RAC-Let Go ft. Kele Okereke and MNDR

Attentive readers will remember RAC remixing Bloc Party’s Octopus around a year ago, and Kele returns the favour somewhat here with a feature on RAC’s very likeable solo single.

It’s one of those that’s perfectly suited for summer, but not in a lively, blast out loud in the car sort of way. Rather, it’s suited to laying around relaxing, and with so much of a feelgood vibe that it’s almost romantic- you could easily hear this soundtracking a kiss in a chick flick. It’s wholly infectious, blending together funky bass, slow-moving percussion, faint synths and gentle backing vocals from MNDR for mellow, easygoing verses, and throwing forth more energetic guitars, samples and vibrant vocals for the anchoring choruses- it becomes much livelier, but not to such an extent that the verses become redundant, and hence it’s a good production all-round.

Kele’s vocals in the verses are sure to be a highlight for many, their delicate qualities hovering gently above the soft production, and building enough emotion to allow MNDR’s more urgent hook to offer a climactic release. With a little radio play, this could quite easily become a late mainstream favourite for the summer. And if not, some of you dealing with TV/film music (yeah, we know you read this) should really be grabbing hold of this for your next sync.

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Mark Ronson, Q-Tip and MNDR-Bang Bang Video

Visuals for Mark’s first single from his upcoming album Record Collection. Didn’t mind this track when it dropped, although I’m aware it divided opinion amongst many.

Haven’t watched this yet, but I’m sure it will help with clearing up any indecision on whether the track is actually good or not.

Audio is here.

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Mark Ronson’s New Single Features Q-Tip and MNDR

Mark Ronson delivers another slice of that slightly alternative hip-hop sound, and grabs Q-Tip and singer MNDR for vocal duty. Decent effort, and definitely has a Santogold sort of sound about it. If you liked his other stuff, you’ll enjoy this.

Mark Ronson-Bang Bang Bang ft. Q-Tip and MNDR

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