OTU Presents: The Winter EP: Volume 1

My love of ‘winter music’ has been far from secret here on OTU, and several discussions with music fans of various tastes have led me to believe many OTU readers share that appreciation.

We’re all about satisfying the fans, so welcome to our new 5-part feature. Each edition features a selection of tracks that are taior made for the dark winter period, and in keeping with OTU’s diversity code, expect some old tracks, some modern tracks, with a vast range of genres represented (in no particular order either; for example, Vol. 1 doesn’t necessarily have all of the best tracks!)

Just to really drive those frosty vibes home, we’ll even provide you with fresh, original artwork for each ‘EP’ for you to download at your pleasure and finish off those playlists. Kind aren’t we? Without further ado, click below for 5 tracks to get your winter started.
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Only Like Hip-Hop, Yeah?

Move along, this doesn’t concern you.

If you’ve made it to line 2; congrats. You’re in the inner circle. And yes, that is a picture of a horse playing frisbee.

65daysofstatic released their 4th LP in April, entitled We Were Exploding Anyway. For your listening pleasure is Weak04. Get instrumental up in your respective bitches.
65daysofstatic- Weak04

Next up, in a completely unrelated manner, from way back in 1957 (furthest throwback yet?) is Miles Davis’ Moon Dreams.  For some reason, jazz seems to remind me of the classic cartoon Tom & Jerry. Enjoy.
Miles Davis- Moon Dreams

Don’t be a fool, wrap your stool.

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