Eddie Murphy-Red Light ft. Snoop Lion (Video)

I can honestly say that since this track’s release last week, it hasn’t left my rotation. Put aside any hesitance you might have when you see Eddie and Snoop Lion/Dogg listed together on a track, and you’ll probably find yourself having a little nod-along to it too.

The video doesn’t really do anything major in terms of enhancing the audio, though it does show Eddie’s taking this music thing pretty seriously- aside from his du-rag, there’s no comedy shenanigans or playing around. Instead, it’s a pretty standard music video from start to end, interweaving performances from Eddie, Snoop and their band with a light story of a young girl witnessing all sorts of negativity (arguments, random assault, arrests and such), with the latter working well enough with Eddie’s conscientious lyricism. There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before, but it’s a good fit for the vibe of the track, blending real issues with a touch of corny positivity for a family-friendly listen, and one that will hang around my playlist for a little while longer yet. It’s a shame this didn’t land earlier this summer as it would have been a great fit on those sunny day playlists, but nonetheless it’s here now and it’s enjoyable. Available on iTunes now.

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