Sampha-Too Much (Video)

Of those who enjoyed Drake’s recent Nothing Was The Same album (and yes, I’m one of those folk), a large percentage cited this as the album’s standout or their current favourite. That widespread praise was heavily indebted to Sampha’s work on the intro, hook and outro, and it appears that was just a taster of what was to come, as he comes through with a full solo version.

Taken from an upcoming double A-side vinyl release, this mastered version of the track (you’ll notice the version on Drake’s album is a little rougher in comparison) is a beautifully gentle piece that will definitely find a home with those who enjoyed the NWTS version. The production is stripped down to the bare bones, swapping out the lavish soundscape of the Drake edition for lonely, isolated piano notes that create a simple, delicate backdrop. They’re perfectly suited to the anguish and emotion in Sampha’s voice throughout too, with his delivery and lyrics throughout being packed full of heartfelt sentiment and a rawness that would have been badly-placed in front of a heavily-layered production. It’s nothing complicated: this is pure ballad territory, and Sampha croons his heart out with great skill and believability.

An excellent listen, and one that could get a lot of play time on these cold winter nights. Look out for the iTunes release on 12th November.

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