Ricky Hil-Nomads ft. The Weeknd

ricky hil
Let’s be honest: no-one is reading this for the Ricky Hil inclusion. Most hip-hop heads shun the guy, and rightfully given he’s basically made a career from using the fortunes of his father (Tommy Hilfiger, for those uninitiated) to secure top-level producers and features for his work.

I naively praised some of his past work, not quite realising it was the production mostly carrying the tracks, and this is another example. The beat’s gloriously dark, combining wailing guitar plucks with a rolling production and a pack of atmospheric synths into a wintery effort that would garner much praise in the hands of a more likeable artist. Thankfully, this ends up being more a Weeknd track as he ends up on vocal duty for the most part. It’s the type of beat that suits The Weeknd superbly too, with his high notes gently riding along the aforementioned guitar plucks, before switching to a more empassioned delivery on the re-introduction of the percussion. A good listen if you cut off that first portion, and you can download it (as part of the full album…) here.

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Sh*t You Forgot About: Episode 1

We’ve seen many weekly series come and go here at OTU, but it’s been a while since we’ve launched a new one, which frankly isn’t in keeping with our ‘we do things differently’ mantra.

That would be the marketing spin on this. The truth is, the thought occurred to me that as modern-day music listeners, we consume so much music on a daily and weekly basis that there have become two clear pools of choice when picking something to listen to: either a classic, old-school track or something relatively new. “What’s wrong with that?”, I hear you cry. “The vast middle in between those two”, I reply.

There are countless songs that lie in that grey area of being a little old, but nowhere near aged enough to be considered ‘classic’, and often they get overlooked. Several tracks may have been ‘ahead of their time’, and you’ll find them an almost brand new listen in today’s climate, or it may simply be revisiting an excellent track to recrete that ‘first time’ feel once again. Welcome to your friendly reminder of tracks we may have once loved (or even completely ignored), and enjoy the fresh yet familiar feeling that accompanies each one.

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Rich Hil – I'm Gone

If you’ve paid attention at all on OTU over the last several months then you’d know that we rate this guy pretty highly, whilst he hasn’t exactly flooded the place with his music, it’s certainly a case of quality over quantity.

Having collaborated a fair amount with Kid Cudi (see here and here), you won’t be surprised by the emotive nature of this track, emo-rap if you will.

Rich Hil – I’m Gone ft. Casey Veggies, Carter & The Pricks

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R&B Fridays: Episode 54

Here it is: my last R&B Friday for around a month. Don’t you worry though, we’ve got plenty planned to keep you supplied and satisfied.

This week has material from a really wide range of artists and styles, from established artists like Timbaland to newcomers such as Sammie. Good stuff to keep you going until the surprises in store for you next week, be sure to click on and enjoy some R&B.

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Rich Hil-Limosa Nostra Act 1 Mixtape

Looking forward to checking this one out. You’ll be feeling the same too if you checked out the Travie McCoy collab from this project, which was a pretty decent track.

As I said then, I think Rich Hil’s got some mileage in him and he could end up doing quite well for himself. Time will tell, but hop on the bandwagon early and check this out.

Rich Hil-Limosa Nostra Act 1

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Rich Hil and Travie McCoy-Bad

Beginning to really get into this Rich Hil dude. His first couple of tracks I went for purely for the Cudi features, but the last few he’s really merited checking them out for him. Having said that though he is making it easy by picking good features, with one of my personal favourites Travis McCoy jumping on this track.

Bad is much darker than any of the other tracks I’ve heard from him: the beat is fantastically haunting (he seems to have a really good ear for a beat) and Travis comes through as ever. Probably a more hip-hop track than his other efforts, although this will be one the more eclectic among you will still enjoy.

Rich Hil-Bad ft. Travie McCoy

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Rich Hil and Kid Cudi Collaborate Again

These two have worked together a couple of times now, and it produces good results. This one is possibly their best yet, with a reflective and thoughtful production that will reel you in instantly. Really enjoying Cudi’s vocals on this one, and Hil does a great job too. Top quality all-rounder that crosses a few genres and doesn’t quite sound like any one in particular. Definitely one to check out!

Rich Hil-Won’t You Tell Me ft. Kid Cudi

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A Pack of Tracks

Click below to grab a few tracks I’ve accumulated recently, including new music from Weezer, 2/4 members of Slaughterhouse, another Kid Cudi feature and more.

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