There isn’t a damn thing wrong with recapturing that Californian punk/skater vibe, especially given that I’m part-way through a rediscovery of the punk genre. SKATERS bring those sounds right back to the fore, blending them with a sense of British indie that will surely give them a much more universal appeal.

It’s energetic, loud and fast-moving, but remains all of those things without compromising on catchy melodies, watertight instrumentation and a sense of wholesome fun. Both the percussion and guitar work is edgy, gritty and progressive, moving from consistent calmness in the verses through to sudden explosiveness in the hook, giving the track a very natural anchor point and allowing the vocals to rely more on a drawn out, singalong delivery and less on lyricism. The vocals follow a similar path too, opting for a grungy, downbeat style in the verses that contrasts well with the pop-punk and indie crossover found in the rousing hook.

You can easily imagine cutting loose to this on your favourite sticky dancefloor (I’ve never been to a rock/indie club that isn’t sticky), and that should give it every chance of making a big impact. No idea when the single is released, but the debut album arrives next February.

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