The Great Gatsby OST (Full Album Stream)

We’ve heard full versions, snippets and rough edits of various tracks from this official soundtrack, and ahead of its release on Tuesday we get a full stream of the album in its completed format.

As listed previously, artists include Beyonce, Andre 3000, The xx, Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Emeli Sande, Q-Tip, Jack White and many more. Of course, Jay-Z also contributes a track in addition to being the album’s executive producer, rounding off what is surely one of the most star-studded film soundtracks in recent memory, whilst also remaining sonically diverse through its range of artist choices. I’ve got no doubts that there’ll be something on here for everyone, and you can stream it all courtesy of NPR below.

The Great Gatsby OST (Full Album Stream)

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Busta Rhymes, Reek Da Villain and J Doe-Catastrophic (Mixtape)

Appropriately-titled given that we’re all meant to die today, but Busta and his crew have put those apocalyptic concerns aside to drop this 17-track mixtape.

These days, I’m not climbing over anyone to get my hands on new Busta, but there’s some potential here. Plenty of recognisable beats are included, with Kendrick’s Poetic Justice, Backseat Freestyle and A$AP Rocky’s Problems on the tracklist with many others, whilst features include Q-Tip and DJ Khaled. Free stream and grab below.

Busta Rhymes and The Conglomerate-Catastrophic

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G.O.O.D. Music-Cruel Summer Artwork

G.O.O.D.’s captain Kanye West has just tweeted a few pictures of what’s assumed to be the artwork for the upcoming Cruel Summer album, set for a 4th September release.

It seems as though Tisci’s involved again with this one, with the borders bearing a heavy similarity to the Watch the Throne cover art, though the addition of a clearer centre point in the almost angelic figure marks an improvement over the WTT artwork.The aforementioned figure evokes a strange mix of emotions, with it suggesting innocence and purity when combined with the white/silver colouring, though there’s still something a little odd and almost ominous about it. I assume the latter would have come into Tisci’s thinking when designing this, due to both the name of the album and the slightly harder, more aggressive nature of the audio releases from the LP thus far. With little over a month to go, expect this to be the start of a ramp up in promotion, and hopefully that includes some new audio or video heading our way soon.

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Quick Throwback: Mobb Deep – Temperature’s Rising (1995)

In memory of the UK’s 2012 summer, here’s one of my personal favourite summer joints from the M.O.B.B.’s classic sophomore The Infamous. This is so smooth it almost hurts. Q-Tip teams up with Hav to craft a head-nodding drum loop which finds its roots firmly in the funky ATCQ playbook. Lyrically both P and Hav are champions throughout, on this occasion stringing together a harsh portrayal of growing up in QB. It goes without saying that the title of this joint isn’t dedicated to the weather…

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Saigon-It's Cold

Can you believe The Greatest Story Never Told is actually being released!? It’s debatable whether people still care in truth, but for the longtime fans it’s certainly exciting. Tracklisting for it can be found after the click below.

It’s Cold isn’t on the album, but is another top track from Sai. Oddly, it appears none of us posted Bring Me Down, which is probably one of the best tracks he’s put out in a very long time, and Sai continues that quality with this track. It’s got a more ‘positive’ production than the aforementioned track, throwing a lighter melody in with easygoing percussion to push his raps to the forefront, and Sai doesn’t disappoint with decent flow and lyrics. Probably preferred the darker style of Bring Me Down, but this is still a good track.

Saigon-It’s Cold

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Consequence, Q-Tip, Large Professor and Havoc of Mobb Deep-Fake ID

Holy hip-hop Batman, what a lineup!

The video here is a trailer for the track released earlier today, which is worth watching to get a feel for the full track (which is available below).

The production is instantly likeable, as vintage melodies are allowed to slide over some simple drum work to deliver a retro, positive hip-hop production that matches the stature of the rappers involved.

On the rare occasions he emerges, it’s great to hear Havoc on a mic, and that novelty is certainly clouding my judgement on best verse, here even though his contribution is short. Cons dominates most of the track though, hence there’s probably no ‘competition’ to be had. Definitely worth grabbing for the hip-hop heads.

Consequence-Fake ID ft. Havoc, Q-Tip and Large Professor

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Quick Throwback: Mobb Deep-Give Up The Goods

One of the 14 songs from The Infamous which helped me fall in love with hip-hop.

ATCQ’s Q-Tip on the boards (his one of three cuts on the album) laces a soothing, instant classic for P, Havoc and an on-fire Big Noyd to drop some street wisdom. Does it get any better than this?

Indi – Prodigy: Top 3 emcee mid-nineties.

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Mark Ronson, Q-Tip and MNDR-Bang Bang Video

Visuals for Mark’s first single from his upcoming album Record Collection. Didn’t mind this track when it dropped, although I’m aware it divided opinion amongst many.

Haven’t watched this yet, but I’m sure it will help with clearing up any indecision on whether the track is actually good or not.

Audio is here.

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Quick Throwback: A Tribe Called Quest

Just because the sunny weather in the UK may have gone missing recently, doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy some classic chilled out tunes in preparation for its return.

What better way than to kick back (see what I did there?) with A Tribe Called Quest’s arguably most famous track Can I Kick It?

Sampling Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side Tribe add some hip-hop flavour and the rest is history. Enjoy.

A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?

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Mark Ronson’s New Single Features Q-Tip and MNDR

Mark Ronson delivers another slice of that slightly alternative hip-hop sound, and grabs Q-Tip and singer MNDR for vocal duty. Decent effort, and definitely has a Santogold sort of sound about it. If you liked his other stuff, you’ll enjoy this.

Mark Ronson-Bang Bang Bang ft. Q-Tip and MNDR

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Quick Blast: Kanye West's New Album 'News'

A few news outlets are reporting that Kanye’s next album will feature production/assistance from RZA, Pete Rock and Q-Tip. There’s been a lot of talk that it’s going to be a ‘real rap’ album, and hopefully it’s true. The rumoured artists above add to that belief, and I’m looking forward to hearing some new stuff from it.

My prediction? Look for the first single/leak to drop by the summer.

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Sunday’s Classic Collabo: N*E*R*D, Common, Mos Def, Q-Tip and De La Soul

Can you believe She Wants To Move was released over half a decade ago? Can you believe how long the title of the post is?

There’s a good chance that you missed a star-studded remix of this, which features pretty much all of the best jazz/soul rappers ever. If you miss it this time, you need your head examined.

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