Jamieson-I'm Losing Faith ft. Shareen Amour

A smoothed-out, soulful effort from the ever-entertaining Jamieson to close off your Monday night, taken from his upcoming June release I Came, I Saw Vol.3.

The production has a cool, mellow vibe, courtesy of a soft vocal sample, pillowy bass and easygoing melodies, with the combination being a production that could certainly stick around on those summer playlists we’re all so desperate to get in rotation. Jamieson’s raps are pretty solid throughout, sticking true to the track’s title for a self-doubting yet occasionally feelgood performance, packed with a commendable honesty throughout that reveals a couple of interesting moments, particularly the suggestion that he once rapped rings around Asher Roth.

It’s worth noting that there’s zero malice in his voice, and such references are clearly meant in a non-harmful manner, and in some way that probaly enhances that chilled-out style of the track. Decent all-rounder and hopefully the full project follows suit.

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