Fall Out Boy-My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)

It’s been three years since their hiatus began (though it seems like less), but they’re back with the lead single from the Save Rock and Roll album, a title that will rightfully annoy many for various reasons.

I’m not sure they’re saving anything though as this is hit and miss. The verses are likeable, with Stump’s ever-versatile vocals creating anticipation and building towards the hook excellently, particularly on the short bridge where he really cuts loose, but it all seems to come apart on the chorus. Whilst the crashing backdrop is a nice hit of energy, it ends up being rather cacophonic quite quickly, and forces the vocals to retreat rather than anchoring the track around them as it should. It’s also a rather simple hook and whilst these guys do cross that pop line, their hooks usually contain more melody to make them listenable; using easy reptition here for a catchy chorus grates pretty quickly.

The video takes some of the pop edge off the track and instead setting itself in darkness with 2 Chainz (yep) commits all sorts of arson throughout, adding a gritty layer whilst pulling away at that shiny veneer, and working with the track’s inherent intensity. It’s an OK effort, but as is now tradition with FOB, expect the better stuff to be left for the album.

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Patrick Stump-Shutterbugg Cover

Yet another show of admirable diversity from Patrick Stump, as he stops by Billboard to cover Big Boi’s excellent Shutterbugg.

It’s a good take on the track, paying good homage to the fast-paced effort by managing to keep up the lively pace of the song, but with enough originality to make it quite distinguishable in its own right. Admittedly, the passionate vocals start to grate on you after hearing the same delivery style from 2/3 minutes, though it’s certainly better to hear too much of a good vocal rather than listening to someone stumble their way through, and credit needs to be given for managing to deliver the vocals at such a frenetic pace.

Patrick’s Soul Punk album was released this week, and hopefully it cements him as one of the leading talents in the pop/alternative world. Grab it here, or go here to watch the lead single.

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Patrick Stump and Lupe Fiasco-This City Video

The audio was previewed way back in June, and Stump finally releases the visuals for the ode to his (and Lupe’s) hometown of Chicago.

As per the audio review, it’s a really bright, uplifting song that boasts an incredibly infectious positivity that radiates from Stump’s monumental vocals. The heavy pop influence isn’t a bad thing here, as the soaring, progressive production style blends with Stump’s vocals superbly, and accentuating that Michael Jackson influence in his work. The video does a simple enough job of sticking relevant with shots of Chicago, whilst throwing in splashes of colour for a little diversity and richness. The more pop elements are toned down for a very enjoyable Lupe verse that’s delivered with some real style (when did he grow his hair out that much?!), and the video follows suit with a slightly darker, more focused style.

Definitely a pop track that I’ve got time for, and it can be grabbed on iTunes right now.

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Patrick Stump and Lupe Fiasco-This City

Chicago natives Stump and Lupe collaborate once again (forgot the first time? Click here), this time dedicating an uplifting anthem to their home city from Stump’s upcoming Soul Punk album.

Decent enough track too, blending together elements of pop, alternative and R&B for a bright, positive track with a potentially huge mainstream appeal. The vocals are as captivating and catchy as ever from Patrick, with a heavy Michael Jackson influence evident in his opening verse, and though the lyrics aren’t anything spectacular for a man of Stump’s ability, it’s clearly a chart-targeted track which reduces the need for over-complication. Whilst Lupe will inevitably be criticised for being featured on a ‘pop’ track given the heavy backlash of his very poppy Lasers album, his contribution isn’t bad at all, coming through on a speedy flow with decent lyrical content to provide a reminder of what he does have in his locker.

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Patrick Stump-Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) Video

We were treated to two versions of this track back in November, and it appears Stump has wisely chosen this version as his newest (and possibly first?) single. This was my favourite of the two, with the uplifting feel of the track being very infectious.

That motivational vibe is encapsulated superbly in this video, as regular people are given the ‘spotlight’ to showcase their own unique and often impressive skills. It’s a wonderfully positive video that doesn’t try and dazzle you with elaborate cinematography, and instead captures your attention by showcasing these individual talents. When set to the backdrop of Stump’s mighty talent of his own, you’ve got a very engaging audio-visual combination that will surely appeal to younger and older heads.

You can pick up the final version of this track (along with a few others!) on his Truant Wave EP, which is actually surprisingly good value: 6 tracks for £1.79!

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Random Funnies: Patrick Stump-Blue Rabbit F****ng

I don’t even know where I found this. Seriously, it was just sitting in my iTunes backlog, and came on in a shuffle. However, I’m very glad I did as it’s unbelievably ridiculous, and an audacious use of Stump’s awesome vocals.

It’s taken from an Adult Swim skit, and is essentially an X-rated parody of Avatar. If you’re of age (probably 15+?), give the video a watch as it makes hilarious use of action figures and animation. The song (as the title/first paragraph suggest) is delivered by Patrick Stump, who takes a break from his more ‘serious’ work to drop off a very funny, lewd and generally stupid (in a good way!) effort.

If you’re a bit weird like me, you’ll want the audio. Grab it here.

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Patrick Stump Performs New Solo Material

On the back of some utterly brilliant acapella performances, Stump switches up to acoustic as he stops by the Rolling Stone HQ to perform some tracks.

Here we’ve got Love Selfish Love, which sounds like a really interesting track with its multiple peaks and troughs, stretching Stump’s voice in directions that fully exhibit his passion, intensity and ability. There’s a definite hint of Fall Out Boy in its style, structure and catchy quality too, though that sort of lazy comparison (sorry…) is a little inevitable when you’re talking about the lead singer.

Click here to check out the other songs he performed, as well as an interview with the man himself. He comes across very well in all of them, and in particular his humility is quite endearing. Definitely worth checking the lot out: I would have embedded them all but it was pretty tough just doing the one with their odd codes!

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Patrick Stump-Michael Jackson Tribute (Acapella)

For the first time in a long time, I’m absolutely lost for words. This is insanely, mind-bendingly good, and probably stands up as the best Michael Jackson cover(s) I’ve ever heard, by which I don’t mean boring MJ impression.

Stump goes through a pretty extensive catalogue of MJ’s hits, tackling each one with unerring consistency and confidence, delivering some captivating vocals that really pay appropriate homage to Jackson. The highlight for me is definitely Scream, as it allows Stump to cut loose a little more, and add some fire and intensity to his performance.

If there was ever a must-watch video, this is it.

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Patrick Stump Covers John Legend’s Green Light

I seriously love this guy’s voice. Timed beautifully with my recent praise of one of Fall Out Boy’s better tracks, lead singer Patrick comes through with a fantastic acapella rendition of John Legend and Andre 3000′s 2008 hit single.

Everything about this suits Stump’s style, with his alternative/pop/soul hybrid vocals being put to very good use in this high tempo, vocally demanding track. Definitely worth a listen, and I’m very excited about his upcoming Soul Punk album.

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Patrick Stump-Spotlight

We’ve had Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy’s project, and now it’s the fantastic Patrick Stump’s turn. When he announced his album would be titled Soul Punk, my excitement levels raised ten-fold, as his voice is perfect for that particular blend of styles. Of the 2 tracks here, only 1 will make the album: both are titled Spotlight, but Stump needs help choosing one.

The first (subtitled Oh Nostalgia) is initally driven solely by piano and distorted percussion, but upscales significantly for the hook and really blossoms in the last third with a grand, rousing feel. The second, New Regrets, has a high-tempo percussion line and synthesised melodies that give the track a more pop vibe, and is hence more distanced from the Fallout Boy style than Oh Nostalgia. Both are very motivational and have great vocals, but I’m leaning more toward Oh Nostalgia, as the slower production projects Stump’s huge, captivating vocals more effectively. However, while both will sit really well with a mainstream audience, New Regrets has the edge in that respect. Download both to decide for yourself.

Patrick Stump-Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)
Patrick Stump-Spotlight (New Regrets)

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Travie McCoy and Patrick Stump-Need You on Jay Leno

As far as backing vocalists go, getting the huge voice of Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump is about as good as it gets. Also, he’s lost a LOT of weight: looking sharp Mr. Stump!

Though I may have been rash in my prediction of it being the summer’s best album, there were some undeniably great tracks on there, with this certainly being one. Head here for the Need You audio, as well as another of my favourites.

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Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump Sings The One Tree Hill Theme

There’s no real personal motivation for this, but as I know a few of you are One Tree Hill fans (J-Town, this is for you!) and Patrick Stump has a great voice, I may as well put it out there.

I watched OTH once. It was alright, but definitely not as good as The O.C. I demand they start showing The O.C. on E4 again!

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