Stalley-Honest Cowboy (Mixtape)

Over the last 18 months, Stalley’s worked his way into a position as one of the leading rappers in my iTunes: his lyrical approach is versatile enough for almost any type of track, whilst his flows are equally capable and diverse, and when added to his generally solid beat selections, it’s difficult to figure out why he’s not held in higher regard.

Nonetheless, it’s his first full release of the year, and another 10 new tracks to add to an impressive back catalogue. Features are minimal, though appearances from Scarface and ScHoolboy Q certainly suggests quality over quantity, whilst production credits that feature the likes of DJ Quik, Cardo, Terrace Martin, and frequent Stalley collaborators Block Beataz. The latter for me is most exciting, given their stellar track record together, and I’ve got no doubt that they’ll deliver once more with their offerings here. Stream and grab the whole damn show below.

Stalley-Honest Cowboy

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Wale-Folarin (Mixtape)

One of a whole host of projects that got released over these past few days, but arguably the most anticipated in more mainstream circles. There’s nothing like a bit of mixtape Wale, and whilst it’s a shame that the division exists between the album and mixtape work, the sheer depth in quantity of his mixtapes makes his lesser work a bit easier to ignore.

This one comes in at a huge 21 tracks, with over half of them featuring some rather notable names: look out for contributions from Jhene Aiko, 2 Chainz, man of the moment Trinidad James, labelmates Rick Ross and French Montana, and many more. The diversity of the features suggests that this will be packed with a good variety of styles, and that’s also evident in the producer lineup, featuring Nottz, Diplo, Apple Juice Kid and Key Wane amongst others. Plenty to suggest this will be worth a go, and the grab is free below.


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Game-Murder ft. Scarface and Kendrick Lamar

The context Game applies to the #SundayService audio releases has given this series a nice uniqueness. Each time he’s released a track cut from Jesus Piece (due to sample clearance issues), he’s let fans know where it would have fit in on the album-the artwork here collates the previous two and shows where this track should sit.

It’s a shame this isn’t on the LP, as it’s an enjoyable effort. The soulful production is a real treat, combining a gentle yet slightly uneasy vocal sample with soft wind instruments and crisp percussion for a sharp yet mellow beat. Coming in at just shy of 6 minutes long it’s not rushed either, allowing for somewhat extended verses. Game opens with a focus on the various associations with the song title, whilst he throws in a list of infamous assasinations into the second verse, and Scarface closes with a mix of the Game’s two content choices. Sadly, Kendrick is only on hook duty but this is a good track nonetheless and be sure to grab Jesus Piece tomorrow.

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Sunday's Classic Collabo: Dr. Dre/RBX/Krs-One/B-Real/Nas/Scarface

Off the very first release from Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment (back in 1996)! It was a compilation cd that was criticised a fair bit at the time. This was referenced a few years later on tracks such as Forgot About Dre and Still Dre: “When my last cd was out you wasn’t bumpin me&Ladies, they pay homage, but haters say Dre fell off, How? My last album was The Chronic“.

Anyway, I had only became aware of this track recently thanks to Murray! But I’m told this is a track that was one of the standouts from that compilation. Titled East Coast/West Coast Killas and with a lineup containing RBX, KRS-One, B-Real, Nas & Scarface, it was a retort to those in the media (and fans) perpetuating a West Coast/East Coast beef that culminated with 2Pac & Biggie’s murder.

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Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Scarface/Nas/T-Boz

Taken from Scarface’s classic album The Fix, In Between Us is today’s classic collaboration. Featuring a superb Nas verse and what I can only describe as amazing vocals from T-Boz (from the R’n’B group TLC) for the chorus, go download it below and give your ears some pleasure.

In Between Us ft. Nas

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 7

A clearout of the inbox and BOOM: It throws up another UGHH for the hip-hop heads to enjoy.

This one is (mostly) full of artists who haven’t been featured on the site before, so amidst all the mainstream music that’s been up recently, we’ve gone so underground that you’re gonna need some sort of torch.

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