Chuck Inglish-Swervin' ft. Sir Michael Rocks

Can you believe The Cool Kids haven’t worked together since 2011? Hard to believe that one of hip-hop’s most promising duos went their seperate ways so early on, but they reunite here for a single from Chuck’s upcoming Convertibles album. Whilst that LP is slated to feature names such as Big Boi, Mac Miller and Ab-Soul, it’s this feature that will probably command most attention.

Rightly so too, as it’s a speaker-rattler of a track that’s entirely addictive. There’s no heavy overproducing or ‘two tracks condensed into one’ business going on here; it’s a bassy, percussion-heavy production that cuts back on layers to create an intimidating wall of sound out of what is fundamentally very little. Chuck and Mikey’s laidback raps are a great fit for the production too, as neither attempts to match the beat’s intensity and rather both opt to smoothly ride along with comparatively easygoing flows, with their unique cadences making for enough distinction between the two. No complications or complexities, this is a head-nodding hip-hop jam that’s going to sound rather special on a good set of car speakers.

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Rapsody-The Idea of Beautiful (Album)

I don’t know a great deal about Rapsody, but the album’s warming title and artwork coupled with a phenomenal lineup of features makes this one that I’m very eager to check out sooner rather than later.

Assists on this one come from Childish Gambino, Rocki Evans, Mac Miller, The Cool Kids, Ab-Soul, Raheem DeVaughn and more. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s as close to grabbing a complete who’s who of upcoming rappers as anyone’s come in recent months, and not only does that add star power, but it gives Rapsody plenty to compete with and live up to. With such weighty cosigns I’m sure he’ll have some quality to deliver, and you can stream or download the album over at DJBooth below.

Rapsody-The Idea of Beautiful

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The Madden Brothers-Before (Volume One)

Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte fame appear to be branching out and have enlisted the services of many upcoming and established hip-hop acts for a mixtape that could end up being a half-decent listen, assuming the Maddens don’t start rapping.

It’s difficult for anyone to claim to be a true Good Charlotte fan with a straight face, but they’ve occassionally shown flashes of quality, with The River in particular being an excellent song. It is on the quality of that track I hold hope that the project might be decent, and features from the likes of The Cool Kids, Wiz Khalifa, Kreayshawn, Casey Veggies and many more are also encouraging signs that this could be worth a listen. The 12-track tape is available to both stream and download for free below.

The Madden Brothers-Before (Volume One)

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The Cool Kids-Big Talk

The amount of bass in this track is ridiculous!

If you’re a fan of these guys, you’ll know they’ve always had a minimalist style and they stick true to that with little more than a simple percussion and heavy bass making up the production. Relaxed raps as always from Mikey and Chuck, with their effortless flow always being a treat on the ears. Play this one in your car at your own peril, this will probably make your tyres fall off.

The Cool Kids-Big Talk

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Lupe Fiasco-I'm Beamin' Remix with Asher Roth, Diggy, B.o.B and More

Ever since the All City Chess Club was announced, there’s been a lot of hype as to what their first project/track would be. Many expected it to be the official I’m Beamin’ remix, and they would be right as Lupe gets some of the today’s better rappers together to improve an already superb track.

There is just too much to go through here, but from a quick listen I enjoyed Asher and Blu’s verses a lot. That’ll inevitably change with more listens, but you can’t go wrong with this collection of rappers.

Lupe Fiasco-I’m Beamin Remix ft. All City Chess Club (Asher Roth, B.o.B, Blu, Charles Hamilton, Diggy Simmons, Dosage, The Cool Kids)

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Travis Barker and The Cool Kids-Jump Down Video

A decent summertime video for Travis’ debut solo single. Nothing too extravagant, and has a really likeable old-school flavour to it that adds a new element to the audio.

Audio can be grabbed here.

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Travis Barker-Jump Down ft. The Cool Kids

Taken from Travis Barker’s upcoming album, this is a track that has that unique Cool Kids sound supplemented by Travis’ immeasurable drum skills.

Travis Barker – Jump Down ft. The Cool Kids

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The Catch-Up: Nas, Game, Jay Electronica and More

I don’t like doing these as it doesn’t leave room for reviews, but time’s been a rare commodity this weekend and it’s not right to hold this material from you. Some big name material below, although keep in mind the star-studded Game track is an unfinished version and hence it’s not yet getting the headline feature you’d expect it to.

Cam’ron-Yo Momma On Ya ft. Snoop Dogg and Jim Jones

Nas-Power, Paper & P****

The Cool Kids-Clicking

Game-Higher ft. Jay Electronica and Swizz Beatz

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The Cool Kids Interview

The Cool Kids (Mikey Rocks & Chuck Inglish) chop it up with Gowhere Hip Hop’s GY312 for an in-depth conversation about their first live show with live instrumentation at Reggie’s Rock Club, maintaining and progressing in their own lane, instant gratification and the WWE-esque aspects of the rap game, influencing others, and “flodging”.

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The Cool Kids-Tacklebox Mixtape

As promised, here goes the newest mixtape from The Cool Kids duo. If you missed the leaks from this, click here to check them out. Enjoy!

The Cool Kids-Tacklebox

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The Cool Kids-Neat

One more from the upcoming mixtape, which is probably going to drop any minute but I’ll have fallen asleep by the time it does (I’m writing this about 8 hours before you’ll read it!). Hence, I’m dropping off one more leak to tie you over until one of us posts the tape at some point today.

The Cool Kids-Neat ft. Tennille

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Two Leaks From The Cool Kids’ Tacklebox

This came out of nowhere. Within minutes of these two leaks reaching me, it was announced that the entire Tacklebox mixtape would be dropping later today. Works for me, as the inimitable Cool Kids style always makes for interesting listening. Head below to warm up with the first two leaks, and I’ll be sure to give you the entire mixtape later tonight.

The Cool Kids-Freak City

The Cool Kids-Fishing Lessons

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Don Cannon and The Cool Kids

Next up is a 4-track effort from The Cool Kids and DJ Don Cannon. The Cool Kids’ style is one which is (somewhat unfortunately) being pretty jacked in hip-hop right now, with their blend of old-school vibes and electronic elements becoming present in the music of many other acts.

You can preview the tracks below, and if you like it grab it for free from the same link.

Don Cannon and The Cool Kids-Merry Christmas

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Quick Blast: The Cool Kids

I do really like The Cool Kids. No-one else in hip-hop has their sound: they’ve got creativity and originality whilst keeping it old-school.

Click below for a new track that features them. It’s actually a song by The Bloody Beetroots (?!) who I don’t know anything about, but assume they are electro producers as the beat is that way inclined, and The Cool Kids do all the vocals. Hit the click for a slice of electro hip-hop.
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