Pandr Eyez - Heartbreaker

pandr eyez
Technically, this is a Mariah Carey remix/cover, but the first time I heard this, that didn’t occur to me at all. Call me stupid if you like, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s more of a testament to the original spin that Translatlantic duo Pandr Eyez have put on the old school classic.

Every element of the bubbly original is thrown out (besides the lyrics, of course) in favour of a spaced-out, mellow style that gives the track a dark wintery vibe, and hence opens it up to a whole new audience. That’s courtesy of luxuriously airy synths, winding through the track at will and intertwining effortlessly with the smooth vocals on offer, whilst the occasional flashes of background vocals and additional melodies pads out the soundscape rather well. The vocals deserve plenty of credit for showing versatility throughout- with a sombre production of this ilk, a consistent delivery would end up nullifying any attractiveness the track’s modernism has by boring everyone to death, and hence the mixture of subtle and not-so-subtle delivery changes is a wise play here.

Worth a go for sure, and look out for more from the upcoming duo. Their Present EP lands on 4th February.

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