Snoop Dogg-That's My Work 2 (Mixtape)

A (presumably) unintentional consequence of Snoop changing personas more than he changes underwear (we’re at Snoopzilla now, after Snoop Lion) is that when he reverts back to hip-hop under the regular Dogg guise, it’s almost a relief and has much more of an appeal than it did before the name-switching.

This project is seemingly a bit of a pit stop before he launches into the Snoopzilla project, as Snoop and DJ Drama come together for an unexpected burst of 19 tracks, packing in features from Method Man, Erick Sermon and Suga Free. The list of features certainly hints at a more old school direction, and fingers crossed Snoop has got all the genre-blending out of his system with his alter egos, and this project packs in some good old fashioned rap work. Either way, 19 free Snoop Doggy Dogg tracks aren’t usually something you’re going to pass up, so head below for the stream/download.

Snoop Dogg-That’s My Work 2

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Eddie Murphy-Red Light ft. Snoop Lion

There’s a significant portion of our readership that a) doesn’t know Eddie Murphy ever actually released music, and b) weren’t alive when he was Hollywood’s premiere comedy actor. Creepy.

Most outlets have shunned this as something to be laughed at or just plain odd, but I’m quite opposed to that- this is actually a pretty smooth reggae jam. It’s lighthearted and fun in places, conscientous in others, and generally just packed with solid melodies and an easygoing vibe that makes it irrelevant who the named artist is on the artwork. Eddie delivers a surprisingly good performance in the reggae mould, adding a new string to his bow with a convincingly-authentic performance that you’d easily believe was from an actual Carribean-dwelling act. That applies to both the vocals and lyrics, with the latter throwing forth a little social commentary that shows off Eddie’s more reflective side, though that ‘seriousness’ is balanced with the mellow delivery and the tropical vibes of the production. The beat is a very enjoyable backdrop too, combining gentle percussion with heavy doses of guitars, both acoustic and funk-driven, and brings a great deal of positivity and feelgood quality to proceedings, also ensuring Eddie’s lyricism doesn’t come across as too preachy. Snoop reassumes his Lion persona here, delivering a few short bursts through the final third of the track to add a little tonal diversity, and finishes off what is in truth a pretty likeable track. Many won’t go for it, but it’ll find a home in my iTunes on its release.

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Snoop Lion-Lighters Up ft. Mavado and Popcaan

For the most part, I’ve avoided the releases from this project as it’s hard to take it seriously. However, with the features and the Major Lazer production credit, this one has a little too many likeable factors to ignore.

The right decision is made in terms of Snoop’s exposure here-it’s minimal, and Mavado and Major Lazer seem to really dominate this one. The ML production is excellent, combining classic reggae elements such as the slow, rolling percussion and mellow yet chunky guitar work with horns and a livelier percussion in the hook, giving the beat a vintage feel in the verses and a modern-day quality for the hook. Snoop’s verse is backed by Mavado’s own vocals, whilst the latter also grabs a verse and does most of the work for the hook, with Popcaan’s low tones closing the verses off. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable jam that’s probably released at the wrong time of year (this would be an excellent summer track), but credit to Snoop for knowing when to sit back and let the others take the lead.

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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2012: The Cyphers

As per every year, the only thing we check the BET Awards for is these excellent ciphers, and this year is no different.

The 2012 edition brings you some utterly superb lineups, with the clip up here being a personal highlight as it features several of my favourite upcomers-A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Childish Gambino and Angel Haze, alongside newcomer Driicky Graham. The rest of the ciphers feature the likes of T.I., B.o.B., Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, DMX, Eve, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, DJ Quik, Xzibit, Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Hopsin and more.

Plenty of promise, click on below to check out all of the ciphers. Who do you reckon had the standout performance? Big fan of Joey Bada$$ with the cipher up here, and my winners for the rest are below.

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Fifa 13 Advert, Starring A$AP Rocky and Snoop Dogg

Just a quick blast for you on this one, as the latest ad spot for Fifa 13 features two hip-hop luminaries in the veteran Snoop Dogg/Lion, and the man-of-the-moment A$AP Rocky.

It’s probably just US-only (let me know if you see this one out here!), but is a big statement of how far along the appeal of the game has come in the US, meaning both Fifa and football as a whole. The clip actually showcases Fifa’s Xbox Kinect compatability quite well, and I recall reading a while back that the system also takes note of the player using bad language, with repeated use apparently affecting the referee’s harshness towards your team. A nice touch, but I’m more interested in how the proper game plays-if you haven’t already, grab that demo from the PlayStation Store or Xbox equivalent now.

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Snoop Lion (Dogg)-La La La

This guy will try anything. He’s now changed his name to Snoop Lion (temporarily at least) as part of a reggae side project he plans to drop off at some point this year.

He’s recruited the ubiquitous Diplo (under the Major Lazer guise) for the production, a pretty textbook old school reggae affair with plenty of cool and a relaxing quality which is difficult to dislike. With that said, Snoop’s West Indian accent is a pretty strange listen and its almost difficult to take it seriously at times, although at others it does seem to work well enough, in particular the duet vocals on the hook are listenable enough. Let’s see what else comes of this, and who knows-maybe hearing more will make it a little more believable as music.

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Chris Brown-Oh Yeah ft. 2 Chainz and Snoop Dogg

When he’s not getting into fights with Drake and/or Meek Mill (my views on that here), Chris Brown is releasing music that may well find a home on his upcoming Fortune album. I’ve not checked out too many of the releases from this project, but gave this one a go and its a solid pop/R&B jam that’s worth a listen.

Breezy drops off a very catchy hook on this one and refrains from making it too light or poppy, instead sticking with a strong harmony and keeping it smooth to bring some R&B style back into his craft, whilst the production is a slow, bassy affair that will get some heads nodding. A little disappointed that he overloaded on the Autotune for his verse but his delivery is solid and each of the guests bring strong contributions, with man-of-the-moment 2 Chainz dropping off a short verse halfway before Snoop brings a fun verse that bleeds his unmistakeable adlibs into the final hook for a nice closer. Good all-rounder that raises expectations for the upcoming album.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 137

A few more tracks than usual this week, and from an enjoyably-eclectic range of acts, including Raheem DeVaughn, Lloyd, and many more.

Just the two noteworthy posts to recap on, with a free 4-track EP from The Internet, who solidified their place as one of my current favourites in the wider R&B scene (given that R&B doesn’t categorise their music with any great accuracy), and of course the second instalment of our popular 5-track Winter EP.

Click below for another 5 tracks to add to this week’s plentiful bounty.
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YG, Nipsey Hu$$le and Snoop Dogg-The Motto Remix

A contender for my favourite track on Take Care, The Motto’s got a hypnotising production that’s difficult to resist, and it has to be said that I’m thankful to finally have someone else to hear on the production.

Three of LA’s prominent MC’s come through here, and each takes to the bassy beat with relative ease. YG opens with a laidback yet bouncy flow that uses the natural rises of the productions well, whilst Nipsey follows with a sharper, slightly more aggressive style in a similar flow to YG’s. Snoop closes the game out with a pause-filled performance that ensures his verse remains a little unique, and whilst it’s certainly not the best verse on the track, credit is due for changing it up from the previous two verses. Good remix, definitely worth a grab if you liked the original.

YG, Nipsey Hu$$le and Snoop Dogg-The Motto Remix

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CYOA! Presents Tha Dogghouse at The Hideaway Bar, Saturday 22nd October

Inspired by Nick Hook’s (Cubic Zirconia) annual “Dre Day” in NYC, CYOA! are throwing a special intimate birthday bash for Big Snoop Dogg’s 40th!

On Saturday 22nd October we shall descend to the basement of the Hideaway in Archway for a night of Snoop music, videos and other paraphernalia! Feel free to dress accordingly (maybe in one of Snoop’s many failed fashion lines) and there will even be a free cup of Gin & Juice for everyone upon arrival at Tha Dogghouse!


A must for any Snoop Dogg fan, be sure to stop by CYOA!’s celebration of Snoop’s 40th. Need motivation? Check out our recent Unnecessary Throwback for a reminder of the entertainment Snoop brings!

Check out the Facebook page for more info:

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Unnecessary Throwback: Snoop Dogg-Sensual Seduction

A browse through my iTunes brought back this bizarre, wonderful R&B/pop/parody track from 2007, and a quick listen had me pining to watch the video again. Crammed with enough cheesy effects to make you lactose intolerant, Snoop doesn’t go with the ‘retro influence’ that many have done before and since, and instead opts to utterly marinate the video in an incredibly funny old-school style that leaves almost no detail out: star wipes, truly excellent metallic outfits, play/stop buttons, grainy film, a talk box and countless other references to 60s-80s videos.

One of the most addictive videos of the last 5 years for me, purely because it’s so utterly ridiculous, and at times you have to remind yourself this is Snoop Dogg you’re watching. Surely the most outright entertaining video of Snoop’s career, watch it and prepare for some laughs.

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Game ft. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg-Test

There was once upon a time where I would have been salivating from all holes at the prospect of this joint. Today is no longer such a time and quality of this track justifies that.

Apparently something from Game’s much-delayed R.E.D. Album sees the once-formidable threesome team up perhaps from those pictured recording sessions. Everything on this feels overwhelmingly tired; from the beat (incidentally not produced by Dre) and Game’s unnecessary auto-tune tinge to a typical post-2000 Snoop and a hook craving for a certain late Nate Dogg. Let’s hope this turns out just as the title suggests and remains on the cutting room floor.

Game ft. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg-Test 

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Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa-This Weed Iz Mine Video

Not a classic by any means, but on a lovely sunny day like today you could do a whole lot worse when it comes to some easy listening hip-hop.

Boasting a production that feels fresh out of the early-mid 90′s, the retro vibe coarses throughout this one thanks to both that beat and the grainy, relaxed nature of the video. Nothing complicated at all, and hence it’s a very mellow and easy-on-the-eye set of visuals.

The raps are probably better than most of Snoop’s recent material, even if that particular statement is somewhat obscured by the simple synergy between the simple raps of Snoop and the head-nodding production. Again, nothing spectacular but a very enjoyable, simple summer track.

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Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and John Legend-Eyes Closed

As Liam rightly suggested back when the solo Kanye version of this dropped, this track looks set for Snoop’s upcoming album. Can’t say I was particularly won over by the original, and sadly that’s not really been changed here.

The nature of the beat actually seems to fit Snoop a little better than it does ‘Ye, though that’s not entirely a compliment: I’m not convinced this is the right beat for either artist, and may be better suited to a Kid Cudi or Wiz Khalifa type rapper. When incorporating an edgy, guitar-laden style to the production, keeping the tempo down means you’ve really got to come through lyrically to play off those sharp tones and sadly, I don’t feel as though that’s done here. Had it been sped up, it may have been compensated with some nicer flows, but there we are. Not for me sadly, but may be very accessible to the mainstream/radio listeners.

Snoop Dogg-Eyes Closed ft. Kanye West and John Legend

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Swizz Beatz-Co-Pilot ft. Snoop Dogg & JR Reid

New #MonsterMondays from Swizzy, this time enlisting Snoop and JR Reid.

A bit of reggae influence + Snoop was always going to envoke a song about a certain illegal substance. Despite the predictable subject matter, this isn’t bad. The use of auto-tune really wasn’t necessary for JR Reid but I can get over it; decent chilled track to vibe to.

Get your hands on this illicit track below.

Swizz Beatz – Co-Pilot ft. Snoop Dogg & JR Reid

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Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg-Young, Wild and Free

I know I’ve used this picture before, but it’s so good it warrants a second use: Snoop’s serious face/headgear combination will live in my memory for a long time.

Not sure whether this is from their upcoming High School film or Wiz’s upcoming Rolling Papers album (I suspect it’ll be the former), but either way these two have great chemistry on their tracks and that trend is continued here with another head-nodder. A playful piano makes for a jovial melody, and is complimented nicely by midtempo drum work, an uplifting hook and typically laidback verses from Wiz and Snoop. One of those that’s pretty perfect for a warm Spring day (not long left!), and a very easy, uncomplicated listen.

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg-Young, Wild and Free

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Game-Purp & Yellow ft. Snoop Dogg [Video]

Here are the visuals from one of the few tracks I liked from Game’s mixtape Purp and Patron (his follow up to it, The Hangover, was a much better mixtape in my opinion!).

Featuring cameos from Ron Artest, Matt Barnes, and Shannon Brown, (who all play for the Lakers in which this song is in tribute to) Snoop & Game bring us a video that’s as high in energy as the song itself. Game’s verse in particular is a welcome reminder that he shouldn’t be forgotten about when conversing about the best mainstream hip hop spitters.

You can either grab this song from the Purp and Patron mixtape, or just go get the single from over here.

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Snoop Dogg-#PuffPuffPassTuesdays Mixtape

In recent weeks, Snoop has been embarking on his own weekly series in anticipation of his upcoming Doggumentary album. Frankly, we’ve not been too fussed about it here at OTU, partly because Snoop’s so audaciously hit and miss with his newer material, but also because it was announced early on that the entire set would be released together as a mixtape. Saves us time, and saves you time!

Having glanced at the tracklist, there are a couple of decent tracks that we’ve already heard, along with a few interesting features on tracks that I haven’t heard yet. Hence, I feel this might actually end up being an OK mixtape, and with an album coming soon Snoop needs something with a little bit of quality to boost those sales. You want it? Go get it below.

Snoop Dogg-#PuffPuffPassTuesdays

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R&B Fridays: Episode 86

All good things come to an end, and my recent run of posting these on time has been broken. The football fans out there will also note that another streak was broken today, but we are NOT getting into that.

A quick round-up from the week gone by: UK upcomer Talay Riley grabs Wretch 32 for a remix of his single, Timbaland’s latest weekly instalment, Trey Songz’s take on Chris Brown’s latest single, and finally a medley of incredible Michael Jackson covers from the fantastic Patrick Stump.

Lots of big names in this week’s episode, and many that will certainly catch your mainstream eyes. Click below for a sweet-smelling blast of R&B to your sweaty, sweaty face.
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Tyga-Really Raw ft. Pharrell, Game & Snoop Dogg

Here’s the first drop from Tyga’s upcoming album, Careless World. Some very big features on here, with fellow West Coast big hitters: Snoop Dogg & The Game featuring. Not often you hear Tyga associate himself with his West Coast roots, so that’s good to see. Being a part of the Young Money team Tyga could easily have got a feature from Wayne/Nicki/Drake, that’s not to say he hasn’t for the album, but it’s admirable that’s he’s gone in a different direction for the first track we get to hear from it.

I’ve not been too big on The Neptunes beats in recent years, but this is pretty decent. Nice West Coast sound, and all the rappers come through with good raps. Apparently Tyga sends out some shots to Wiz Khalifa on this, for some bizarre reason there are rumoured tensions between them, rumours that have been denied by Wiz. I think this is just a case of the media/internets going crazy over nothing, as there’s really not anything particularly damning from Tyga’s verse (that I can make out anyway).

Tyga-Really Raw ft. Pharrell, Game & Snoop Dogg

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The Game, Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg-Purp & Yellow [Trailer]

Not usually a fan of trailers for music videos (I don’t really get the point of them unless they’re for a very anticipated massive hit), but this trailer is looking very dope indeed.

Probably my favourite rendition of Wiz Khalifa’s hit song, and looking forward to checking out the visuals in full, (the guitar smash at the end of this trailer actually nearly cost Game his fingers!).

You can grab the audio for this by clicking here.

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Game-Purp and Patron, Disc 1 and 2

Much anticipated mixtape from Game, one that’s been talked about all day today. Really looking forward to this, especially as a few tracks leaked earlier that were of a very good standard. Check out the tracklist below, which contains some huge features and producers. You can preview and download (click the artwork) the mixtape in the widget here.
1. L.A. Times (Prod. By Ervin “EP” Pope)
2. In My ’64 Feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg (Prod. By The Neptunes)
3. Soo Woo Feat. Lil Wayne (Prod. By Bink)
4. Living Better Now Feat. Detail & Tools (Prod. By DJ shake)
5. R.I.P. Story (Prod. By Nottz)
6. Purp & Patron (Prod. By DJ Shake)
7. I’m The King (Remix) Feat. Mistah FAB & The Jacka (Prod. By 1500 Or Nothin)
8. Taylor Made Feat. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. By Che Vicious)
9. Childrens Story (Prod. By Ervin “EP” Pope)
10. Dead (Prod. By 1500 Or Nothin)
11. Ferrari Lifestyle Feat. Fabolous (Prod. By D.A.Dorman)
12. The Kill (Prod. By Cool N Dre)
13. Heart Breaker Feat. Rev Burke (Prod. By The RZA)
14. Purp & Yellow (Skeetox Remix) Feat. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa
15. Burn NY Feat. Mysonne (Prod. By Mike City)
16. Bad Intentions (Prod. By DJ Shake)
17. Khaki Suit Feat. T-Pain (Prod. By T-Pain)
18 Wonderful World (Prod. By DJ Shake)
19. Ashes To Ashes Feat. Rick Ross
20. Dedicated Feat. Pharrell (Prod. By The Neptunes)
21. Soft Rhodes Feat. Ashanti (Prod. By Dr. Dre)
22. I Just Want To Fuck (Prod. By Denaun Porter)
23. 187 Feat. Lil Boosie
24. Whip It Feat. Fabolous (Prod. By DJ Haze)
25. Favorite DJ Remix Feat. Clinton Sparks & Jim Jones (Prod. By Green Lantern)
26. Supastar Feat. Ashley Cole & Mike Epps (Prod. By Ervin “EP” Pope)
27. Can A Drummer Get Some Feat. Travis Barker, Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross
28. History Feat. Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane & KRS One (Prod. By Ervin “EP” Pope)
29. The Ocean Feat. Dr. Dre (Prod. By Dr. Dre & Che Vicious)

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Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg-That Good Video

Big fan of this smoothed out joint (see what I did there?), and we’re treated to the official video for the first track from their upcoming collaborative movie/soundtrack.

Simple enough video, and certainly doesn’t shy away from the ‘subject matter’ of the song with various still and action shots of their favourite recreational drug. As with most basic videos, it does a decent job of just adding some thickness to the audio, with the Wiz-Snoop chemistry being enhanced even more by their interactions here.

Worth grabbing the audio, and you can do so here.

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Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain-Black & Yellow Remix Video

A simple video for the official remix to Wiz’s monster track. Good to see the effort going in here though, with each act contributing well to the video, and increase the energy of the track. In particular, Snoop seems to be having a great time and his chemistry with Wiz really shows here.

What’s with T-Pain’s eyewear? He looks like a failed James Bond villain, but with an Autotune impediment. Audio can be swiped from here.

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Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa-That Good

Before we get into the track, look at that picture. Snoop’s hat is something special! Apparently, these guys are working on a DVD movie called High School: given their ‘common interest’ (and I’m not talking hip-hop), the title, and the release date of 4/20, there’s no ambiguity on what the film is likely to be centred around!

The track is actually a very good one too, and suggests that they have some real chemistry together. With a mellow, smoothed-out production that sounds straight out of the early to mid-90′s, Wiz and Snoop deliver those smoker rhymes with a laidback and effortless style, with Wiz also coming through with a very catchy hook. It’s a combination that makes for very easy listening, and will rack up some plays on any playlist with ease. Really enjoyable track, and I’m looking forward to more from this duo.

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa-That Good

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Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Juicy J and T-Pain-Black and Yellow Remix

Seemingly the official remix, this one throws in the T-Pain verse from a previous remix and adds in verses from Snoop, Juicy J (I think he’s in Three 6 Mafia?) and a brand new Wiz verse for good measure.

I was a big fan of T-Pain’s remix, and I’m glad to see they left his adlibs in as they do really up the energy of the track, whilst his verse certainly fits in well. Snoop’s verse is short but likeable, with some diversity in his delivery making the most of this uptempo hip-hop style. I’m enjoying Wiz’s new verse too, with some thinly-veiled references to his recent arrests and a general continuation of his head-nodding, confident rhymes from the original. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoyed the original.

Wiz Khalifa-Black & Yellow (Remix) ft. Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain

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Dr. Dre, Slim Da Mobster, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Kobe and Sly-Kush Remix

Interesting line-up here. Dre’s publicly praised Slim Da Mobster, and mentioned that he may get him on Detox, whilst Kobe enjoys co-signs from some of hip-hop’s biggest names, most notably the feature on Eminem’s most recent album. He also popped up almost 2 years ago on a supposed Detox reference track with T.I., and has a slew of other big features to his name.

Having said all that, I’m not entirely sure what part Kobe plays on this remix as the only addition I picked up was Slim’s verse, unless he’s a previously-unlisted feature for background vocals. Slim’s verse is decent though, and it’s probably worth grabbing just to get some exposure to his music, as I’ve not really heard much about him to date. Click here to see the official video for the original if you haven’t already, and here for the Game remix of the track.

Dr. Dre-Kush Remix ft. Slim Da Mobster, Akon, Kobe, Sly and Snoop Dogg

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Dr. Dre, Akon and Snoop Dogg-Kush Video

The comeback is in full effect. It’s been 10 years in the making, but we’ve got some official visuals from Dre from the upcoming Detox album for his recently-released head-nodder Kush.

The video is everything you’d expect from both Dre and this style of song: lavish, extravagant and essentially a pretty huge party, with Dre typically calm amidst the chaos: With extravangance (and of course, kush!) being the theme of the track, the synergy between the two is perfect. Not too much to analyse otherwise, as Dre keeps it simple and effective for his return.

One aspect I like throughout the video is the lighting, as it really alters the feel of track throughout the various scenes. In particular, the futuristic light effects in the last 30 seconds are quite captivating and add an energetic vibe to the closing stages, in contrast to the more relaxed feel that seems to accompany Dre throughout the video. Audio for this can be grabbed here.

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Game, Snoop Dogg and YG-Black and Yellow Remix

The most star-studded remix of Wiz Khalifa’s single thus far, which says a lot given the huge catalogue of remixes now out there.

Probably one of the best one too, as Game does a superb job with his verse, showing the kind of diversity in his flow and delivery that I haven’t heard from him in quite some time. Snoop opens the track with a passable verse, and YG closes it out with a decent contribution. Definitely worth grabbing for the Game verse.

Game-Purp and Yellow ft. Snoop Dogg and YG

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