Mibbs (of Pac Div)-Freebass EP

mibbs pac div
One-third of the talented Pac Div trio throws his name into the ’18th June hip-hop release’ ring, and in doing so becomes the first (to my knowledge) of the group to release a full solo project. Of course, it’s nothing to do with any internal strife, rather its believed the members are branching out for a little while to try new things- always a worthwhile venture, particularly in bringing new perspectives when groups reunite for the next album.

Produced entirely by the perenially-underrated Scoop DeVille, Mibbs offers up 5 tracks which you can only assume will have nice consistency and sequencing given the production exclusivity, and that dependable platform should allow for Mibbs’ work as a solo act to really shine through. If the darker, more aggressive beats on Pac Div’s GMB are anything to go by (and the title of this EP), expect some speaker rattling productions to be packed in alongside Mibbs’ confident, assured raps. Stream below, and download for free here.

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Kendrick Lamar ft. Dr. Dre - The Recipe

First single from K. Dot’s sophomore LP scheduled to drop later this year. This sounds like it would fit seamlessly in on Section .80 which is a great compliment. Scoop DeVille on the boards here who gives us some laid-back female vocals which props up an upbeat tempo. Dre does his thing on the verses, just has me wondering who ghost wrote them…

Not sure how long this will stick around for so hurry (and Hulkshare won’t let me disable the Download link for some reason).

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R&B Fridays: Episode 89

Genuine reason on the delay this week: I wasn’t happy with the amount of good quality material as of yesterday afternoon, but the R&B/pop world has delivered in the last 24 hours or so to make sure that situation has improved.

Not too much to recap on from the past week, with only the three related items: UK starlet Jodie Connor released her newest single, fellow homegrown upcomer Jaya released a new video featuring two prominent MCs, and Mike Posner let loose of official visuals for his collaboration with Lil’ Wayne.

Click below for this week’s R&B fix.
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