Swizz Beatz and Rakim-King Tut

Swizzy’s Monster Mondays are actually half-decent. This is just as good as last week’s effort, this time over God Bless Us All from the recent N*E*R*D* album.

Rakim comes along for a rare feature, naturally taking the ‘accolade’ of best verse on the track. Swizzy’s not the strongest rapper in the world by any means, but he keeps things pretty simple and understandable for the mainstream audience and unlike some rappers, doesn’t pretend to be lyricist of the year. Production-wise though, you can’t argue with this track and the King Tut title does add an interesting inflection on the sound of the beat.

Swizz Beatz-King Tut ft. Rakim

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Quick Throwback: Rakim / DJ Premier

As Indi is well aware, I’m having another Premo night (as I do every once in a while) and thought it would be rude not to share some of it with you.

From God MC’s 1999 solo album: The Master.

Rakim Allah + Christopher Martin = Hip-Hop

Rakim – When I B On The Mic (Prod DJ Premier)

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 37

Eric B and Rakim are a bit like my mother. I respect the work they did, the blueprints they laid for me, but I don’t fancy them. You might, but I just don’t.

They personified innovation and pushed the boundaries of hip-hop with Eric B’s soul-sample infused backdrops and Rakim’s internal rhyming and extensive, creative metaphors. They influenced not only artists to come, but even artists before such as Run DMC and KRS-One who became mesmerized by Rakim’s inventive rhyme-scheme. DJ Premier may have held high the torch for hip-hop production, but Eric B gave it to him in the first place.

With that last metaphor in mind, I therefore don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that other producers have since improved those original, important foundations and taken the genre onto the next level. And that, is why I just can’t fancy them. (And I don’t fancy my mother because that’s just plain wrong – No matter where you’re from).

With all that said, I love this song.

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New Rakim & Maino Video

Living Legend Rakim teams up with Brooklyn native Maino to make a video of their great track, which the audio for can be found here.

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Rakim/Styles P/Jadakiss/Busta Rhymes

Wow, it still surprises me how awesome Rakim, after so many years, is on the mic. He outshines everyone on this track (although Jadakiss holds his own with his infectious flow).

The beat on this is nice, as is the chorus. Go get it below……now.

Euphoria ft. Styles P, Jadakiss & Busta Rhymes

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New Rakim


Update: Bringing this back up to the top as I listened to it last night (16/11), and it is awesome! It samples No Doubt’s classic Don’t Speak for both the beat and the chorus, and is a superb fit. An absolute must-have!!!

Some new Rakim from his upcoming album, The Seventh Seal. Always good to get new material from Rakim, and I don’t expect this will disappoint.


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Rakim and Maino

The instant I heard about this collabo I was rather excited. Rakim is easily one of my favourite rappers from the old-school, whereas Maino is up there with my favourites from the current crop of rappers.

They don’t dissapoint with this collabo at all, and it’s definitely one the hip-hop heads are going to go crazy for. The beat sounds just like a classic Dr. Dre beat, although it was actually produced by Needlz so credit to him for this one. Rakim comes through with his relaxed flow as always, and Maino brings his usual intensity and both deliver decent raps. The hook is nice too, and it’s a superb all-round hip-hop jam.

Rakim-Walk These Streets Ft. Maino

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Artwork Artwork Artwork


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