Neek The Exotic & Large Professor-Still On The Hustle [Video]

Late, late, late on this but well worth the wait. Hell, I didn’t even know Neek and Xtra P had an LP coming out. *Shakes head*.

Anyway, here’s some visuals to their LP entitled Still On The Hustle.

Some general points to make about Neek and Xtra P for those unfamiliar. Neek The Exotic’s 2003 Exotic’s Raw and pretty much anything from Large Pro is hot. Large Professor is probably the nicest producer on the mic that the industry has seen.

Cop that project, out tomorrow, here.

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Throwback Thursdays Vol 43

Nas fans pay attention because without Main Source and Large Professor, we wouldn’t have had Illmatic. You see Main Source were the first act to put Nas on. Remember the intro to Illmatic? Well those Nas vocals were from Main Source’s Live At The BBQ from their brilliant 1991 debut Breaking Atoms. Anyway, I digress.

Here’s (perhaps) my favourite joint from Main Source; a cut from the somewhat politically-incorrect titled motion-picture White Men Can’t Jump. (N.B. Some Heads get caught up between the original and this remix but the differences are minimal so we’re rolling with this as it happens to be the audio I have).

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