R&B Fridays: Episode 124

This week’s episode features some true luminaries of the R&B game, including the emergence of previously-unreleased Nate Dogg material, the first such release since his unfortunate passing earlier this year.

Two posts to catch up on from the week gone by, with the star-studded video for Ne-Yo’s latest single being released, whilst The-Dream supplied visuals of his own for his collaboration with Big Sean from the 1977 album.

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The Game-All Doggs Go To Heaven (Nate Dogg Tribute)

After the sad news of Nate’s passing, understandably, many a rapper poured out their tributes by tweeting their thoughts. I didn’t think it’d be long before some tribute songs came out and as I suspected, Game has been the first to do so.

Not afraid to rap about his emotions, Game’s displayed this before with his heartfelt tribute towards Michael Jackson’s passing, as well as some other people before who have passed away. You can check out the stream below to listen to this track and you can also download it below too (by clicking that arrow on the right of the stream).

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R.I.P. Nate Dogg

It’s with great regret and with shocked words to inform those of you who haven’t heard yet that Nate Dogg passed away last night. After suffering two strokes in recent years it was always a tough ask for him to fully recover but I had always high hopes that he would, and would be on Dre’s Detox album, no less. Let’s just rejoice in all the fantastic songs that Nate has collaborated on over the years as he became one of the most respected singers in hip hop. The song to my left is one of my favourites that Nate’s sang on and is, somewhat ironically, a tribute track to a fallen comrade.

Game said it best on his Twitter:

“R.I.P. Nate Dogg. Why does it take Death to remind us about the importance of life ??? Cherish every moment cuz tomorrow he mite call your #

I lost a friend. Been here before. Tears. Memories. One day someone will lose “US” as well. LIVING until that day comes is our only option.

No Words”

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Underground Hip-Hop Part 5

Enzo x TampaPro
Click below for the 5th instalment of the revered UGHH series. As always, there are both new artists and slightly more established artists that you may have missed.

We haven’t had one of these with individual tracks in a while, and there’s a lot of stuff that I’ve been sitting on, so this is a Special Edition with 13 tracks. Thank me later.

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