Klaxons-Echoes (Steve Aoki Remix)

Undoubtedly the best track on their lacklustre sophomore album, Echoes undergoes the electro treatment thanks to the esteemed Steve Aoki. He does a great job with the production too, keeping things extremely diverse and interesting as he switches things up at numerous points in the track: The track opens with frenetic synths that are soon joined by thumping bass pounds and light percussion work, and switches to a more vocal focused effort toward the middle, before switching back to the synth focus.

All electro tracks have that lengthy production ‘build’ to a drop, and I’m quite pleased he’s avoided that for the most part and instead created a build that utilises the vocals and results in the actual hook of the original track. Very much worth a listen, and certainly one of the easier electro tracks to digest in recent memory with the detail put into the production really showing through.

Klaxons-Echoes (Steve Aoki Remix)

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Steve Aoki and Armand Van Helden-BRRRAT! Video

Very bizarre video. It’s my role here to analyse though, so here’s what I get from this: it’s an anti-war message, with ‘faceless puppets’ brandishing weapons they don’t seem to want to use, but are forced to by a man who’s own fate hangs in the balance. All this for someone else’s amusement or fancies, as they look on at the carnage. And the way to avoid and escape it all? Dance like there’s no tomorrow. How’s that?

The audio is pretty good too, which you’d probably expect from two of the world’s most respected dance DJs. Has some similarities in its edgy, almost-alternative style to Crystal Castles’ recent material, and will definitely go down superbly with the real dance heads.

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Pursuit of Happiness Remixed By Steve Aoki

I could not have crammed in any more genres in the last 24 hours!

Probably the best remix I’ve heard of this song to date. It stays very true to the awesome original and doesn’t speed it up obscenely, like most dance remixes tend to. The additions that are made are worthwhile, and definitely make this track ready for a club playlist. One to check out for sure.

Kid Cudi-Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) ft. MGMT and Ratatat

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Who Is Zuper Blahq? Er, It's will.i.am.

I’ve got time for this. It’s a side project of will.i.am’s, but with a spin: he’s constantly denying it’s him. It is him of course, just with a mask and stuff on: a very Daft Punk-esque move and further enhances my belief that anonymity creates buzz. To some this info isn’t new, but to me it is so deal with it.

Anywho, onto the music. It’s pretty much house/dance music, and it’s quite good as it doesn’t sound as overly-complex/sh*t as a majority of the current stuff. Two tracks below: the first is a feature, but ‘Zuper’ does all the work on it. Pretty good too, got some real potential to be an absolute club banger. The second is pretty bad quality (sorry), but is a good track. It’s very throwback, and has a very retro-style dance beat that I really like. Check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for a better version soon.

Shouts to Sash for this nice find. I’d link you to some form of social networking site for him, but he’s backwards like that.

Steve Aoki-I’m In The House ft. Zuper Blahq

Zuper Blahq-Here We Go

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