Sha Stimuli-Asthma

I like Stimuli alot. I prefer his deep and meaningful over his witty metaphors, both of which he’s equally adapt at spitting. Tracks such as Bucket List and My Soul are amongst my favourite underground tracks and my ‘go-to’ joints for the uneducated, deluded mainstreamers.

This latest drop from Sha’s upcoming project The Break Up Pt 2 is exactly that type of joint I’m looking for from the Brooklynite emcee; a sombre and simple backdrop with Lydia Caesar providing powerful female vocals on the chorus creates a more ’rounded’ effort which has listeners reaching for the oft-illusive replay button.

Sha Stimuli-Asthma

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Sha Stimuli, Sheek Louch & Joe Budden-Hood 2 Hood [Video]

Sha Stimuli, Sheek Louch and Joe Budden take us on a journey through their respective neighbourhoods, both visually and lyrically. The effects used on this go really well with each of the verses, along with the black and white effect which amplifies the grittiness that is the areas that surround them.

The track is produced by J. Cardim and featured on his compilation mixtape, The IN Crowd. You can grab the audio for this over here.

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Reks, Sha Stimuli & Reef The Lost Cauze-Get Rowdy

OMG. Add Rugged Man to this collaboration and you literally have my favourite underground lineup.

Quite often I find with Reks that his lyricism is streets ahead of his beat selection, but this is spot on. The beat has strong similarities to the rolling baseline that Premo used on Nas’ NY State Of Mind and is adequately heavy to keep the powerful delivery of Reks and Reef in check. It’s unusual to hear Stimuli over such a hard hitting baseline, but not for one second does he let it pass him by, switching up his flow whilst the instrumental drops in and out. Not that I condone drug abuse or anything, but you’d be a fool to miss out on this pure hip-hop ecstasy.

From Reks’ In Between The Lines 2 Mixtape which you can download for FREE November 23rd.

Reks-Get Rowdy ft. Sha Stimuli & Reef The Lost Cauze
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Sha Stimuli-Runaway Slavestyle Freestyle

Not in the slightest bit ashamed that I had to Google this to find out which beat Sha was going in over. Yes, that’s right, I haven’t got my hands on Kanye’s latest musical effort.

Anyway, Sha tackles the sombre piano delicacy with his trademark introspective yet motivational stream-of-consciousness. This kind of beat really suits Stimuli’s style which you’ll know if you’ve followed any of his music on here.

Sha Stimuli – Runaway Slavestyle

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Sha Stimuli’s Monday Rambles

We all know by now that Sha Stimuli isn’t your average emcee. For the past few weeks I’ve been keenly following his Monday Rambles over on his blog. I’ve already complimented Sha on his work (and he, of course, responded) as it’s thoroughly refreshing to be able to engage in such a way with an artist whose music you enjoy. It offers so much more than just a 140-character ‘bite’ on how your emcee is feeling today, or where they are going for dinner tonight. Oh, and Sha ties it all together with his evident sense of quirky humour.

I found the blog after Sha tweeted about an article he wrote on why Biggie was the best. I’ve been hooked ever since. This week’s ramble is about holding babies, wearing stopped watches and FREE (insert name) Tees…

Head over to Sha’s Monday Rambles and take a read yourself.

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Blaq Poet, Sha Stimuli and Reef The Lost Cauze-Movie Villains 2

This is purely for the real hip-hop heads out there. I’ve been somewhat disconnected from you for a short while, will you take me back?

Three underground heavy hitters get together for a great collabo, that boasts a top production to accompany the undoubted lyrical skills of these guys-it’s a production worthy of the title, as it feels like a soundscape stolen straight from a slasher movie. I’ve been loving Sha’s work in recent months (Bucket List is ridiculous) but Reef takes the win for me, with his razor-sharp flows just edging Sha’s wordplay here.

Blaq Poet-Movie Villains 2 ft. Sha Stimuli and Reef the Lost Cauze

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