Apollo Brown and O.C. – Prove Me Wrong

Apollo Brown is one of the hottest behind the boards right now. His heavily slept on project with Hassaan Mackey was one of my favourite pieces of work from 2011. Now Apollo is hooking up with one of my favourite emcees, O.C, for a full length effort entitled Trophies dropping May 1st.

This first single contains all the aforementioned ingredients which make these two great collaborators. Brown brings the atmospheric, thought-provoking backdrop, whilst O.C. drops the wisdom us D.I.T.C. fans know him for. Let’s see if they can keep it together for a full LP.

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DJ JS-1 ft. O.C.-Life...Word

I’ve picked this project up for a listen literally just now and find myself extremely impressed not only with the star-studded lineup across 22 tracks but also the quality of beats on display here. Features include a range of artists from old-schoolers such as Krs One, Kool G Rap, Jeru The Damaja, Craig G, and O.C. to underground heavy hitters Ill Bill, Tonedeff and Joell Ortiz. This joint here is a heartfelt dedication to a fallen soldier with O.C. on the rhymes. Top stuff.

Hit the jump for the full tracklist of DJ JS-1′s impressive No One Cares.

DJ JS-1 ft. O.C.-Life… Word

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O.C. (D.I.T.C.) Throwback

Here’s a couple of random O.C. joints which I’ve picked up across my Internet journey this evening.

The first is a remix of Buckwild’s Born 2 Live which replaces those famous slay-bells and piano chords with a more intense drum pattern and almost spacey aurora tied together with a somewhat clumsy Nas sample. I prefer Buck’s original.

The second is a superb joint which I understand was recorded between Word…Life and Jewelz. It sounds like it could have been lifted from either album, with that signature Buckwild sound and O.C.’s smooth on-point delivery. Massive fan of this joint right here.

O.C.-Born 2 Live (DJ Eclipse Remix)

O.C.-Master Ya High

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 38

Whilst the self-proclaimed kings of New York were battling it out for the throne, attention had turned to the underground where the streets were going crazy for the hip-hop supergroup Diggin’ In The Crates crew.

In early 1990 Lord Finesse brought together some of the most talented producers, DJ’s and MC’s in the game who would later become one of the most respected hip-hop group’s of all time. Diamond D, Showbiz, A.G., O.C., Buckwild, Fat Joe and finally Big L one-by-one eventually teamed up to form the legendary D.I.T.C.

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Sleeping With Open Eyes: Part 1

Illmatic, Enter The Wu Tang, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, The Infamous, Reasonable Doubt, Ready To Die, Mecca And The Soul Brother, Tical, Lifestyles Ov Da Poor N Dangerous, Doe Or Die, The Low End Theory.

I’m hoping these albums strike some sort of chord with you. They should do. They form part of the 1990’s best hip-hop records ever released, never mind just East Coast. I’ve read countless blogs, Amazon lists, Wikipedia articles, Last.fm pages, magazines and books where these albums feature almost predictably on everyone’s  (mine included) “best of’s”, “albums to listen before you die” and “real hip-hop” playlists and no doubt will continue to as long as hip-hop remains in existence.

My point? What about those undeniable records of genius simply overshadowed by the above? The ones which fell victim not to the quality of the music itself, but merely the timing of its release. In an industry today where even the truly beautiful flowers are unable to rise above the magnitude of towering weeds, how impossible would it have been for such a flower to rise above a 100ft tree full in blossom? Put it this way, I wouldn’t have wanted my release date on April 19th 1994.

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Caution: Mind The Gap

I was in bed last night pondering upon a question I had been asked by @RupeshB: Who did I think was the most consistently on point rapper throughout their career? The answer I gave couldn’t have been a freshman MC (hell even I could be consistent for five minutes) and therefore had to be someone who had seen the changes in the demands of the genre; Someone who had spanned the 90’s and 00’s; Someone who had not necessarily cemented his stature in the hip-hop hall of fame; Merely someone who, throughout their career, has consistently brought a high standard of rapping ability time and time again and yet is still doing it to this very day.

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The Music of 8 Mile (The 90’s Version)

So before getting into things I feel it is only appropriate to show our remorse at the tragic death of Brittany Murphy and our thoughts at OTU go out to all her family during this difficult time. Her work was admired by masses across the globe, and her performance in 8 Mile was, for me, one of her best moments on the big screen.

Ever since joining the OTU team I’ve been looking forward to doing this review. Why? Not only is 8 Mile an awesome insight into the hip-hop world back in the mid nineties, but also because it showcases an array of hip-hop talent throughout the picture. You cannot get these on the OST released with the film, these are the tracks from the 90′s when the film was set. 7 years on from the film’s UK release date, I’ve got eleven absolute gems (the other two are essential to cover, but don’t achieve the minimum standard 4 BDK rating) to share with you over the next few minutes of your life and I guarantee they are going to make you feel more complete because of it…

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 8

If you worship the ground Jay-Z walks on then walk away now. (No don’t, I’ve got a goodie for you at the end of this review. Consider it a reward for the bashing I’m about to unleash). If, however, you have an open mind to hip-hop and can see past the rap mogul’s disguise then please read on (I’ve dropped loads of goodies throughout this week’s review).

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