Black Eyed Peas-Super Bowl Half Time Performance [Video]

Now whatever your thoughts are on B.E.P this is an absolute must watch. As you’d expect from the half time Super Bowl Show it’s a visual masterpiece. Truly epic.

Vocally they are poor, which goes to show how much they rely on production. At least they remembered their lyrics though, unlike Christina Aguilera who managed to forget a few words to the American National Anthem. Nightmare. Also note a couple of random guest appearances from Slash (I’m still trying to figure out why…) and Usher.

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Rihanna-Rockstar 101 Video

Rihanna’s already pretty wild, so stick her in a video titled Rockstar 101 and you can probably imagine that this is going to come with a large helping of crazy.

Cameos from Slash and Travis Barker.

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Linkin Park, Lupe Fiasco and Other Huge Names Unite For Haiti

Cracking idea. A host of massive names in music get together to compile a 10-track album of unreleased music to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The widget here allows you to play all of the tracks, and if you click the link below you can get the whole album. It is a voluntary donation for the album, but to be honest if any of you are heartless enough to take an album aimed at such a good cause without donating even the smallest amount, you’re an absolute waste of space. Seriously.

Music For Relief Album

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