Sunday's Classic Collabo: Ice Cube/Dr. Dre/MC Ren

This was to be known as the reunion track for N.W.A. Having split up in 1991, this was the first time they had all got on a song together in 9 years, minus Easy-E of course, who sadly passed away in 1995 (also conveniently forgetting DJ Yella too, but he didn’t rap so I’m not counting him either).

A very important track for the West Coast, as the whole ‘gangsta’ rap scene had pretty much died down (no pun intended) after 2Pac’s death. This, along with Dre’s classic The Chronic 2001 album, brought this type of music back to the spotlight in Hip Hop. The chorus on the track is pretty significant with what they were trying to achieve, “I started this gangsta sh*t/And this the motherf*cking thanks I get?”, which was also the 1st line on a track on Dre’s album. Go grab this classic track below.

Ice Cube – Hello ft. Dr. Dre & MC Ren

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Hate Is The New Love: NWA vs Ice Cube

N.W.A, commonly known as the pioneers of gangsta rap, were one of if not the most controversial rap group of all time (Wu-Tang might have something to say about that though). From 1986 to 1991 had been banned from many radio stations, stopped from going on tours and even received letters from the FBI due to the nature of the lyrical content of their songs. Despite this, the group sold over 9 million records in the US alone. In early 1990, Ice Cube felt he wasn’t being paid right, considering he wrote almost half of N.W.A’s most successful album.

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