Psalm One ft. R.A. The Rugged Man – Open Relationship [Video]

Rugged Man features are always things to savour. Rugged Man features on a video? You’d be mad to miss it. Although only a feature on this, you can tell he always has a ‘hands-on’ influence on directing as these visuals with Psalm One elicit that classic R.A. humour.

Bumpy Knuckles is also doing the rounds, on the back of his recently released collaboration project with DJ Premier, and makes a hilarious cameo here.

This has got me thinking, by the use of hip-hop algebra… R.A. knows Bumpy… Bumpy knows Premo… You do the math.

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Ruste Juxx and Kyo Itachi ft. R.A. The Rugged Man-No Prints Video

As a stickler for anything R.A., I’ve just discovered these latest set of visuals from the multi-syllabic rhyme guru. Serving as the promo for Ruste Juxx and Kyo Itachi’s upcoming release Hardbody Hip-Hop, visuals like this make me wonder if there is anybody Duck Down Records haven’t signed yet?

Then I did some digging around and found some more material from the upcoming LP and drew uncanny uncanny likeness’ to the Diggin’ In The Crates’ crew with O.C. and A.G.’s effortless flows and the funky baselines of Finesse, Diamond D and Buckwild behind the boards. Hit the jump for the second set of visuals entitled: Fuck Ruste Juxx and needless to say I’ll be eagerly awaiting the arrival of this project. Stay tuned. → Continue Reading

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Timbo King ft. R.A. The Rugged Man-High Ranking Video

Some entertaining visuals for Timbo King’s High Ranking track with Rugged Man.

In an industry saturated by egotistical rappers, it’s always refreshing to see emcees not taking themselves too seriously. And this is something R.A. in particular can never be accused of. The video ties in with the lyrics here, which as I alluded to in the track write-up, simulate those ‘Mum-jokes’ we all know and love/hate from our childhood/adulthood (guilty).

From Timbo King’s upcoming LP: Timbuktu which drops 30th August.

Audio here.

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Timbo King ft. R.A. The Rugged Man-High Ranking

Picture, most definitely, unrelated. NEW RUGGED MAN off Timbo King’s upcoming debut effort From Babylon to Timbuktu dropping August 30th.

“Today we’re letting you hear our newest collaboration.  Everybody’s on that Rah-Rah tough guy shit… Timbo wanted to have fun with this joint and do some wild out, in the schoolyard telling mother jokes, ranking on each other, snapping type shit.” 

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Blaq Poet ft. R.A. The Rugged Man-Butcher Shop

We haven’t brought you much anything from Blaq’s latest LP offering Blaq Poet Society which is out in a couple of days time. With that said I feel entitled to bring you perhaps the highlight of the album featuring the man R.A. himself. Like much of the album the production on this is ferocious and unforgiving albeit although perhaps a little forgettable. Poet’s rhymes are bolshy as always and R.A. tailors his rapid-fire flow for something more suited to the slower tempo of the instrumental here, something I’ve often criticized him for not doing in the past.

Blaq Poet ft. R.A. The Rugged Man-Butcher Shop

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R.A. The Rugged Man-A Star Is Born: Outtakes [Video]

Missed R.A.’s hilarious video first time round? Watch again here.

Here’s a few outtakes from above said video which I’m sure all R.A. heads will be keen to cast their eyes upon. Not many emcees would let you chuck banana skins and other rubbish at them. Rugged Man is not only a lyrical genius, but a true hero.

Anyway, I hear his next album is well on it’s way to completion… *Clears diary for next 6 months*

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Maticulous ft. Ruste Juxx, Rugged Man & Rock-Body The Beat [Video]

Absolutely clicked, watched and posted for the R.A. feature which, as expected, he kills.

The lead single for The Maticulous EP and credit goes to Maticulous for the production on this, who comes in with a heater for the emcees to tear apart.

The video itself is filmed in three parts of reverse chronology which sees the three artists causing havoc at a store, rampaging across town and breaking into someone’s crib before getting busted. Underground heads, watch out for various cameos throughout the visuals.

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Rugged Man Remembers B.I.G.

I’m very much one of those (single) people who don’t particularly agree with Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m bitter (Trust me, I love being single); Simply because you have 364 other days a year (no leap year quips please) to tell someone you love them.

I’m all for having #BiggieDay as it serves ideal opportunity to educate the younger generation amongst us unfamiliar with his name and work. But just like Valentine’s Day, there are 364 other days to bump his shit. With that all said, 14 years and 1 day since his life was prematurely ended, here’s a video with R.A. talking about the man himself, the first time he met B.I.G. and the infamous Cunt Renaissance.


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R.A. The Rugged Man-A Star Is Born Video

Whilst working on his NEW STUDIO ALBUM due for release this year, R.A. got behind the camera for visuals to his 2004 biographical, Die Rugged Man Die joint, A Star Is Born.

These visuals are, as expected, hilarious and perfectly compliment in showcasing R.A.’s journey from potential super-stardom to low-life bum. Not R.A.’s best track by far, but definitely worth a watch for the pure hilarity and mini-biopic of the man himself.

And because everyone should have a Rugged Man track in their library, here’s this one.

Oh, and I need one of those Every Record Label Sucks Dick tees in my life.

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Celph Titled, Buckwild, FT & Rugged Man-Mad Ammo Video

As expected from anything with Rugged Man in, here we’ve got some crazy visuals from Celph/Buckwild’s Nineteen Ninety Now.

Interesting way to do the video, with mini-interviews from all parties separating each verse from the track.

Audio here.

Read the review and buy the album.

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Vinnie Paz & Rugged Man – Nosebleed [Video]

Visuals for my favourite joint off Vinnie Paz’s debut solo LP, Season Of The Assassin.

Great for all those who missed the audio first time round.

Actually, it’s just great for everyone really.

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Hell Razah/R.A. The Rugged Man-Return Of The Renaissance

If you’re a regular around here then you’ll know R.A. The Rugged Man is one of my favourite MC’s of all time. But nobody can deny this joint is just plain RIDICULOUS!

But firstly, Hell Razah has a new album out titled Heaven Razah which you can cop here. For those of you unaware, Hell Razah has just battled his way out of a coma and has begun his journey on a long road to recovery. It goes without saying, our thoughts at OTU go out to him.

What better way to tribute than to laud deserved praise on this drop, Return Of The Renaissance. Razah spits some knowledge over 32 bars of a jazzy, old-school inspired beat before passing the mic over to Rugged Man who just spazzes out. You think it can’t get any better until he goes acapella…

Hell Razah-Return Of The Renaissance ft. R.A. The Rugged Man

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Sadat X & Rugged Man True Wine Connoisseurs

Unfortunately not a new joint, but a pretty funny take on wine tasting!

Sadat is a funny cat and Rugged Man’s humour is on point as always. Great to see the chemistry and an alternative take on, what is, a very traditional pastime.

Background guy: ” What’s the fucked up factor on that?”

Sadat X: “The fucked up factor on this so far? I’mma give this about an 8. You drink a bottle of this and you’re going down!”

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R.A. The Rugged Man-Uncommon Valor Video

I’ve been wanting to drop this for a while now, but it was all about finding the right moment. After all, it took R.A. four years to make this video (for a track which wasn’t even his) so the fact it dropped two months ago shouldn’t make too much difference…

Rugged Man was awarded Quotable of the Month from the Source Magazine for his bars on Uncommon Valor. Upon listen you can understand why. Not only does R.A. drop some of the most intense multi-syllabic delivery I’ve ever witnessed, whilst switching up effortlessly between styles he proves that it is possible to mix real emotion and meaning in his lyrics with that incredible flow.

After his father passed recently R.A. made this video as a tribute to his role-model. As a tribute it works fine, but I still prefer to listen the track without the video because of the vivid picture R.A. helps your imagination paint.

Still unfamiliar with Rugged Man? Recommend you read this (Nothing like bumping your own posts!).

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Quick Blast: Reef The Lost Cauze / Rugged Man / G Rap

Fair to say I was pretty excited when this dropped yesterday evening. Fresh from Reef’s upcoming album Fight Music we find two of the best underground MC’s flexing lyrical wax alongside arguably the best MC ever.

Put it this way: if you like hip-hop then you would be very stupid to miss out on this.

Reef The Lost Cauze (feat Kool G Rap & R.A. The Rugged Man) – Three Greats

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Brand Spankin' New: Vinnie Paz / R.A. The Rugged Man

Right, classic hip-hop. Check. How about some underground, real hip-hop?

This dropped a few days ago and I had a party in my pants. New Rugged Man doesn’t come around too often but when it does you can guarantee it will blow your mind.

If you’re new to R.A. The Rugged Man then get yourself educated on one of the greatest underground MC’s to ever lace the mic.

Over a characteristically haunting beat R.A. Thorburn tears apart the opening verse and kills the capable Vinnie Paz on his own sh*t. I’m still picking my way through Vinnie’s debut LP Season Of The Assassin due to formally drop in the next few weeks, but this is by far the show-stealer. Can’t wait for the Rugged Man / Kool G Rap collaboration due to drop any day soon from Reef The Lost Cauze’s new album…

Vinnie Paz (feat R.A. The Rugged Man) – Nosebleed

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Biggie: “I thought I was the illest…”

I struggle to think of any other MC who gives me goose bumps like R.A. The Rugged Man. I don’t care if you don’t read any of my articles ever again but I beg you (I’m actually on my knees right now) to take ONE minute reading this and be prepared for it to change your perception of hip-hop forever. I had to drop this feature because I’m sick of people sleeping on such an unbelievable talent and someone who deserves success more than any other artist out there.

Think of R.A. as possessing the lyrical ability of Pun, L and G Rap combined; the street respect of Krs One; the mental disposition of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the skin tone of Eminem. Yeah, R.A.’s white.

→ Continue Reading

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