Mr. J. Medeiros-Two Light Beams

Something fresh out of the underground, Medeiros comes through with another slice of good material to add to his diverse and likeable releases so far.

Frequent collaborator Stro helms the production, an easygoing effort that combines soft guitars, chunky yet not too forceful percussion and a dash of additional elements and instrumentation to good effect. It’s almost soulful in style but that drum work keeps it in the hip-hop realm, and Medeiros pounces with a flowing, consistent performance that sticks tightly to the beat, whilst his collection of storytelling lyrics are both easy on the ear and
ocassionally thought-provoking. Smooth all-rounder, and a nice add to any hip-hop library.

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Mr. J. Medeiros-The Marquee

Despite being a big fan of his previous work, I’ve been surprisingly neglectful of his releases this year, so I apologise to both him and yourselves. This one is too good to ignore though, so consider me redeemed.

The boom-bap stylings of this production make it one that’ll hang around your head for days, with that percussion giving the track a punchy, powerful quality. The relatively soft synth and bass lighten the percussion skilfully, ensuring it doesn’t engulf the track whilst adding a bright and perky vibe of their own, making the production one that remains enjoyable for the hip-hop heads and accessible enough for the rest. Medeiros is a criminally-underrated rapper, and here he comes with more good work courtesy of a slightly attitudinal set of observational and everyday raps, packed into an easygoing flow that spotlights each line well. A very listenable all-rounder.

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OTU Presents: The Winter EP Vol. 2

Grab your scarf and gloves, stick on a pair of headphones and warm up with the second volume of our Winter EP. There’s been a rather large gap between this edition and the first instalment, but it’s arrived eventually and couldn’t be better timed with the weather getting much colder recently.

Once again, our resident designer (Indi) has lovingly put together a crispy new artwork, which adds a nice touch of visuals to accompany the listening pleasure of the 5 tracks included below. As per the previous edition, there’s no restriction on genre, artist or anything else: if it feels wintery, it’s got a chance of making the cut!

Click here for volume 1, and head below for volume 2.

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Mr. J. Medeiros-Saudade (Free Album)

Dedicated OTU fans will recall a rather excellent track from Medeiros back in June by the name of Neon Lights, one so enjoyable that it’s yet to actually leave my ever-changing ‘go-to’ playlist on iTunes. That certainly speaks volumes for the quality of this track in a genre saturated with short-term replayability.

Onto more pressing issues: Medeiros has made  Saudade, the album Neon Lights is taken from, available for free download but only for a short period. Having been out for a few months, the album is usually only available in the usual digital outlets, and I’m sure this temporary show of generosity will help to increase his buzz and also give those of us who enjoyed his single a reminder to give the full album a listen. Free grab below, and if the aforementioned single is any indication of the album’s quality, we’re in for a good album.

Mr. J. Medeiros-Saudade

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Mr. J. Medeiros and Stro-Neon Signs Video

In the best interest of both your music library and your eardrums, I hope you picked this superb track up last week. It’s a hugely enjoyable effort, and some equally enjoyable visuals have been made to accompany it.

The comprehensive and well-rounded nature of the audio belies its relatively ‘underground’ status, and the same can be said for the video which is extremely well-produced and fits the audio tremendously. Thematically, it’s true to the song title with a focus on bright lights and neon signs throughout, making the video consistently engaging and exciting. That’s in no small part down to the contrasting darkness that engulfs the rest of the video, with an isolated night vibe created by dark lighting alongside galactic imagery of the night sky. The latter is almost cyclically enhanced by the neon lights it emphasises: in juxtaposition with the night sky images, they add a futuristic feel that embellishes the space-like aspect. Stylish all-round package, and certainly worth both a watch and a listen.

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Mr. J. Medeiros and Stro-Neon Signs

As Murray put it recently, we get sent so much material on a daily basis it’s almost impossible to listen to everything. Having said that, of the batch I got through recently this track stood head and shoulders above the rest as a demonstration on how to make a brilliantly rounded song.

Medeiros is a ‘Conscious MC, producer, activist and singer, best known for his work with The Procussions, a jazz influenced hip-hop trio who released albums with Rawkus Records‘, and here he displays his eclecticism with a smooth set of raps, over a fusion production that boasts live drums underneath atmospheric, ‘night-pop’ synths that contrast superbly with the sharp percussion. Stro comes through with a powerful hook, boasting a heavy soul influence and finishing this song off with considerable style and quality. A mellow hip-hop track with an edginess that makes this very addictive listening. Be sure to check this one out, a very well-rounded effort.

Mr. J. Medeiros-Neon Signs ft. Stro

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