Red Cafe - American Psycho [Mixtape]

With his infectious flow and witty lines, Red Cafe’s material is always an enjoyable listen for the mainstream hip hop fanatics, and I’m sure this new mixtape from him will be no different.

With features from long time collaborator Fabolous, Game, 2 Chainz, French Montana, Trey Songz, Jeremih and more. Hit the link below to get hold of it.

Red Cafe – American Psycho (Mixtape)

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E-40-Function Remix ft. Young Jeezy, Problem, Chris Brown, French Montana & Red Cafe (Video)

One that hasn’t even been in danger of leaving my rotation since entering it way back in May, this is easily my favourite club/mainstream hip-hop track in recent months. That bassy, indescribably thick production is head-meltingly addictive and screams out ‘hit!’, whilst Problem lays down another stick-around hook that holds everything together strongly. On top of all that, you’ve got a lineup with some of hip-hop’s biggest names contributing verses. It’s tough to top that for a club banger.

40 Water opens with a good verse, with his distinctive tones meshing well with the beat, before Jeezy jumps in to really take the track to another level, with his rough voice making this the highlight verse. Chris Brown steps up next with a surprisingly listenable verse, and he’s followed by French Montana, who’s little disappointing on this one, before Red Cafe closes it out with a solid contribution.

The video packs in a ton of cameos, from Big Sean to Freddie Gibbs, and it’s always fun to see the hip-hop community turn out to lift a track to a better status. Definitely worth a watch and listen, and you can grab the audio right here.

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Red Cafe, Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie-Fly Together

Take a moment and think about Red Cafe’s situation: he’s simulataneously signed to both Diddy and Akon’s respective labels, he had a massively popular single in early ’09 with Hottest In The Hood, and frequently collaborates with huge artists. Surely he has to be regarded as one of the biggest underperformers around?

One criticism that you can’t level at him is poor beat selection, and here he picks a superb R-Les production that relies largely on addictive bass plucks creating a thick and distinctive melody, whilst the tempo suits both Cafe and Ross very nicely. Lyrically, it’s relatively typical mainstream stuff, and arguably Cafe mimics Ross’ own rapping style a little too much, but it’s an easy listen with R-Les’ memorable hook and outro being notable. A decent enough standard, and one that’s accessible to a wide audience, but more can be expected with his credentials.

Red Cafe-Fly Together ft. Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie

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Red Cafe-We Can Get It On ft. Omarion [Video]

Red Cafe shows his versatility here with a more mainstream track that doesn’t make you want to rip your ears off, something a few other rappers could learn a thing or two about.

Omarion is enlisted to provide a rather generic R&B hook, but being supplemented by an enjoyable beat it gives the track much replay value. Not to mention Red Cafe’s ability on the mic and infectious flow, this one’s definitely a mainstream hip hop fans will enjoy.

This is taken from his Above The Cloudz mixtape which you can go grab if you missed out on it originally by clicking here.

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Fabolous-Yall Dont Hear Me Tho ft. Red Cafe [Video]

New video drop from Fabolous for a collaboration with the unmistakable Red Cafe. These two generally display great chemistry together and this track doesn’t disappoint.

Though the visuals itself aren’t anything special, the switches between colour and monochrome do show us the type of mood his latest mixtape offering gives us, as it’s certainly more chilled than his usual mainstream goodness.

This is originally taken from Fabolous’ recent project The Soul Tape mixtape, which is pretty darn good, and available over here.

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Red Cafe-Above The Cloudz [Mixtape]

As promised, Red Cafe released his Above The Cloudz mixtape last night. He’s been one of the more consistent punchline rappers out there in recent times, with a very addictive flow, so I’m looking forward to checking this out. With features such as Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, Omarion and Currensy on this, if his beat selection is on point then this will be a very good mixtape. I’ll actually be checking this out myself later today when I have more time, so I’ll update this post and let you guys know what I think of it then.

Edit: have listened and I’m liking this. I give it a solid 7/10, if you like mainstream hip hop you’ll appreciate this.

Click here to download this mixtape and click below to check out the tracklist.

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Red Cafe-Slumdog Billionaire

A new drop from Red’s upcoming mixtape, Above The Cloudz, which is apparently out at the end of this week (you can see the artwork for it to the left). Was supposed to drop at the beginning of this year but Diddy wanted to oversee it personally or something.

This is a typical Red Cafe track: good flow, good punchlines and a good beat. Also features two guest verses from Kid Ink and Nucci which are decent enough but not quite as impressive as Red Cafe’s verse. Expect much more tracks of this ilk on the mixtape. His long awaited debut LP (Red October) needs to come out this year!

Red Cafe-Slumdog Billionaire ft. Kid Ink & Nucci

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Red Cafe-Faded ft. Rick Ross [Video]

Classic montage video for their recent collabo. I would have preferred a real official video as this is a tad boring, but I can live with it. With the track being about getting wasted, this series of clips full of bants that Red Cafe has had over the last year or so will suffice.

You can grab the audio for this very good weekend song by clicking over here.

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Red Cafe-Faded ft. Rick Ross

Red Cafe & Rick Ross give us a new anthem to get us pumped up for a big night out. Represented with some excellent production and an infectious hook by Red Cafe, this is a track I will be bumping for a while.

In fact this is exactly the sort of production Rick Ross should be doing more, switch it up a little on your songs homie, you sound good on this collabo. A little tagged up, but I can get over that as it won’t take anything away from your listening experience of it. Download it by clicking below.

Red Cafe – Faded ft. Rick Ross

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R&B Fridays: Episode 81

Will R&B Fridays ever be on time? That’s the question.

I’ve more than compensated though, throwing in almost 20 tracks for you to enjoy this week. There’s no skimping on the big names either, as there are some strong contributions from some of the bigger stars in the R&B/pop world. No real recap this week as the music industry has all but shut down, though the Alicia Keys version of Devil In A New Dress is a must-download.

Click on for the first R&B Friday of 2011.
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Red Cafe and Tyrese-Only One

I’m sure many visitors will have been reeled in by the artists themselves, but for me the beat is the star of this one as it’s as good a hip-hop beat as I’ve heard recently.

It’s in that hallowed middle ground of being one for the hip-hop heads and also being accessible to the mainstream, though much like Cafe’s current standing as a rapper it will probably appeal slightly more to the mid-range hip-hop fans. Tyrese comes through with a good hook too. Don’t miss this.

Red Cafe-Only One ft. Tyrese

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Fabolous/Red Cafe - Does My Thing [CDQ]

New song by Fabolous featuring Red Cafe, there’s been a radio rip knocking about this evening, but Fabolous dropped a cd quality for his followers on Twitter a moment ago! I’m sure I’ve said this before but these two as a duo bring out tracks that are better than anything your favourite mainstream rappers do.

“Like bird droppings, I be on some hood s***”

Point proven.

Fabolous – Does My Thing ft. Red Cafe

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Red Cafe/Ya Boy/Gorilla Zoe/Jackie Boyz - Wish You Would

Pretty good collabo that DJ Ill Will has cooked up here, admittedly I don’t really care for Ya Boy or Gorilla Zoe, but seeing Red Cafe & The Jackie Boyz on the same track certainly took my interest.

Nice and mellow track with each rapper talking about where they come from. The Jackie Boyz provide a simplistic chorus, whilst nothing special, does its job in sticking in your head for you to sing along to.

DJ Ill Will – Wish U Would feat Red Cafe, Ya Boy, Gorilla Zoe & The Jackie Boyz

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Quick Blast: Collaborations Ahoy!

Haven’t had the time today to go through these sadly, but they’re 4 tracks that I anticipate will be worth checking out for sure. They all include artists that I appreciate, so be sure to give them a go.

Red Cafe-Money Money Money ft. Diddy and Fabolous

Mark Ronson-Lose It ft. Ghostface Killah

Jim Jones-Light Up Remix ft. Sen City and Sandman

Bishop Lamont-Get ‘Em Girl ft. Talib Kweli

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Spotify: OTU's July Snapshot

Fans and followers, friends and foes: you heard it here first. Being the forward-thinking, innovative blog we are, Overrating The Underrated is jumping on the latest music revolution which is Spotify playlists. This will allow us to bring you monthly snapshots of all five authors’ posted material. The OTU monthly snapshots will ensure you never miss a thing and can enjoy all our picks from one central location: your Spotify application!

Unfamiliar with Spotify? It’s a free music application which allows you to stream and share music with your friends. You can listen to your playlists from any computer or phone in the world and you can also sync with Facebook to see what your friends are listening to. Keep up with the in-crowd, read about it and then get it here.

This month we’ve scoured through our back catalogue to bring you a stylish summery playlist boasting material from the likes of The-Dream, Empire Of The Sun, Tinchy Stryder, The Roots, Rick Ross, Skepta, You Me At Six and many more. So hurry up and click that glorious red text below!

Overrating The Underrated’s July Snapshot

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The Game/Red Cafe/Tyga - I Like Girls

Well it appears that Kid Cudi track I posted earlier is from a new mixtape; a collection of unreleased and possibly unfinished singles. Here’s another one off that, which is a collaboration between 3 artists I like a lot!

Taken a while for Game to do a track with Tyga, considering they’re both from Compton and down with Lil’ Wayne, better late than never eh. Stay tuned for a bunch of tracks from some of your favourite artists which are also from this mixtape (yup that means more annoying DJ tags unfortunately).

The Game – I Like Girls ft. Red Cafe & Tyga

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Fabolous/Red Cafe - Tonight/Love Come Down [Video]

New video for two of my fave tracks from the recent mixtape by Fabolous, which he’s re-releasing as an EP.

Wouldn’t watch this at work btw, whilst nothing too offensive, it gets a little crazy at times. Download link for the track ‘Tonight’ is below for those of you who never did check out the mixtape.

Fabolous – Tonight ft. Red Cafe

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Red Cafe - Who You Hatin’ On Lately [Video]

New video for that No Witnesses mixtape by Red Cafe, I can’t wait for this dude to drop an album.

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Cali Swag District, Jermaine Dupri, B.o.B, Red Cafe, and Bow Wow-Teach Me How To Dougie

Some would view this as the sort of hip-hop that should be avoided, but there’s no denying that a couple of these features are pretty good and this beat is frighteningly addictive.

As far as simple, pop-hiphop goes this isn’t really that bad and as I said, the beat and some of the verses elevate it above the Gucci/Soulja Boy levels.

Cali Swag District-Teach Me How To Dougie Remix ft. Jermaine Dupri, B.o.B, Red Cafe, and Bow Wow

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Red Cafe - 2010 Mentality/Gotdamn [Video]

New one off that No Witnesses mixtape, with the Got Damn track/video mixed in too.

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Red Cafe - Got Damn [Video]

One of my favourite tracks from Red Cafe’s No Witnesses mixtape gets the visual treatment!

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Red Cafe/Rick Ross/Busta Rhymes - Chop Em Down (No DJ)

I have for you a no DJ version of my favourite track from the recent Red Cafe mixtape, a track that also features Rick Ross along with Busta Rhymes. With it’s hard hitting beat and immaculate delivery from these three rappers, this track isn’t to be missed out on. Grab it below.

Red Cafe – Chop Em Down ft. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes

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Red Cafe-No Witnesses Mixtape

Hopefully you checked out the leak from this tape a few days ago, Cafe’s remix of Kanye’s Two Words. The video for that is here, and the entire mixtape can be procured below.

Red has released some great material over the last few months, and I’ve got high expectations for this tape.

Red Cafe-No Witnesses Mixtape

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Red Cafe-No Witnesses

From Red’s upcoming mixtape of the same name, this one has Cafe laying some bars down over the Kanye West classic Two Words. I’m really getting into Red Cafe, and he’s got a multitude of styles that will interest a range of hip-hop fans.

Click here for my favourite track of his, and if you’d like to check out another Two Words remix from Mickey Factz and aSmash, click here.

Red Cafe-No Witnesses

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Quickblast: Red Cafe

A new track by Red Cafe, which is over The Game’s It Must Be Me beat. Red comes through with some nice punchlines, as you’d expect.

Red Cafe – The Eastside

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Red Cafe-Heart and Soul of NYC (prod. by Pete Rock)

I forgot that I actually really, really like this song.

It was released way back in July 09, and I was really disappointed on reflection to find that I never actually posted it. Genuinely sorry for holding out on you with this one. Production and sample on this are absolutely fantastic, and Red’s raps are nice too. The hip-hop heads will love this, and the production is so good that I’d imagine others would too.

The video is every bit as good. Really feel like you get to know the NYC we never see, and it’s a perfect fit for the sombre atmosphere of the track.

Audio should definitely be grabbed, and can be done so here.

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Wale-I'm Ill Freestyle

I’m running out of pictures to use for Wale posts!

Wale just let this one loose on Twitter a matter of minutes ago, and it seems to be going down a treat. Red Cafe’s beat (originalvideoremixes) is the kind Wale could do a good job on, so this one should be a good listen.

Wale-I’m Ill Freestyle

(also, this is officially our 1,111th post. What a number)

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2 New Remixes to Red Cafe’s I’m Ill

Red’s track is steadily gaining some serious momentum, and these two remixes will certainly help that. The first has Ryan Leslie on the hook, with additions from Claudette Ortiz and Lloyd Banks. The second features hip-hop vetereans The LOX. Both are worth checking out for sure. Love this beat the more I hear it, and I’m not irritated by the Jay-Z sample for a change. Original can be viewed/accquired here.

Red Cafe-I’m Ill Remix ft. Ryan Leslie, Lloyd Banks and Claudette Ortiz

Red Cafe-I’m Ill Remix ft. The LOX (Styles P, Sheek Louch and Jadakiss)

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New Red Cafe & Fabolous Video

I’m Ill is one of those tracks that’s enhanced a lot by the video, I’ve been listening to the track a lot more since seeing the visuals for it! These two really need to do an album together, every track they do is fire.

Click here to find the audio for this.

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