Yasmin and Shy FX-Light Up (The World)

Break out your parachute pants and turtleneck jumpers, you’re about to go back to 1992. A vague recollection of early-mid 90s music is all that’s needed to become enamoured with the latest single from the lovely Yasmin.

The production boasts a wonderfully retro combination of early 90s jungle and reggae with mid 90s/00s garage, fusing speedy drums with thick bass and sharp melodies and resulting in an addictive throwback production. Solid vocal work from Yasmin too, who comes on a drifty, lightweight style that blends nicely with the eclectic production to retain that old-school flavour, and also act as another sign of her musical versatility. Three singles from Yasmin thus far, and whilst each has been very different from the last, there’s a consistency in the quality that suggests her debut album should be one to look forward to.

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Yasmin-On My Own [Video]

Here’s Yasmin’s debut solo video for her debut single – which is a song I am a big fan of. Produced by Shy FX, Yasmin has made a guaranteed hit here.

I posted about this track a little while back, in that post I told you that she’s destined for big things and I’ll elaborate a little further on that:

-Amazing vocal chords? Check.

-Collaborated with an urban act for his biggest single to date? Check.

-Writes her own material? Check.

-Absolutely gorgeous? Checkmate.

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Shy FX ft. Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor-Raver [Video]

Kano once again shows off his versatility by spitting on this dance/reggae hybrid of a track by Shy FX, from Shy FX’s upcoming album (Larger Than Life).

This single is out next week and will be available as a free download. Seven, (yes seven!) remixes will also be released on the same day.

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Yasmin-On My Own

You may recognise the name Yasmin, she recently featured on Devlin’s big hit, Runaway. This 21 year old singer and songwriter has been causing a stir in the industry lately, and she’s no longer one of the best kept secrets now – here is her debut single, On My Own, which is produced by Shy FX.

This single isn’t due for release until January the 24th, so no audio for you to download at the moment, (can’t give everything to you for free!). Remember the name Yasmin, because you’ll be hearing a lot of her in 2011, I assure you of that.

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