Skepta - Straight Up [Remix]

Skepta’s one of the few grime artists who’s tasted much commercial success without sacrificing his credibility in terms of lyricism or his personality. There’s a good reason why Skepta was chosen by Diddy to feature on his Hello Good Morning remix three years ago.

On his recent mixtape, Blacklisted, he tells the story of when a couple of guys tried to steal his chain, given how those guys turned out it’s easy to see how he’s able to go from chart music to tracks like this remix, if he says he’s going to punch you in the face, I see no reason to doubt him!

This remix of Straight Up is Skepta’s ode to credibility. The hook on this has been in my head for days, so I thought I’d inflict this on you all too. You can get hold of Blacklisted from iTunes.

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Skepta - You Know Me? [Video]

JME’s brother also has some new visuals for us, here is the video for his track You Know Me?.

Again the visuals aren’t anything complicated, just Skepta enjoying himself at a house party or gathering of sorts with some nice lighting effects.

The track itself is kind of addictive too, the sort you’d put in the car and zone out to.

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Skepta-Community Payback [DJ Whoo Kid Hosted Mixtape]

DJ Whoo Kid has been doing a fair bit for the UK scene lately, hosting mixtapes for Tinie Tempah and Giggs, and here we see him host Skepta’s new mixtape. Skepta’s been in supreme form over the last few years, his Doin’ It Again album comes highly recommended by me, as does this mixtape (which also features the likes of Chipmunk, JME and P Money).

You can stream and give it a listen over on the left, and you can click here to go download it for free.

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P Money To Support Skepta On Tour

“Off the back of his third studio album ‘Doin’ It Again’ release and performing with Diddy – Dirty Money this year, grime veteran Skepta is set to complete a nationwide tour this March coinciding with his single release ‘Amnesia’ with support from P Money and Logan Sama. With his great on-stage energy and a dedicated following that sees him reaching astonishing YouTube views it is sure to be a jam-packed memorable show not to be missed!”

This announcement follows on from P Money’s successes in 2010, notably Slang Like This, collaborating with Ed Sheeran to make an excellent track in Family and performing a Maida Vale Session which aired yesterday on MistaJam’s 1Xtra Show. 2011 should be an even bigger one for P Money. Tour dates are below.

Monday 14th March – Glasgow – ABC2
Tuesday 15th March – Leeds – Mine Uni
Wednesday 16th March – Birmingham – Institute
Thursday 17th March – Sheffield – Academy 2
Monday 21st March – Cardiff – Millenum Music Hall
Tuesday 22nd March – London – XOYO

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Skepta-Amnesia [Video]

Skepta brings us some new visuals for his track Amnesia which will be on his upcoming album Doin’ It Again.

Really relatable track here for me (as some of the OTU team can attest to) and I’m sure many of you could relate too. It’s a story Skepta tells about a night out that got out of hand, and he’s unable to recall anything that happened during the night. During the next day he starts to get flashbacks and confusion follows.

Really good track, and after recent tracks that have surfaced from the album, I’m really looking forward to Doin’ It Again (which you can pre-order by clicking here).

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Giggs Backstage At Tinchy Stryder Launch Party

A definitely inebriated Giggs takes over Westwood TV and takes us backstage of Tinchy Stryder’s recent album launch party. A must watch as far as I’m concerned, I had no idea Giggs was so hilarious! I was on the fence about him/his music, but after seeing this I’m now a fully fledged fan.

He may have a rep for being “arrrrrd” (being incarcerated for gun possession suggests it’s not just an image) but it’s great seeing him just having fun. People he interviews in this include: Devlin, Ghetts, JME, Skepta, Griminal, Mr Hudson, Tinchy Stryder and a fair few other artists as well as some randomers.

Click on below to see parts 2 and 3 of this (towards the end of part 3 he kicks some freestyles to some American production, ironically one of them being a Young Jeezy beat!).

→ Continue Reading

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Skepta-Big ft. Chipmunk

Taken from Skepta’s upcoming album, Doin’ It Again, (which is out at the end of the month) Skepta and Chipmunk give us the lowdown on the negatives of fame. Everything about this track is great, from the beat, the hook, the flow and lyrics from both artists.

It must be said that Skepta’s album is looking like a must buy right now. Shouts to London To MK for this one – download link below.

Skepta – Big ft. Chipmunk

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Skepta-Mike Lowery [Video]

On a different tip to Skepta’s recent more mainstream sounding tracks, here’s a return to the darkside. The video itself adds to the very haunting sound and is another great video for the UK scene.

Having watched these visuals, I, for one, will not be insulting Skepta on the internet….so if you’re reading this Skepta, I like your music loads.

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Diddy, Dirty Money & Skepta – Hello Good Morning Grime Remix [Video]

Official video for what was a massive moment for Grime music, and Skepta himself. Hopefully we will see some more US hip-hop artists collaborate with our compatriots, we’ve seen B.o.B collab with Giggs, and recently Jay-Z has given Tinie Tempah the thumbs up, so I’m sure we’ll see more of that happening over the next few years. What I would personally like to see is these same US artists helping to break the UK ones over in the US, without our artists sacrificing their true sound.

Anyway, the video itself is pretty decent, for what is very much a ‘dark’ club track we have some scenes in a club and scenes out in the streets to give the song that added feel of authenticity. A few cameos too from what I saw, (Chipmunk and possibly Rodney P!?).

Audio can be squirrelled from here.

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Spotify: OTU's August Snapshot

Some superb stuff in our August snapshot which perfectly compliments the closing of summer as we welcome autumn with open arms. We’ve mixed old school with new school to create that sound which will have you rocking out until next month’s episode. New material from the likes of Atmosphere, Usher, Fat Joe, Sage Francis, Lil Wayne and Drake all sit comfortably next to some classic older joints from Damien Rice, Linkin Park, Kanye West, and of course, Eric B and Rakim.

If you’re still clutching onto the dying days of summer then don’t worry, we’ve kept July’s snapshot available for you. But trust us, take our hands and let’s step into autumn together.

OTU’s August Snapshot

Confused? Find out more here.

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Skepta/Preeya Kalidas - Cross My Heart [Video]

Skepta and Preeya Kalidas, riding on the positive feedback their collaboration has received, have made a video for this track. I still haven’t been able to obtain a cd quality version of this track, so just appreciate the visuals for now!

Edit: Bringing this back to the top as we do have a CDQ of this track now! Click here to get that.

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Skepta and Preeya Kalidas - Cross My Heart

New track by Skepta featuring the lovely Preeya Kalidas, that’s Preeya Kalidas of Eastenders fame! Liking the sound of this track a lot and I look forward to a CDQ version dropping. Unfortunately you’ll have to put up with annoying sound effects being randomly played on this radio rip (cheers for that Westwood, you horrid, horrid man).

Cheers to Sam for pointing this in my direction, even if he did have to point out to me that Preeya has a rather big/long nose. I’d never noticed before and she’s since gone from a 9.5/10 to a mere 9 in my eyes. Curse you Sam, curse you.

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A Historic Moment For Grime Music

EDIT: Back to the top because we now have the CDQ version of this below.

It’s been talked about for months and last night it was premiered on radio. Skepta is the lucky artist to have got the nod for the remix, and he’s completely transformed the track into a bonafide grime effort. Grime’s never been my thing, but I don’t mind this.

It has to be said that Diddy has single-handedly just elevated the profile of grime music, and I expect that this remix will be looked upon in the future as a turning point for the genre. It’s never had the kind of material co-sign of this calibre/status, and I hope UK music benefits as a result. You can grab a radio rip of the remix below, but be warned that it’s full of rewinds and DJ tags. Still, you can piece together the song and we’ll bring you the official version as soon as we can.

Dirty Money-Hello, Good Morning (Grime Remix) ft. Skepta

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Spotify: OTU's July Snapshot

Fans and followers, friends and foes: you heard it here first. Being the forward-thinking, innovative blog we are, Overrating The Underrated is jumping on the latest music revolution which is Spotify playlists. This will allow us to bring you monthly snapshots of all five authors’ posted material. The OTU monthly snapshots will ensure you never miss a thing and can enjoy all our picks from one central location: your Spotify application!

Unfamiliar with Spotify? It’s a free music application which allows you to stream and share music with your friends. You can listen to your playlists from any computer or phone in the world and you can also sync with Facebook to see what your friends are listening to. Keep up with the in-crowd, read about it and then get it here.

This month we’ve scoured through our back catalogue to bring you a stylish summery playlist boasting material from the likes of The-Dream, Empire Of The Sun, Tinchy Stryder, The Roots, Rick Ross, Skepta, You Me At Six and many more. So hurry up and click that glorious red text below!

Overrating The Underrated’s July Snapshot

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Skepta - Rescue Me [Video]

Visuals for leading UK grime artist Skepta and his upcoming album Doin’ It Again.

No doubt the hardcore grime followers will see this as a bit of a sellout attempt. However, Skepta’s main mission is to get grime into the UK mainstream and on this it’s admirable how he’s tried to combine a catchy chorus whilst leaving room for his bars over a heavy backdrop.

Nice video too.

Skepta – Rescue Me

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