The Five One…And A New Artist.

New track after the click from The Five One. This is definitely one of my favourites from these guys, so I’d highly recommend you hit the click. There’s also a mixtape from newcomer Phil Ade, with whom The Five One worked with on this track. Hopefully by now, you are no longer scared of good music…
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More Videos

Click below for a diverse duo of videos. Headlining them is a live performance of LA Girl from The Five One. I’ve never seen a video of them playing live, and this definitely doesn’t disappoint. We’ve also got a hilarious video poking fun at Drake and others.
→ Continue Reading

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