Review: May Alternative Tracklist

June is finally here and the weather has been strangely nice for the British summertime. However, before we get too carried away with what the exciting months ahead hold, come and take a quick look back over my pick of the best Alternative tracks to come out in May.

It was a pretty big month for Indie/Electro music, with new tracks from Portishead, Chemical Brothers and Crystal Castles, as well as new material from Arcade Fire finally hitting our ears! There have also been plenty of tracks from many a new band on the block, so you’d be daft not to check this out……

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Intuition Remixes Portishead's Humming

Hopefully you checked out the fantastic Grizzly Bear remix last week from Intuition’s I Ruined These Songs For You project. This is another really good addition to an alternative track, this time taking on a Portishead song. I’ve never really listened to any Portishead stuff before, but this track sounds pretty decent. It’s got a pretty creepy, haunting feel to it and Intuition slows his flow down to fit it excellently.

Portishead-Humming Remix ft. Intuition

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