Snowgoons-The Legacy ft. Esoteric, Ill Bill, Reks, Reef The Lost Cauze & more

Another drop from the Snowgoons’ Dynasty album, and although it’s not a proper video, it does contain the audio and that’s the main thing!

Expect classic ‘Goons’ production here with a huge and impressive group of features. Continuing in the same vein as the previous leaks, The Legacy showcases the long list of contacts that Snowgoons can call on upon for a favour, and it results in another hard-hitting track that has me looking forward to their most ambitious effort yet.

Featuring: Esoteric, Ill Bill, Godilla, Fredro Starr (of Onyx), Sicknature, Punchline,
Reks, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Planetary (of Outerspace), Virtuoso, Maylay Sparks, Swann, Sav Killz, M-Dot & Reef The Lost Cauze

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Snowgoons-The Cypher (Video) ft. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest, Aspects, & Swisha T

Again, I’m a little late with this, but this can’t be over-looked.

Snowgoons have been dropping a number of projects with different MC’s over the past year or so, but the upcoming album Dynasty will be the first offering in the traditional Snowggons-format since 2010′s Kraftwerk.

I have to say, I’ve been looking forward to this album, and the first single pretty much shows exactly why. As one of the most consistent production teams in underground hip-hop, they have worked with a lot of my favourite MC’s, so it’s great to see them continue on the same path while also mixing it up and adding some more well-known names to the mix.

I don’t really know too much about Aspects but his verse sets the bar for the track, and he manages to hold his own alongside two veterans, as does Swisha T. The real treat for me is hearing MC’s of Ghostface and Killah Priest’s talent over a ‘Goon’s beat. Ghost delivers a solid verse, but I just feel Killah Priest’s style is suited so perfectly to the Snowgoon’s style, and his verse is the highlight for me.

Overall it’s a great track, with solid production and interesting verses, keeping Snowgoons firmly on the right track with their career.

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Reef The Lost Cauze and Snowgoons-Black Opz Video

As most of our beloved following will know by now, the OTU Live team has been working endlessly behind the scenes to bring the UK the scintillating lineup of Reef The Lost Cauze, Slaine and Snowgoons’ DJ Illegal. Now it’s my turn to step up to the plate and drop some knowledge in support of OTU’s monumental movements. Escucha y aprende.

Starting this off, here’s visuals from Reef and Snowgoons’ recent LP collaboration Your Favorite MC (iTunes). On the audio side of things, the German production powerhouse bring super-charged violin chords to create that dramatic sense of purpose whilst Reef pumps us with the cold similarities between the streets and the various war’s the world finds itself embroiled in. Like this? You’ll love the album.

Reef The Lost Cauze and Snowgoons-Black Opz

Reef The Lost Cauze, Slaine & DJ Illegal at the Vibe Bar London, Thursday 8th December

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OTU Live Presents: Slaine, Reef The Lost Cauze & DJ Illegal (With Support From Stig Of The Dump, DJ Snuff & Caxton Press) @ Vibe Bar-Thursday 8th December

Slaine Flyer
Some exciting news for you all: Boston native Slaine headlines this OTU Live show with his début solo performance in the UK. Slaine became internationally acclaimed for his work as a member of the La Coka Nostra collection, and having managed to hold his own alongside veterans Everlast and ILL Bill, Slaine earned himself a solid fan base and his talent grew exponentially under the limelight. After taking timeout to secure his position as the premier ‘Boston tough guy’ in movies, starring in Gone Baby Gone and The Town, Slaine returned to music in 2011 by releasing the long-awaited A World With No Skies 2.0, and more recently the universally-praised State Of Grace mixtape with Statik Selektah.

Representing Philadelphia supergroup Army of the Pharaohs is Reef the Lost Cauze, who like Slaine will be joined live onstage by DJ Illegal- one half of Europe’s most talented production team, Snowgoons. With Reef and Snowgoons having recently teamed up to produce one of the 2011’s most anticipated albums in Your Favourite MC, this event will give UK fans the chance to see the masterpiece performed live, alongside the biggest tracks from Reef, Army Of The Pharaohs, and the Snowgoons’ considerable and critically-adored back catalogues.

In a night of diverse collaborations, the support acts will be representative of London’s own musical diversity. Multi-talented and viewed as one of London’s best event hosts, Stig of the Dump will be gracing the stage with his trademark brand of humour, and a selection of his most exciting songs. In charge of the records for the night is DJ Snuff, a veteran of the hip-hop scene, who will also be unveiling his new collective: Caxton Press.

Tickets are available RIGHT NOW. The whole OTU team will be there, don’t miss your chance to be too and purchase your tickets by clicking here.

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Shout out to Chris‘ Facebook for this one. German production-powerhouse, Snowgoons, hit us with their latest compilation of head-bangers for underground heads to enjoy. Kraftwerk boasts features including Ill Bill, Crooked I, Torae, Skyzoo, Reef The Lost Cauze, Esoteric and many more household names which find themselves over the crisp, efficient production that only Germans could produce (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). I’ve selected the intro joint for your to sink your teeth into as it eerily sets up the rest of the album. Slowly building with soft yet dramatic, almost cinematic, momentum (brilliantly illustrated by the Soundcloud frequency below) before Freestyle from the Arsonists drops a few bars to put us on our way.

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Murray’s Best of ’09

So I think we are all in agreement: 2009 has been quite a year for hip-hop. It has seen the return of Em, Jay has completed his Blueprint trilogy and 50 has had so much beef you would think he will be full up for Xmas (*cringes*. Yeah that was bad).

Aside from the big names dropping their albums, we have also seen some highly anticipated underground acts dropping LP’s too. This is my Best Of ’09 list and contains some real gems so don’t let the year go past before getting your hands on these.


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Underground Hip-Hop Part 7

A clearout of the inbox and BOOM: It throws up another UGHH for the hip-hop heads to enjoy.

This one is (mostly) full of artists who haven’t been featured on the site before, so amidst all the mainstream music that’s been up recently, we’ve gone so underground that you’re gonna need some sort of torch.

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