Shyne Hits Back At 50

Shyne Po talks to MTV about 50 gatecrashing his conference call earlier this week. Guess the one-time Bad Boy man didn’t find it as funny as I did.

Have a feeling this might kick off again as both men try regain the spotlight.

Watch 50 calling into Shyne’s call here.

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50 Calls In On Shyne's Conference Call

Gotta hand it to the boy, 50′s a funny cat.

Here he phones into Shyne and Def Jam’s conference call under an alias.

Perhaps he goes too far when he says “he hoped Shyne got raped by a pack of ni**as when he was in jail!”

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Shyne Freestyles Live From Belize

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Shyne/Biggie/Bob Marley - Belize

New track by Shyne, which enlists the late greats Biggie & Bob Marley on the hook. Still trying to get used to Shyne’s new flow, but he has improved on those rather bewildering freestyles & remixes he released when he first came out of prison.

Shyne – Belize ft. The Notorious B.I.G. & Bob Marley

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Shyne Fronts Latest XXL Cover

Shyne appears on this month’s edition of the popular hip-hop magazine, XXL. Apparently it’s not the typical ‘out-of-prison-rant-at-Diddy’ interview and in fact he’s actually got something new to say.

Not too much else to say here apart from we, at OTU, are rooting for Shyne since leaving the pen and look forward to hearing more from the one-time Bad Boy affiliate.

If you’ve only just returned from living under your rock and didn’t realise Shyne Po is now out from jail after serving 9 years, here’s the material he’s blessed/frustrated us with thus far…

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More New Shyne (Yes, He’s Getting Better).

Morning, afternoon, good evening to wherever you are reading this from today.

Two new Shyne joints for your playlists today. Is he getting better? Yes.

The first, Roller Song, is rumored to be from his upcoming album Guess Who which is tentatively set for a summer ’10 release. The beat is heavy and Shyne goes in (and he won’t thank me for saying this) almost 50 Cent/The Massacre-esq. Unfortunately this is a clean version of the track, but really looking forward to the dirty version.

Secondly, (and I am unable to confirm whether this is on Guess Who or not) Shyne teams up with Robin Thicke for Pushin’ It. I like this less, but it feels more geared towards the mainstream audiences so I imagine it will have its supporters.

Shyne – Roller Song (Clean)

Shyne (feat Robin Thicke) – Pushin’ It

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Shyne Remixes Fat Joe's Slow Down

Energy? You bet. Shyne jumps on Fat Joe’s Slow Down with Jeezy (he’s dropped the ‘Young’).

I don’t know what I was doing first time around when this dropped but it is an excellent track. As a one-time big fan of Joe, he does a good job on this. Seems as if Shyne is trying to ‘out-husky’ Jeezy, but on the plus side he does appear to be slipping back into his old style. Grab it below and see for yourselves…

Fat Joe (feat Jeezy & Shyne) – Slow Down (Remix)

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Hip-Hop Catch Up: Pill, Jeezy, Shyne and Charles Hamilton

In posting so much alternative stuff recently, I’ve missed some good hip-hop. Pill is one of the XXL Freshmen that I’m enjoying more with each track, and his Rude Boy freestyle should be checked out.

Jeezy drops off a leak from an upcoming mixtape/’movie’ that I sadly haven’t checked yet, whilst Charles releases another good, videogame-sounding track in the build to his new single. Closing up with a diss track from Shyne, interestingly aimed at 50 Cent.

Pill-Rude Boy Freestyle

Jeezy-Greatest Trapper Alive

Shyne-There Will Be Blood ft. Malcolm X

Charles Hamilton-Press C

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Shyne Is On His Grind

Hate it or love it, Shyne is focused on making music right now. A lot of people aren’t feeling his new style – all I can say is, how can you expect someone to come out of jail and sound exactly the same as he did over 10 years ago.  He’s hopped on the much popular Drake track, Over. Go grab it below.

Shyne – Over ft. Drake

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Shyne Remixes Unthinkable and Rude Boy

It’s been a Shyne-dominated week (scroll down for some throwback Shyne), and he jumps on a couple of the top R&B joints around. I haven’t checked either out yet, but Shyne fans will inevitably be looking to scout his verses (he drops two in each remix I’m told), whilst fans of the originals may like a remix to freshen up the original.

Rihanna-Rude Boy Remix ft. Shyne

Alicia Keys-Unthinkable Remix ft. Drake and Shyne

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 22

So before we all get too caught up in this Shyne-bashing brought about by his recent drops, lets take a minute to revisit his past. Afterall, Shyne won’t be the first nor the last industry great to ever fall off.

I know I have broken the rules a little bit this week, but More or Less (2004) is my favourite Shyne track. And, in part, I’ve got Kanye West to thank for that… → Continue Reading

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Brand Spankin' New: Shyne

So Shyne is officially back. After his prolonged stint behind bars, Shyne has signed a multi-million dollar deal with industry powerhouse L.A. Reid’s Def Jam label.

Messiah is Shyne Po’s first single since returning home (he has been deported back to his homeland of Belize) and although there’s a lot of hate flowing around the forums today, the more I listen to this, the more I’m starting to feel it.

The noticeable thing Shyne fans will realize is that his voice has changed. Get over it. It’s deeper, more husky and emanates an element of suffering which compliments Shyne’s lyricism. The beat? Hmm. Not sure yet. It’s got that old school video-gaming feel but it’s not clubby and this makes me happy. It seems as if Shyne is just eager to up-date his old sound for something more contemporary, yet still retaining that street formula.

With exemplary foresight, this drop coincides perfectly with Thursday’s Throwback so stay tuned…

Shyne – Messiah

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Sunday's Classic Collabo: If You Could Start Over?

I was never the biggest fan of Mase, the guy was the definition of ‘pop-rapper’ when he was with Bad Boy – considering that his rap name when he first came into the game was ‘Murda Ma$e’, you could claim him to be somewhat of a sell out (that’s not even mentioning him going back to that name after leaving his pastor duties and almost joining G-Unit).

With all that said, he did come out with some gems – this being one of them. Featuring label mates, Shyne & Loon, the concept of the track is about how they would all live their lives if they could start all over again…kind of ironic considering Shyne was imprisoned not long after this track was made – for around 10 years. This track has a really good beat and is complimented well by Mase on the chorus. Grab this thought-provoking track by clicking below.

Mase – If I Could Start Over ft. Shyne, Loon, Mysonne, Meeno

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Two More DJ Khaled Tracks

Khaled’s album has caught more leaks than…a leaky…pipe? Bucket?

Anyway, yeah. Two joints below, and the features on both give me some hope that they should be alright. Specifically looking forward to the Luda verse and seeing what the recently-deported Shyne has to say.

DJ Khaled-All I Do Is Win ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross

DJ Khaled-All My Life ft. Akon, Shyne and Mavado

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