Spotify: OTU's August Snapshot

Some superb stuff in our August snapshot which perfectly compliments the closing of summer as we welcome autumn with open arms. We’ve mixed old school with new school to create that sound which will have you rocking out until next month’s episode. New material from the likes of Atmosphere, Usher, Fat Joe, Sage Francis, Lil Wayne and Drake all sit comfortably next to some classic older joints from Damien Rice, Linkin Park, Kanye West, and of course, Eric B and Rakim.

If you’re still clutching onto the dying days of summer then don’t worry, we’ve kept July’s snapshot available for you. But trust us, take our hands and let’s step into autumn together.

OTU’s August Snapshot

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Sage Francis - Love The Lie [Video]

Sage Francis again proving why he’s one of the most innovative indie hip-hop artists around. This is a cracking little video here to accompany another alternative effort from his Li(f)e project which dropped a few months back.

Hell, I’ve even tagged this as Alternative!

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Sage Francis-The Best Of Times Video


Utterly brilliant work from Sage Francis on this one. We were left in awe when we first heard the track itself, but now the visuals add a whole new layer of understanding and really helps guide home those powerful lyrics which Sage spits.

If you missed the track I dropped last month then don’t worry you can get it here; Because after you watch this video you will want it.

(Note: Contrary to the ‘still-shot’ the video is actually perfect quality)

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Quick Blast: Sage Francis

One of those random ones from me tonight. If you enjoyed the drop from B. Dolan’s album a while back (Indi), you will definitely enjoy this newness from Sage Francis’ upcoming album Li(f)e. Matter fact, if you enjoy music in general, I would like to hedge my bets that you will like this anyway.

Sometimes it’s difficult to pigeon-hole artists into genres and Sage Francis is a perfect example here. Not particularly a hip-hop artist, more an inspirational speaker. And the new album combines beats ranging from Electro to Indie, upbeat to retrospective. Some work, some don’t; But one thing you can guarantee from Sage is a sideways perspective which, within the current climate, is always refreshing.

The Best Of Times is one of those soft, retrospective beats which progresses into a fantastic climax (which in my opinion suits Sage best) seeing Sage lay some reminiscent thoughts over his youth. Evolves into a real feel good moment at the end. Don’t miss out here folks.

Sage Francis – The Best Of Times

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