Matthew Santos-October Falling Demo

matthew santos
This is a studio demo of an older tune that was slated to be released on This Burning Ship of Fools in 2010. Unfortunately it didn’t make the cut.

Both the aforementioned album and the Live In Chicago project were huge favourites of mine a few years back, and this recent release offers a lovely reminder of both albums, whilst being a very good song that would have fit on either project. For longtime fans, it’ll refresh memories of Matthew’s inherently mellow style, with the first half of the song being a masterclass in acoustic work as he harmonises smoothly over soft guitar plucks, and those vocals evolve in intensity to become the tribal chant-esque hook of the track. That progressive approach culminates in a burst of energy for the final quarter, which explodes into life with soaring, emotional work that provides a fitting climax to the track. The instrumentation keeps pace well throughout and demonstrates great versatility, as it switches between the gentle acoustic and the more percussion-heavy style with relative ease, and skilfully blends together what are two relatively distinct styles. Big fan of this, and it’ll undoubtedly get me listening to his back catalogue once more.

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Matthew Santos-Burning Up (Video)

It’s been a very long time since we featured Matthew over here, which is a shame as he was a huge OTU favourite during our earlier years.

Compared to his excellent Burning Ship of Fools album, it’s immediately noticeable that he’s switched to a much more upbeat, percussion-heavy style that gives his soulful, wandering voice an entirely new direction to experiment with. The stripped-back acoustic stylings are all still in there, with the soft guitar plucks making for a warming addition throughout, but it’s the percussion that dominates this track due to it’s sheer force in dragging the track along at its pace. That power is almost matched by Matthew, who slowly evolves his vocals from the start to the end of every vocal section to an intensity befitting the drum work, and though it’s a far cry from the more subtle work that lured me into his music, it’s good to see him experiment with a considerably more mainstream-friendly sound.

The video’s much more reflective than the lively audio would suggest, with a dim filter and sprinklings of natural scenery across each scene adding calm to the rebellious activities and symbolism throughout the video, making for a good contrast that matches up to Santos’ own opposing musical styles. Grab the album this features on now.

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Matthew Santos-This Burning Ship of Fools Album

I dropped the ball a little here. Matthew actually released this album a little while ago, but I completely forgot to tell all of you about it, partly because I wanted to review it first. However, I’ve waited long enough,let’s get stuck into it.

For those who haven’t been with OTU for very long, you may not be aware that Matthew Santos (who newbies probably know from his work with Lupe) is one of our favourite artists, and frankly makes fantastic music. By now, you should trust our opinions so know we’re not messing you around here.

This album represents two years of solid dedication on Matthew’s part to put together a phenomenally eclectic piece, which really reflects Matthew’s ability and personality as a whole (get to know that for yourself here). Blending together acoustic, folk, rock and soul sounds, there is absolutely something for everyone to enjoy, even if you don’t dig certain tracks.

You can give the entire thing a listen for free in the player embedded here. If you like, and if you’ve got any distinction to your music taste you will, then click download to grab the whole thing and support an independent artist. If not, good on you for trying a new artist. Review coming soon!

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Quick Blast: Dessa / Matthew Santos

Something very different from what you’re used to from me. Dessa (full name: Dessa Darling) is a female spoken-word artist, MC and author forming part of the Doomtree collective hailing from Minneapolis. Her second album A Badly Broken Code dropped last month and I made sure I picked it up for some soulful, mellow action.

The Chaconne, as well as being one of the album’s singles, for me, is the standout track and features none other than one of OTU’s favourites, Matthew Santos. Their vocals integrate seamlessly to create what I can only descibe as something truly beautiful.

Dessa (feat Matthew Santos) – The Chaconne

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100th Post Extravaganza!

Yesterday was all about the bits and pieces surrounding the music, and there was only one new track for you to enjoy. Well, I’m making up for it here with a post packed with quality new tracks, from uptempo through to mellow.

Also, this is officially the 100th post on the site-thanks for your continued support folks. In honour of that, I’ve put music in from a ridiculous range of genres to represent all that we represent, so hit the click.

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Exclusive Matthew Santos Interview

Nowadays, it’s tough to find an artist who can cross boundaries of genres, and still remain equally talented in each field.

Not many people can claim to be able to have a mastery over folk/acoustic music, and yet deliver a chorus on a hip-hop track that has the entire world singing.

Overrating The Underrated has found one. We bring you an exclusive interview we conducted with the critically-acclaimed Matthew Santos. Click below!

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Official Announcement of Shining Down

No downloads in this one, just a bit of info. Shining Down, the track we opened the site with, is being officially digitally released on Tuesday 7th July.

The artwork shown here is the official artwork for the single. I assume that this means Lupe’s next album, Lasers, isn’t too far away, and could be with us around September.

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Coming Soon…

Does the name Matthew Santos ring a bell? If it doesn’t, he’s the guy who sings on some of Lupe Fiasco’s best songs, including (but not limited to) Superstar, Streets on Fire and the upcoming single Shining Down.

Matthew as a solo artist however, is a completely different prospect. If you like some mellow, acoustic music(which let’s be honest, is perfect in the summer!) keep an eye out for Matthew. He’s a real talent, and will continue to grow in popularity.

Oh. And we’re going to have an interview with him on here soon.

Head over to and to get familiar with him. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask, email them across.

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“Look Up In The Sky…”



Much has changed, and much is yet to change. Enjoy the revamps and upgrades etc. There are plenty more to come: there are a few tricks up my sleeve yet to be revealed. If there’s a certain feature you’d like to see/would find useful, let me know in the comments.  (For example, I’ve toyed with the idea of an in-built music player: Yes or no?)

Any other issues with the site you have, please let me know. At the moment, the site doesn’t seem to be working properly in Firefox, so for now, keep it to Internet Explorer. For those of you with iPhones/Blackberries: This should work without a problem on there, as I’ve configured it to do so. If it doesn’t, let me know what/which areas didn’t look right.

Right. With that out of the way, let’s address something you’ve wondered for the last couple of minutes: Why did I pick a picture of Lupe Fiasco? Well…Click the below to find out.

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