Drake-Hold On, We're Going Home ft. Majid Jordan

Drake’s singing again, and if you listen closely, you can almost hear the sound of thousands of female Drake fans simultaneously superglueing pictures of Drake to their underwear.

A rough radio version leaked earlier, but here goes the official stream, courtesy of the man himself. It’s actually quite interesting to have Drake back in R&B/pop mode; call it novelty, but he does these efforts so rarely these days that it’s a nice surprise when he does. It’s incredibly poppy and nothing I’ll likely listen to after a week, but his hypnotising vocals are undeniably catchy, and the bedrock of what is a surefire mainstream hit- clearly, his previous singles didn’t quite crash the chart party as he would have liked (even if they were far more impressive to the hip-hop audience), and this is clearly his safety option to ensure he shifts some numbers when his album lands in September. It’s not quite as “R&B” as some of his previous singing-oriented work, and seems to make little attempt to hide that, but pop fans could probably do a lot worse than this.

On a seperate note, for those after something a little more R&B, may I recommend Drake’s signee PARTYNEXTDOOR’s surprisingly enjoyable (I say that because it’s Autotuned) recent album.

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