Mike Posner-We Own It (Remix) ft. Sammy Adams, T. Mills and Niykee Heaton (Video)

An enjoyable collaboration between several young talents here, as Mike Posner assembles a small squad to tackle the 2 Chainz single.

For those who haven’t come across her before, Niykee Heaton is a rather talented act who rose to prominence after a series of (ongoing) YouTube videos covering several popular tracks, most notably reworking hip-hop tracks that you’d struggle to imagine working in an acoustic environment. Here, she combines with Posner to reinvent the 2 Chainz’s original’s hook, turning it into a more pop-oriented effort that should certainly open the track up to a much younger audience. It retains the motivational qualities of the original too, which works well to give the track a strong sense of direction, and though I’m not hugely keen on the rapped verses from Mills and Adams, they’re necessary breaks between the addictive vocal work from Posner and Heaton.

The in-studio video certainly enhances the audio, purely down to the fact it adds an organic, live vibe that’s difficult to portray with audio alone. A fun remix, and should you enjoy it, you can download the audio for free.

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Mike Posner-Started From The Bottom Remix ft. T Mills, Chuck Inglish, Asher Roth and King Chip

Interesting take on the recent Drake single, as Mike Posner takes this in a more pop direction, and grabs some hip-hop heads to help out.

The opening’s about as far removed from the original as can be, with Posner’s gentle vocals giving the song a personal, more intimate feel, whilst the use of a lonesome piano for the backdrop supplements that vibe. When the MC’s get involved things are allowed to expand more, with the inclusion of sharp live percussion and a couple of ska-esque guitar plucks, with T Mills opening in average fashion before Asher, Chuck and Chip have a great exchange between the three of them, with their verses having brief periods of crossover that add a nice uniqueness to the ‘posse cut’ style.

The video’s filmed entirely in-studio, and whilst that may sound unexciting, it massively boosts the audio. That’s mostly down to the track seemingly being performed live, together and in the same place-a relative rarity for tracks with several guest spots, and a sign of confidence from all involved. Worth a watch for sure, and a fresh spin on the original.

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