Havoc-Tell Me To My Face ft. Royce Da 5'9"

I was pretty reluctant to listen to this for two reasons: firstly, hip-hop has been legitimately poor in recent weeks (with a couple of small exceptions), and secondly the whole Mobb Deep split ridiculousness really soured my view on them both. However, there’s nothing like good music to win you over, and this first single from Hav’s upcoming 13 album will do just that.

The production is a great blend of that trademark ominous style of Hav’s mixed with a lively edge, combining dramatic synths with soft keys and a pounding, bass-heavy percussion that drives the track along well. Easily one of Hav’s best beats in recent times, and his raps are suited well enough too, with his natural lyrical aggressiveness capped well with a confident, slightly laidback delivery, whilst his hook scales the beat back and spotlights his unquestioned intensity. Royce’s contribution is a welcome return to the scene, his ranges of flows being extremely watertight, packing in wit, a touch of introspection and more into a verse of great quality, capping off what is certainly an enjoyable all-round hip-hop jam.

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Slaughterhouse - To the Fans

A somewhat nicer video from Slaughterhouse for their fans than the previous one

My personal thoughts on Our House? I don’t love it, but I certainly like it. Combine it with the mixtape Slaughterhouse also released and you have around two dozen tracks to enjoy from one of the best hip hop groups in the industry right now, ain’t nothing to complain about there.

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Big Sean-Detroit (Mixtape)

One of the most anticipated releases in recent weeks, Big Sean drops off his first project since his mainstream breakout debut LP, Finally Famous.

We’ve caught three tracks from this so far, each with their own very different charms, displaying that Sean’s newly-gained popularity hasn’t affected his versatility or desire for hip-hop. The tracklist honestly reads like an album, with huge features in the shape of Kendrick Lamar, close friend Mike Posner, Chris Brown and fellow Detroit native Royce Da 5’9″ amongst several others, whilst Snoop Lion (Dogg), Common and Young Jeezy feature on their own interlude sections, each titled Story. That sort of detail is always appreciated on an album, let alone a mixtape, and I’m sure it’ll all contribute to what’s set up to be an excellent all-round project. Free grab available below.

Big Sean-Detroit

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Slaughterhouse - On The House [Mixtape]

Slaughterhouse finally release this much anticipated Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama!

Serving as a warm-up for their début album under Shady records (dropping August 28th) the four-headed monster have released this tape to placate us Slaughterhouse stans. You can download from here, or stream below.

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Slaughterhouse-Truth or Truth

One more from the upcoming On the House mixtape, and if you thought the last drop from the tape involved lots of rapping, you’re in for plenty more.

Coming in at over 14 minutes, this marks their longest track to date and possibly one of their best. Royce opens up with an honest verse that comments on a plethora of rap topics, before moving to more aggression. Budden’s up next, and given that introspection is his forte, he delivers the standout verse, bringing a good dose of emotion and openness on a range of topics. Crooked I follows up with a healthy dose of intensity and energy, and though it lacks the personal feel of the two prior, it’s still an enjoyable verse for sure, and the intimate detail is back for Joell’s verse, as he discusses his family and more in one of his most reflective verses to date. The soulful production helps embellish the group thought pouring, and the combination makes for one of their most meaningful songs to date. Hip-hop excellence, and that’s not to be debated.

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Slaughterhouse - Goodbye

As we’re nearing the release of the much anticipated major label début from Slaughterhouse on Eminem’s revamped Shady Records, a few tracks are starting to drop. Some of those will feature on a mixtape that’s dropping tomorrow I believe, this track, I’m pleased to hear, will be on the album.

As awesome as their last album (independently released a few years back) was, it caught a little flack for being too much about lyrically obliterating beats, and not enough introspective songs that some of the members (Joe Budden specifically) are famous for. This cut, Goodbye, should usher those critics away. Listen below now if you ever wondered why we at OTU love this group.

Slaughterhouse – Goodbye

Make sure you buy this track from iTunes too by clicking here y’all.

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Slaughterhouse's Complex Feelings

Complex, ever a fan of lists, released one for the 30 Best Rappers in their 30s recently, and stepping away from decimating microphones for a minute, the Slaughterhouse quartet vented their opinions on the list in seperate interviews with Complex.

As you’d expect from this bunch, the results are pretty hilarious. Only Budden (24th) and Royce (20th) made the list, and the fallout from each artist is worth a watch. Budden is as sex-driven as ever, whilst Royce’s foolishness knows no bounds, including the ‘realisation’ that he’s the ’3rd best rapper from Detroit’. A very amusing watch, and it’s always good for fans to see this quartet showing their characters-if you’ve not been to one of their live shows, this is definitely a good insight.

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Slaughterhouse-See Dead People

Joe Budden treated us to a brief preview of this track just under a week ago, and we’re now gifted the entire 8-minute hip-hop assault, pre-empting that On the House mixtape due to drop any day now.

The production is urgent, ominous and intense; essentially, everything you’d expect from a good Slaughterhouse track. Royce opens with a nice mix of aggression and arrogance, packing it into a stop-start flow that adds emphasis well, before Crooked I comes through with a verse based around the paranormal/psychological song title that deserves much credit for sticking to the theme throughout. Joell’s up next with a quickfire flow that switches to a spoken word style at times, displaying Ortiz’s sheer confidence on the mic, and Budden closes things out in a similar manner to Crook, mixing psychological, horror and otherworldly themes into what is probably the longest verse of the track. I’d probably crown it the highlight verse too, though it’s a pretty tough choice-this is classic Slaughterhouse, rapping strong and long just because they can.

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Slaughterhouse announce On The House and preview See Dead People

Less than a minute long but there’s enough in here to keep the hip-hop heads happy. The fearsome foursome recently announced a mixtape to drop before their Welcome to Our House album does, and coming out of this video is the clever title (but no release date sadly) for the tape, On The House.

There’s a little preview of See Dead People too, a track from the aforementioned mixtape, with the beat playing throughout the video and a very quick glimpse at the raps at the very beginning of the video. Not much else to glean from this short clip, but fully expect more news and music to break soon in support of both projects.

Sidenote: I’m begging for them to take on some of the beats from the Joey Bada$$ mixtape for theirs. Stop salivating on your keyboard.

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Slaughterhouse-Weight Scale (Nasty Freestyle)

A double dose of good news, as not only have we got some new Slaughterhouse but the track is taken from an upcoming mixtape, set to be released before their album is on 28th August. Logical timing suggests that’ll drop early August, meaning we’re in for weeks of listening to Slaughterhouse tear down others’ beats before their own album drops. Awesome.

Crooked I dropped his own freestyle on this beat last year, and the other SH members have their turn with a great set of verses that really revitalises this production. Royce opens up, delivering some slick raps packaged into a high-paced flow before Crook steps in for round 2 with Nasty, bringing his own rapid fire style with a healthy dose of aggression. Joell comes in at 3rd with, you guessed it, another speedy set of raps before Budden does the same but with his typically cool, laidback gloss smothered on top. An excellent remix of the track, and four verses that would each be the highlight of any other track they were placed on.

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Slaughterhouse-My Life Video ft. Cee-Lo

Being Slaughterhouse’s most uplifting and feelgood song to date, many SH fans really didn’t take to this track on its release some time ago. I wasn’t one of those fans to be honest, and to me it was refreshing to hear some positivity from four talented rappers who’ve toiled away in the underground for the last decade, and are now finally getting their due.

The motivational Cee-Lo hook anchors this one, and again whilst its pop styling might not be to everyone’s taste, his powerful vocals are the best possible choice for a celebratory track. The raps are solid throughout, with a nice mix of biographical ‘come-up’ raps and a little braggadociosness, and whilst its not full of their typically aggressive, cutting raps, the flows are still strong from each member.

The video opens with an amusing Eminem feature, before launching into the energetic scenes with the Slaughterhouse quartet. Stylistically, there’s nothing here we haven’t seen before, and hence its an easy watch that fits in with the lively audio well, giving the rappers’ lighter side some much-needed video time. Their most mainstream-ready song to date, and one that hip-hop fans should still enjoy. Grab this on iTunes now.

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Slaughterhouse-Westwood Freestyle

The Slaughterhouse boys are at it again. It’s always a pleasure to see these guys come through with some freestyle work, and here they stop by at Westwood’s place whilst on their European tour to fire some bars off on Stay Schemin’, I Don’t Like, and I’m A Boss. It’s a selection of beats that most mainstream heads will be familiar with, and hence it’s great to hear the Slaughterhouse machine get their hands on them.

Whilst some of the bars are recycled from previous verses (I definitely recognised bits of Royce and Budden’s verses), the performances are still enjoyable enough throughout with some tidy flows and solid wordplay. Joell probably takes the win, purely because it’s clear most of his bars are pretty much improvised (unless he’s previously made a Nando’s reference?), though props to Crooked I for his fantastic, albeit short, flow for his section.

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Slaughterhouse-Hammer Dance Video

The Slaughterhouse machine is in full motion, and here goes the first video from their upcoming Welcome To Our House album. Hammer Dance is exactly the type of pulsating, driven hip-hop that fans expect from the foursome, and having given it some serious playtime upon the track’s emergence a little while back, the video release makes for a timely refresh of the track.

Opening with live footage that really sets the video off with some considerable energy, the video switches between a mixture of clips from live shows, backstage footage with several big name cameos (including some genuinely surprising ones), and some regular footage of each rapper performing their respective verse. It’s an uncomplicated, no frills video that pretty much nails the basic no-nonsense element of Slaughterhouse as a result, and is most definitely worth a watch for the hip-hop heads amongst you.

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SP Double ft. Royce Da 5’9″ and Crooked I – Recognize

Not a big fan of the artwork here, but as they say: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. And hell, if we did that nobody would listen to anything from the 90′s… What is important is that we’ve got a real nice (and I’m going to steal this word from Ajay) slice of hip-hop with half of the Slaughter teaming up with SP Double, who I’ll admit, I know very little about. But this is good and definitely worth a listen, if only for Royce/Crook.

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Slaughterhouse-Hammer Dance

Welcome To Our House is coming on May 15th, and the Slaughterhouse juggernaut precede that with this entertaining slice of hip-hop. They’ve been relatively active recently with a couple of freestyles (here and here), and now we’re treated to some original material to really set things off.

A thumping, heavy-hitter of a production sets things off from the get-go, with a powerful percussion accompanied by a screechy melody that adds the aggressiveness and intensity associated with the quartet. The raps are as enjoyable as ever, with a strong set of verses anchored around a simple yet catchy hook that gives this track the all-round feel some of their material is often accused of lacking. Definitely worth a grab, and I’m looking forward to more new works from the foursome.

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Slaughterhouse-She Will Freestyle

After coming together for an effort from Crooked I’s upcoming mixtape, the Slaughterhouse machine come together once again for a somewhat late remix of Lil’ Wayne and Drake once-ubiquitous She Will.

Late or not however, the moody, intense production is an excellent fit for every member of the collective (it’s a shame Royce isn’t on this), and as per they deliver their side of the bargain with a great output throughout; Budden and Ortiz even take on the hook with ease! Crooked I probably grabs the win with a variety of good flows on his verse, but credit goes to all three as they’ve injected that Slaughterhouse power into the track without losing the essence of the original.

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Slaughterhouse - Monsters in My Head

Slaughterhouse return with some raps over a throwaway track from The Game. Would have preferred for them to hit us with some fresh production, but given their relative inactivity I won’t complain!

Something I think the group should be attempting to do more of is introspective type tracks, it’s something that individually they’re all so brilliant at, and it comes as a bit of a surprise that they haven’t done more of it as a group. This song is one that is more of that fashion, though they don’t really pull it off as well as I’d expect.

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Yelawolf, T.I. and Slaughterhouse-Hard White Remix

Reuniting 5/6 of the rappers who obliterated the recent BET Cyphers, Yela grabs his Slaughterhouse labelmates and grabs a pretty solid substitute for Eminem in T.I. for a remix of his single from the Radioactive album.

The hard-hitting beat keeps things simple yet engaging, with a crashing percussion and hypnotising vocal sample set to a tempo perfect for the high-octane, densely-packed verses each of these rappers can provide. None of them disappoint either: T.I. opens with a laidback verse that switches speeds throughout and bounces off the percussion nicely, Yela follows up with a hushed verse that throws a few different flows into the mix effectively, whilst the Slaughterhouse quartet close the track out with four absolutely blistering, dizzying verses. An excellent effort that hip-hop heads will be replaying for quite some time.

Yelawolf-Hard White Remix ft. T.I. and Slaughterhouse

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Slaughterhouse - The Illest

Slaughterhouse return with a new track, fresh from the Shady 2.0 BET Cipher, which I’m sure everyone agrees outshone all the other ciphers into obscurity (except for the UK version which I’ve yet to see, why has this not popped up on the internet yet?).

This song is a statement that the Slaughterhouse machine is about to go into overdrive as they near completion of their first album under the Shady Records/Aftermath umbrella. The very apt Biggie sample for the hook elevates the chilled nature of the beat, a beat some (who are more used to Slaughterhouse’s energetic tracks) may find a tad flat, but all four members come through with an onslaught of lyrical ability. Don’t ask me which one of these lyrical monsters came with the best verse…because I honestly couldn’t tell you. Download below.

Slaughterhouse – The Illest

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BET Cypher: Shady 2.0 (Eminem, Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse)

The Shady collective come together for what is the standout session from the BET Cyphers, with each rapper delivering a set of raps that would have probably dominated in any of the other cyphers. Yelawolf opens proceedings with his blinding, breakneck delivery, whilst Joe Budden follows up with a slower, more lyrical affair that will understandably claim top spot for many, with a slew of clever, attention grabbing punchlines. Crooked I follows up with an excellent performance that will also have many fans, throwing some smart lines into a tongue-twisting flow, whilst Joell comes through with a verse that sits somewhere between Budden and Yela’s, though is certainly the weakest of the bunch. Royce brings the biggest quotable with his hilarious ‘Hi Rihanna’ line, and group captain Eminem finishes things off with a solid verse, though not quite as slick as some of his signees.

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Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5'9") - Lighters ft. Bruno Mars

And the second Shady/Royce collaboration to get visual treatment is also released today, this time for the much more mellow Lighters track that featured on their Bad Meets Evil EP.

Not really a fan of this track, mostly because Bruno Mars’ chorus here annoys me too much. However both verses on this are great, if you can look past the chorus (and poptakular beat).

It is a track that was hugely successful commercially, so maybe I’m in the minority when I say I’m not big on this song!

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Royce Da 5'9" - Writer's Block ft. Eminem [Video]

Long-term Royce fans may feel the content of his songs no longer hold the same introspective vigour it once did, but this track is one that proves he’s still among the best of them when it comes to lyrical dexterity. I like how this track flips to the DJ Premier remix too in this video, showcases that the lyrics aren’t reliant on the extremely heavy and boisterous production of the original.

Writer’s Block is filled with punchline after punchline with a perfected flow, with the visuals just as crazy as the verses. Unfortunately we don’t get to see Eminem in this video performing his chorus, but I guess that would have held too many parallels to Rock City…don’t worry though we have some Eminem and Royce visuals coming up in a bit.

Free download of this track and further analysis (courtesy of Murray) of this song can be found over here.

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Royce Da 5'9" ft. Adonis-On The Boulevard (Prod. Nottz)

From something a little disappointing to something somewhat serendipitous. By this I mean I must admit I wasn’t really too sure which Royce we would get on his upcoming LP Success Is Certain. Earmarked as a loose follow up to the superb Death Is Certain I’m pleased to announce this track sounds as if it could have in fact been lifted from Royce’s darkest yet finest hour.

Nottz builds an introspective and powerful instrumental for Adonis and Royce to lay their respective verses and perhaps more importantly for Royce to remind his fans (and introduce to some of his newer ones) that there’s a bit more about him than his Bad Meets Evil treble-time flows. August 9th is the date and the lack of promotion on this speaks volumes about dropping on an independent label in stark comparison to the megabucks Interscope ploughed into Hell: The Sequel.

Royce Da 5’9″ ft. Adonis-On The Boulevard (Prod. Nottz)

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Latest Magazine Covers

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DJ Absolut ft. Royce Da 5'9" and Styles P-Jungle

Ghost and Nickel do loads of these types of features. They’re the type that end up in my library as I obtain them for pure interest in their verses but with little regard for the project they appear on. Hence I’ve literally hundreds of these types of tracks littered across my iTunes and after a couple of plays they will be lost into oblivion only to resurface several years later on a random shuffle setting.

I listened to Royce’s entire back catalogue a couple of days back and have since come to the conclusion that although his flow is perhaps more refined than ever now, his subject matter was stronger back in the day (Death Is Certain > ) although a certain element of judgement should be retained for his upcoming Success Is Certain.

DJ Absolut ft. Royce Da 5’9″ and Styles P-Jungle

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Royce Da 5'9"-Success Is Certain Tracklisting

Royce drops his latest offering on August 9th as a somewhat loose follow-up to his 2004 classic Death Is Certain.

An exciting tracklisting has surfaced courtesy of Amazon which sees features including Method Man, Raekwon, Yelawolf, Eminem, Joe Budden, Kid Vishis and 50 Cent.

Hit the jump for the full listing.

→ Continue Reading

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Omar LinX ft. Royce Da 5'9" and Joell Ortiz-See You In Hell

Although The Slaughter are now officially on Shady, it doesn’t mean they have forgotten where they came from. Here Royce and Joell team up with Toronto emcee Omar LinX for the first single from his upcoming City Of Ommz. On call producer here is the Premo apprentice MoSS who comes through with haunting keys to accompany the thumping drums and on point lyrics. Good hip-hop.

Omar LinX ft. Royce Da 5’9″ & Joell Ortiz-See You In Hell

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Bad Meets Evil-Fast Lane Video

Much anticipated visuals from the highly anticipated Hell: The Sequel EP from Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″. The track itself ws accurately summated by Murray, with ‘razor-sharp, tongue-twisting, triple-time lyricism from two emcee’s back on top’, over a solid and unobtrusive production.

Unfortunately, the video just doesn’t match up. Whilst the animated/visual lyrics style of videos works for some artists, it just feels completely incongruent with both the song itself and the somewhat ‘serious’ (for the most part) nature of each artist. The effects are massively overused and consequentially reduce the song to a secondary factor behind an ill-thought out cartoon, adding a playful quality that doesn’t juxtapose favourably with the lyrical content. In small doses, it may have worked fine as a supplementary effect on the gritty, industrial scenery they’re surrounded by, but unfortunately its extended use only serves to dilute that more fitting scenescape.

Disappointing video, but the audio has enough quality to survive. Grab that here if you haven’t already.

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Royce Da 5'9"-Second Place (Prod. DJ Premier)

From Royce’s upcoming Success Is Certain LP out July 26th. The D spitter teams up with long-time collaborator DJ Premier for this heater. Royce does his thing with this, jam-packing it full of quotables (which no doubt will be scratched into numerous choruses for years to come) although I was a little disappointed with how Premo came through on this one. I guess I just hold the man with such high standards. Oh, a few seconds of Premo tags at the start. Sorry.

Royce Da 5’9″-Second Place (Prod. DJ Premier) (Tags)

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