Underground Hip-Hop Part 12

Welcome to the new UGHH. These will now be collaborative posts between Ajay and Murray, which ensures a really wide range of underground hip-hop will be available in every instalment.

You’ll find all kinds of stuff below, from the lyrical hip-hop head satisfiers to tracks ready-made for a mainstream audience. Click on and get grabbing.

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Metermaids Remix The Best Indie Songs of 2009

First thing I’d heard from these guys was a(nother) remix of Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks, which was pretty good given that it’s already been done a few times. I’m really looking forward to giving this whole thing a go, as not enough hip-hop artists try this sort of stuff.

Taking a host of popular indie rock songs of 2009 and remixing each, Metermaids pull loops and chops from the indie tracks to create new canvases for the duo’s original concepts and songs. Fans will still recognise the melodies of the original, but they’ll nevertheless love the new lyrics, title and twist with each new track.’

You can both preview and download in the widget over there <–

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